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– If I didn’t have sports in my life, I think there would be a big void. I think that it’s great
source of enjoyment. It’s a great source of exercise. It’s very important for
people in our community to continue to invest in youth athletics. The kids need places to play. The kids need opportunities to play, and it just gets them
doing productive things. Whether they are going to
be tremendous at it or not. – Sports have always been
a huge part of my life. It was all we did growing
up was play sports, me and my brother. Both of my parents were
athletes growing up. It was kind of how can we play
as many sports as possible? That was kind of our thing. We had to pick a sport and
had to play one each season. As we got older and closer to high school, we started focusing in on one or two. I played football and baseball. My brother played baseball and basketball. We loved every second of it. – Sports gives me an opportunity to just forget about everything that’s
ever happened in my life. And to focus on that one thing
that makes me happy everyday. I love going to practice,
and being able to do that is such an awesome experience for me. – Sports is very important,
especially for my child, who is very competitive. She really loves to put
her best foot forward, and she really does like the challenge. – Sports is an opportunity, I think, for all people to come together, and either rally behind a team or get involved with the team. When you have the ability to do that and create that comradery, I think that it creates special things not only within your community, but within your city within your state. It allows people the
opportunity to come together. – To me sports is really a way of life. Along faith, football, sports it really teaches our young people the right morals, the right standards, the right work ethics. It’s tough in our world today. Cell phones have been tough on us. Sports is a way to turn those
jokers off, put them away. Get those kids on the field, get some sweat going, get
some dedication, some loyalty. So it it really is a way of life. I’d encourage all the families to really get involved
with any kind of sports. Whether it’d be volleyball,
baseball, football, basketball, track, lacrosse. There is something for everybody, but it needs to be a family event. Get those kids out there
and get the sweat going. – You know growing up, sports was a big big
big part of our family. It just taught us a lot of the core values that we believe in. Hard work and teamwork
is a big piece of that. Humility within the sports realm where it’s not always about
that individual person. It’s about the team aspect and
that’s a big piece of sports. – I think the foundation is so important; sports are so important
because so many kids, in their lives, sports
may be the only thing that’s a positive thing in their life. They feel like they’re part of the family. They have people to support them. The foundation is great
in supporting those kids. – Sports is awesome,
actually help me to learn to be in a group, work
effectively in a group, and learning everything in
this world is not about you. Football is probably the, it
is the ultimate team sport. You definitely need ten
other people on the field at the same time for you to succeed. Football has taught me a
lot about selfless living.

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