Who will win the World Cup? 🏆 Ronaldo, Neymar & Messi’s Route To 2018 Final

Who will win the World Cup? 🏆 Ronaldo, Neymar & Messi’s Route To 2018 Final

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hi guys Ian and Blake from the Football Boots team and today we’re going to tell you who is going to win the World Cup. We’re going to tell you what are the big games that you can expect in the knockout stages of the competition because we are going to predict the entire tournament for you and we’re going to tell you who’s going to play who. There are some big clashes coming up in these predictions so Blake let’s go into it we’re going to start off by telling you what’s going to happen in Group A the hosts Russia are they going to top the Group? I think they could top the Group. I think hosts always do well don’t they? You’re looking at Uruguay here they’ve got Cavani as far as up top they have to score a lot of goals. Yes so we know Saudi Arabia they’re probably not going to do it, they’re probably fourth. Egypt.. Mo Salah can he drag them through to the knockout stages? I mean Mo Salah he hasn’t got Sadio Mane and Firmino a round him, so I think they might just miss out. Okay so that means it’s Russia and Uruguay who we think are going to go through and is the home team going to be able to hold it out or are Suarez & Co going to go through as the top of the Group? I mean I’d like Russia to top their Group but I just don’t see it happening with Uruguay. I think you’re right all right lock it in, so Uruguay on top of the Group, Russia second. The rest are out moving on to Group B, who’s in Group B? So Group B massive Group with Portugal, Spain, Morocco and Iran now two weaker teams and two very strong teams. Yeah in my head I kind of like it’s whoever beats Morocco and Iran by the most. Like I’m not sure necessarily Portugal or Spain there might be a draw. That could be a draw, yeah so I think on paper Spain are the best team, but then again Portugal have Ronaldo though. And they won the Euros, yes okay so guys vote in the poll card now we’ve got up there right now let us know who you think would top this Group who would win the game between Portugal and Spain we’re not hundred percent sure but I kind of feel like maybe Portugal could score a few more goals in this Group than Spain and maybe if they draw then Portugal will be top of the Group on goal difference. I think you might be right, we should go to Portugal 1 and Spain 2. All right so that’s through to the knockout rounds Group C; France, Australia, Peru, Denmark. What’s happening here I think France their easily the number one favorites to top this Group then again you’ve got Austalia, Peru and Denmark. All relatively the same in terms of quality. Yeah I mean we’re playing in European; in Russia and yeah, so it’s probably going to affect Peru and Australia a little bit should we go European. Yes go with Christian Eriksen’s Denmark I think. All right so top of the Group France in second place Denmark I think it’s France a level above in that Group, yeah differently all right – Group D now we’ve got Argentina Iceland Croatia and Nigeria. All right so the Iceland fans, are they going to be doing that in this World Cup? They have the potential to do that but I don’t think they’re ever going to top the Groupm, but oh I mean I don’t know, I don’t know.. Yeah okay well I think we got to say Argentina are going to win this one I think Croatia are very strong as well they’re going to see. I really feel like it’s still time for an African side to do really well at a World Cup, Can Nigeria do it? have they got the team for it? Nigeria can, they’re not as strong as before They’ve got a very good attack though, Iheanacho and Ighalo up top, but Crotia have got that midfield with Rakitic, Modric and Kovacic you know.. lot of quality. Very good alright, yeah I can’t really see Iceland doing it so can we go Argentina to win the Group and Croatia second and does that sound about right? I think it’s to be agreed on that. On to Group E now Brazil, Switzerland, Costa Rica and Serbia Switzerland are good, they did really well in qualification I mean – they’ll be tough for Brazil to beat, I mean I think Brazil will still top their Group Serbia What’s Serbia, are they going to be good? Serbia are okay they’re not awful they’ve got like some Nemanja Matic and a couple of other players as well Kolorov at the back. Costa Rica have done well at previous World Cups, but I can’t (it’s a European World Cup) I can’t really see it happening, so I’m going to probably think Brazil top the Group, Neymar is going to get back and get his match fitness back, the Switzerland Serbia game could be quite close, as you said they topped their Group so has to Switzerland number two, right yeah okay moving on Group F; Germany Mexico, Sweden and South Korea. You cannot go against the Germans at a World Cup can you? I mean this goes so anyway they’re going to top that Group easily top their Group now the second spot is very very tough I don’t think South Korea like Son so he could do a bit for them but I think Mexico or Sweden. Maybe even Mexico I feel that Mexico could potentially maybe there could be I’ll be Sweden but I think let’s go Meixco. Sweden are good I mean they don’t have Ibrahimovic, I think that’s actually better for them so I think I’ll be really big game Sweden v Mexico’s going to be a big game but we can’t go all the European teams can we, so let’s go Mexico. Let’s go Mexico so on to Group G Belgium Panama Tunisia.. Alright! and now this is where it’s at. Okay guys Panama, Tunisia you’re probably not going to do too much in this Group. I think Panama is gone I have no I… they’ve lost heavily in friendlies before the World Cup. England Belgium Belgium on paper have got a quality team England obviously got this young, evolving team, I’d love to think the England would do well there. But guys have a vote in the poll card tell us what you think.. Who will win the Belgium v England game who will top this Group? Belgium or England vote now let us know. Blake, can England win the Group? I think they can but I don’t think they will. I think yeah I think a lot of people will say Belgium, you know I think even if England managed to get a draw against Belgium, Belgium will score more goals against Panama and Tunisia and go through on goal difference. So Belgium to top the Group. I think you’re right. So now into the last Group this is almost the most even Group of the whole tournament Poland, Senegal, Colombia or Japan. Alright, I mean can Senegal do something? I think this could be anyone really. I’m not so sure about Japan, Colombia obviously they’ve got some good players they’ve done well other tournaments I think. James Rodriguez likes a World Cup doesn’t he? He does like a World Cup, but it’s not in Brazil, is in Russia so… I mean, yeah, on that basis I think Lewandowski, Poland they’re going to do very well. I think you’re right, I think I’m backing Poland to top this one. I’d like Colombia, I think maybe can we go for them second? I think so, I think Senegal, Sadio Mane and Japan, Kagawa, I don’t think.. Probably not got quite enough. No. All right so we got onto knockout stages Round of 16 so your Uruguay v Spain, so this is very getting interesting you can work out who’s going to play who, in what games. A pretty good game to start off the knockout stages; Uruguay v Spain, I mean I think I feel like Uruguay could upset Spain, they’ve got Cavani and Suarez as I said before but I think you have to go to Spain with quality. I think yeah Spain obviously could have been disappointing in recent tournaments but with Spain I think we’ll be back with a bang! Spain… next what we see is Portugal Russia. Ohh, the hosts got to play Ronaldo! Two boring teams. Now I feel Confederations Cup Portugal were all over it in Russia and I think yeah this is going to be Portugal definitely Portugal there. On to next one who we got France Croatian uh-hmm European tie this could be quite even I feel like they could upset France but again France have got a lot of quality. I think as long as France are flowing I think that’s France all day. Easily.. The next one Argentina Denmark I think that’s an easy one. Tell you. Argentina! Yes I know. Brazil v Mexico now this is similar styles.. yeah but you think that Brazil’s going to have too much. Brazil have to too much, too much experience, too good. Germany Switzerland.. oh it’s a good game as well! I think it’s a bit I think it’s a job too far for the Swiss though. that it is Germany are just too good let’s go Germany and Belgium v Columbia it’s a very good game. It is. Lots of flair players in this in these two sides. Belgium? I think let’s go Belgium I think that because it’s at last time for them to perform at this stage you know. They’ve got a lot of players who’ve got a lot more experience now so let’s go Belgium. Let’s go Belgium and Poland and England, England I think I seriously think Poland could upset them. But I don’t even know if that is an upset, is it? But you might be right, they might beat us, but, but come on. I think, I think you know, they can do it. I think to get to the quarterfinals it’ll be great for England. Yeah I mean it’s a European tournament as well as. European based, yeah. England. Now on to the Quarters and now it gets a bit spicy. Now we see Spain versus France; now that’s a game isn’t it? This is on paper probably almost the two best teams in world football. This could be like a Final, this could be the Final game. It could be, you know, it could be. It could very well be. Spain v France, considering Spain in the last couple tournaments, I mean in 2010 they won it, at 2014… well I’m going to go for France here. So I think I agree with you, I think, I think this could be France’s year. We’ll have to see how the rest of it pans out.. Ohhh! Ronaldo versus Messi. Now this, now this again, this is a very tasty match up, but again I think I mean they’re very attacking sides. I can just see Argentina winning this though. I think it’s Messi’s turn to to step it up an notch. Ronaldo has done very well in recent tournaments and Messi hasn’t achieved what he wanted to and I think maybe could be time to see something special for Messi. Whoever does… People are going to be going crazy over this game. This is why I wanted to do this guys, so you can work out who’s going to play who during the tournament we might not be quite right but you can already see that there could be some amazing games in this tournament! Okay so Argentina lock them in now. Brazil v Belgium oh I haven’t seen this matchup a lot in world football, but this is very very nice. It’s a good game. Yeah I like the sound of it. Lots of lots of world-class footballers playing for both sides here. I actually don’t know because it’s European based you could go Belgium but then again Brazil. Its a World Cup so you can’t go against Brazil unless they are playing Germany in a semifinal! Then you can go against them. I think it’s close, I’ll just go with Brazil, there. Ohhh! There’s ANOTHER GAME! Germany v England quarterfinal. If England can scrape it through to a draw then two penalties. If it goes to Penalties England will not win. England Germany on penalties, England penalties against anybody.. That’s it. Like in my mind I would say now if England get knocked out of this tournament it will be on penalties. Looking at the two teams… You know what, I would love to see England win that. Let’s just go England? Do you think? Should we ask these guys? Just let us in the comments, what you think below. Could England even win this game? I mean England can win games but maybe Germany again with too much quality? We’ve got Jordan Henderson versus Toni Kroos! in the middle. Ohy okay.. You know what let’s go England, let’s believe. Yeah okay let’s go from semi-finals time this is an iconic World Cup match this. So this is a replay of the 1998 World Cup Final. Yeah World Cup final. It’s a very tough one but I think just because it’s in Europe I want to go to France. What do you think? I think there maybe just the French perhaps could just do that little bit better throughout the whole tournament it’s all about getting better through the tournament and I think the French obviously haven’t done very well in recent tournaments, but well they made the Final of Euro 2016. Oh yes sorry, but the previous World Cup. So I say France. Let’s go France. Neymar you’re out of the tournament! and the second one Messi v Harry Kane. I think if England managed to scrape past Germany I can’t see them that’s just too much so I think it’s great result for England to get semi-finals honestly. Guys we are going to now have a quick look at the final and then I want you to vote in the poll card let us know who you think is actually going to win the entire world cup is it Germany is it England is it Argentina is it Brazil or is it France? Okay so let’s have a look at the Final Blake and you can tell me who you think is going to win the final? If it was France v Argentina again I think France I’ve been choosing France the whole way through I just think that the team overall the defense is a much better than Argentine defense I’m going to go France. Ohh I think, I really don’t know. I feel like it could be the kind of final that is a close affair. It could probably go to penalties you know.. Maybe Messi would actually score one this time around. I think yeah let’s go France for the win. Ok guys say in the comments below what you think. Let us know anything else to tell us about this tournament but it is here it is time to see the World Cup we are predicting France to win it we’re predicting a great run for England as I said let us know what you think and please go enjoy the World Cup.


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  2. And this is the reason why you can't predict the World Cup "Germany will easily top their group"

    Edit: I wish Argentina made it that far but at least you got the champion prediction right

  3. Hah you think argentina fucking argentina is better than us we are in the final we are lose final bit we beat 3-0 argentina3-0 Respecz rpespret

  4. Lucky croatia they never face big team in this WC. When the face they lost against France course Modric robbed Ronaldos Ballon dor

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