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What’s up guys, hope you’re doing well.
I’m Scooter Magruder and this is Magruder Mobile and today I drove back to my alma mater,
UF, because it’s rivalry week. ♫♫ Go and stand up and throw them three’s
up, got the whole club looking like a stick up. And I got a swagger like you’ve never
seen. It’s so mean. It’s so real and yet so clean. Today I’m here with: Kelsey
Matt Vernon
Jordan Alyssa
Josh Nachiket
Marielena Valerie And it’s rivalry week, so we’re talking
about things we hate about Florida State, but before we get into that, tell us about
your experience going to Florida so far. I love Florida. I love the spirit on campus. Best education on the planet. Best sports
teams on the planet. We’re going to win everything next year. It’s been a really wonderful experience.
I’ve met all sorts of professors, already involved in some internships. What’s so great about Florida? Everything’s great about Florida. Oh my gosh! Careers after this are going to
be amazing. I mean like FSU, you do have a variety of options from FSU. You have McDonalds,
Burger King, Taco Bell. The athletics program, to its engineering
program, the food is amazing. Gator Dining food? It’s gotten better from what I understand. Can you describe what game day is like? Greatness. Crazy, energetic. You can hear game day in Gainesville from
anywhere in the world. If you can picture Africa, during a stampede. Being in the swamp with 90,000 people just
screaming, it’s indescribable. What is something you might want to change
about Florida? The bus schedule. Some more engineering thugs. I wouldn’t change a thing. I couldn’t think of one thing to change. What are the girls like? Don’t lie. Alright I guess. This is my opinion so…yeah. The real reason we came here is because we’re
talking about things we hate about FSU. Reasons we hate FSU. What we hate about FSU. Now do
you hate FSU? Of course! With a burning passion. With a passion. I wouldn’t say hate. There’s just, you
know, the athletic rivalry. I really do, yes. I’m from Tallahassee. So you’re tainted already. So, how did you
end up here if you’re from Tallahassee? Ok, here’s the thing: I wanted to be an
engineer and if you’re going to do that…UF is better than Florida State. Why do you hate FSU Matt? What’s not to hate? Everything about FSU
is worse than it is here. I hate their colors. Their people are very
mean, cocky. Garnet and gold, really? Could you be any
more unoriginal in that? What sports team isn’t garnet and gold? And it’s ugly! So what are some other things that you hate
about Florida State? Umm… Do you hate, Vernon, Vernon! Do you dislike
Florida State you go to Florida? I don’t, I don’t dislike Florida State. Their sports teams are ugly too. Like, really?
Why would you even go there? I’d rather stay at a community college. My community
college has better job opportunities than FSU does. This is a known fact. How do you not dislike Florida State? Here it is: It’s complicated because it’s
my hometown. As long as we’re not playing Florida State, I want them to win. But if
they play… Stop! Stop! Are there any people who go to Florida State
that also got in to Florida? Yes. I can only name one but… And are you friends with this person? Not now. Let’s do some role-playing, Are you familiar
with role-playing? Yes. I’m going to throw out a scenario, you tell
me what you’d do. You see a little kid drowning, but he’s covered in garnet and gold Seminole
attire. What do you do? He’s a little kid, you gotta save him! If you were to save him though, you should
just end his life, right? Yeah, I would. I can’t let them die just
cause they’re Florida State. What do you mean? I’d have to look past that for the sake
of their lives, yes. Look past what? I’d sit there and think for a couple of
minutes “Should I save them? They have on a Florida State Jersey.” Probably by the
time I decide I think it’d be a little too late. You see a shark in the ocean. Also, in the
ocean is the Florida State football team, side note they’re playing UF next week.
What do you do? I just gotta watch. I might scream for help…but
I’m not going to go in there and help them. You’ve had a vision. You seen Final Destination? Yeah. You had one of those Final Destination visions
that this plane was about to crash. Only people on this plane are Florida State alumni. What
do you do in this situation? I would definitely command every single person
to get off that plane because I like Taco Bell and who’s going to make my food for
me. If you could look in to the camera and say
anything to Florida State students right now what would it be? Here’s a message to all Florida State students:
Noles suck, Go Gators. I do have some friends that go there, so I’m
sorry if you’re seeing this. I love you still, but I’m glad I don’t go to your
school. I wish it was different for you. Complete your degrees because toilet paper
companies need something to use. I’m Scooter Magruder and this was Magruder
Mobile. New videos every Sunday. No Jugamos Juegos. Throw me the alley. Go Gators. I’m a grown man.

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