Who Is Alabama Quarterback Tua Tagovailoa?

Who Is Alabama Quarterback Tua Tagovailoa?

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Tua Tagovailoa Saint Louis Hawaii quarterback welcome to another exciting episode of
the skill I’m your host king coopa j and today we’re going to be talking about who is
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now who was Alabama’s quarterback Tua Tagovailoa he was born in Hawaii
March 2nd of 1998 now in his early years starting in the first grade he’s
naturally right-handed naturally right-handed does everything with his
right hand but he could not throw the football so what happened his father
actually changed his throwing hand from his right to his left and ever since the
first grade Toula has been throwing left-handed and
he does everything else what’s right oh that’s crazy but if it works hey what
can I say we taught you how to throw what okay so I was righty at first
you’re right-handed yeah is right-handed until we switched me to become left handed what
did I have left the first grade now early on and Pop Warner they said that
Tua could throw for 30 yards when the average kid was only throwing 10 yards
at his age so they knew he knew he was gonna be a
quarterback he used to sleep with the ball under his pillow when he was coming
up his mother used al he’s asleep with a football so they already knew this is
what he wanted to do plus it ran in his blood because his father used to play
junior college but he had to go back to Hawaii because he had to support the
family you know how it is is it’s not green on the other side for everybody
but you know family first so he had to get back to Hawaii and support his
family now throughout through all of this Tua was still playing football right and his
grandfather used to tell them hey Tua if you want to take this seriously
you need to come report to me after every single football game every single
football game so what Tua used to do he’s to go out perform and then it don’t
matter what time of day he either had to call his grandfather or he had to go
over there and actually tell him you I did this this now he kept him on his
toes so this this was like very very big on Tua and it helped him and it motivated
him to want to play football even more knowing that he had his grandfather and
his corner because most for the majority of the time his father used to work and
support the family so in the summer of 2014
his grandfather did pass away and this was big on you know Tua’s heart his
football career and there was points in his career when he was just like man he
was about to give up after his grandfather died he he was about to give
up because that was like everything that was the guy he used to play yo you know
pop come after game up to a hundred yards at the 200 yards now I’m throwing
this I’m throwing touchdowns in and then he’s gone so that weighed on him for a
minute and he actually considered quitting
football yeah but yeah he said that he had a conversation with his father so
his father like motivated him to come back right so he was
like look you’re gonna keep playing football you’re good at it
and you know we’re gonna honor your grandfather by continuing to play high
school football so ii was with it you know he kept doing it and as he was
growing up he found another mentor and Marcus Maroita
yes Marcus Mariota Tennessee Titans quarterback Marcus Mariota is
also from Hawaii and played out there not necessarily the same school but he
also played out there in Hawaii so throughout his arm high school career at
Saint Louis school he actually broke the passing record for quarterbacks he threw
over 8,000 yards and he had 84 passing touchdowns to go along with 1027 rushing
yards and 24 rushing TDs he was rated the number one quarterback in the class
so he had a ton of offers right one being his dream school LS not LSU I’m
sorry USC he wanted to go to USC his whole life I don’t know what it is I was
searching the internet for I’m trying to figure out why do you want to go to USC
so much he just loved that school he loved everything about it but until and
to one man hit him up Alabama now when Alabama called him his family
went out there to visit right his mother said look you’re not going all the way
out to Alabama to play for them that far away from home so they had to take take
a trip and it was worth it because when Tua got out there you can see from
these images right here he got out there he just loved it yeah rings oh he you
know balling out with Kiffin and Saban and all them you know they showing him
around telling him basically putting him on the culture and trying to recruit him
so he just fell in love with Alabama so his mother loved it they liked it and
Kiffin was also a big part of tool coming out there I don’t know what it
was about the guy but his mother actually liked Kiffin it was like she
felt comfortable leaving her son so if it wasn’t for mom duk being out there
Alabama wouldn’t be seeing Tua Tagovailoa if it wasn’t for mom duk I’m gonna
be honest which mom said it was cool it’s cool
so Tua is big on family let’s just get that straight he goes back he gives back
he goes back to why he plays with the kids in this video right here you can
actually see him turning up with some kids so he’s big I mean he’s a Christian
he’s down-to-earth he’s a smooth guy watched a couple of videos on the man he
he’s just like very humble so that those are good qualities and he’s determined
he wants to win and all right so boom he gets recruited by Alabama so he turns
down the USC so USC you can blame his on Alabama because he was headed to
your school so he turned that down heads out to Alabama and in his first game
against Fresno State which was his college debut he threw a touchdown in he
has 64 yards so he really didn’t get in the games unless they were blowouts he
didn’t get in unless there were blowout they wouldn’t put him in so but the
games he did get in he lit them up 100 yards 200 yards two touchdowns three
touchdowns he was balling and we’re talking about he was backing up Jalen
Hurts all right so that led up to him actually becoming who he was he ended up
getting a start in the state championship game the NCAA Jalen
Hurst wasn’t performing well in the first half and then Tua Tagovailoa
gets in he gets in in the second half everybody was like oh what is going on
because I know I was at home like what who was this dude but I was like kind of
slick happy because I’m a Georgia fan and I was rooting for them but the dude
ended up throwing for 166 yards and three touchdowns he only had one INT and
in the crucial touchdown came in OT which was the game-winner
sealed and it first Samoan quarterback to win a national championship first
Samoan player recruited by the Crimson Tide first
the man is trending right now and let me tell you the interesting fact before I
I’ll let this go I mean let me tell you something this guy has a little brother
and I believe his name is Tualia Tagovaila now he plays in Alabama oh
and his family they relocate Alabama too so they they brung it down south but um
they’re about you know a hour out from him but his little brother is actually
ranked eighth in the class right now he’s a quarterback and he’s dual threat
just like Tua Tagovailoa so with that being said when this guy comes out and he was
already recruited by the University of Alabama
so by Tua being a freshman his brother becoming a junior just imagine in two
years from now it’d be two Tagovailoa’s there if he decides to not go to NFL
which I think he plays more like Russell Wilson in my 6’1 one 219 pounds dual
threat you know guy cannon for an arm so now if he gets there and Tua Tagovailoa is
a senior what’s gonna happen if his brother comes in and he’s a freshman
sophomore and he just crushing Tua you might go to the NFL bro they say little
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  1. Good vid bro. Always good when you show my teams/players from my teams that extra love. Keep doing ya thing big dog. 🏆🏆🏆🐘🐘🐘 #RollTide

  2. I make nba content and my main channel with 400+ subs got terminated,if u can give me a shoutout and a sub it would mean a lot!

  3. You did a great commentary, you better keep at it because you got talent. Your personal touch and detailed bio was spot on. Take up journalism seriously and you will succeed. Great seeing the beginning of a solid future. 🤙

  4. He pronounced his name for you and you still mispronounced it! Hey good video though! Tung-a-vi-ola! He pronounces it on your first clip, remember this name, he will be a star! Kiffin had little to do with Tua going to Bama

  5. Tua wanted to go to Oregon not USC because he wanted to go to the same school as Marcus. But Oregon didn't offer him until very late in the recruiting process and he had gotten cold on them

  6. FYI: Marcus Mariota and Tua Tagovailoa are both graduates of Saint Louis High School in Honolulu, Hawaii. Love your show!

  7. Btw, Marcus DID play for St. Louis High School, as well as Tua. Tua actually hung out with him when Tua was in 4'th grade and Marcus was in high school. They both have told that story. But yea, they ARE from the same school.

  8. Not bad vid, but you need to do your research better, then you will have credibility. You did not mention Oregon Ducks, the team he really wanted to go to because Marcus Mariota went there. Also, Tua did not start the National Championship game. And please learn to pronounce names correctly. Work on those things and I think you can get more subscribers. Cheers

  9. What a waste of time. Tua was tearing it up all year 100 to 200 yds a game? What game did he have 200 yards? Not 1 single fact in that story was accurate. Take up creating stories about rappers perhaps Snip Homie Doggie…

  10. Wow just came across your channel by accident. Lol then saw your this lol your 100% real!!! Keep it like that and you will have more subscribers cause I just subscribed to yo realness. . And for the record…. not cause I'm an islander….its because you keep it real!!! One love.

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