What Muschamp said about facing Alabama, former boss Nick Saban

What Muschamp said about facing Alabama, former boss Nick Saban

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Got to Alabama here at 3:30 kick at
Williams-Brice is a great opportunity for our football team and our program. I got a lot of respect for
their program and obviously, Nick. Offensively, it all starts
with the quarterback, too, is an outstanding player, very accurate
with the football, close to 80%, this year as far as his
completion percentage. He has legs,
he can create off rhythm plays, as we say, that are very difficult he’s throwing it
to really skilled group down the field. But he’s a really good football player,
receiver Jeudy and Waddle and Ruggs and Smith, they’re are all very talented guys that
can run extremely well on the top end. But also guys in the underneath coverages
can catch the ball in space and make plays for him. And they’ve made a bunch for
him in the last couple years, so we’ve got our work cut out for
us as far as that’s concerned. They’ve recruited really well to
the running back position, big backs. They’re always big up front
on the offensive line. Defensively, very physical,
tough to move up front, Davis and Dale, as a freshman, is going to be
a really good player for them. Ray, then the two guys on the edge of
Lewis and Jennings really create some fast twitch rush for you on the perimeter, and
they’re really talented on the back end. So really well coached,
obviously, on defense. Special teams, they’ve got good
specialists and Waddle as a returner, probably is as good a guy as there is in
our league, and maybe in the country. So we’ve got our work cut out for
us as far as teams is concerned and a lot of space plays that they’ll try and
create. None of Nick’s former
assistants have beaten him. Is it as simple as his teams are really
good, and it’s hard to do, or is it more to it than that?>>No, I think that,
it’s more to it than that. You gotta beat Alabama. And at the end of the day, John,
they’re not gonna beat themselves. They’re well coached, they’ve got good
players, but you’ve gotta go beat Alabama. You gotta have an aggressive mindset
when you go into the ballgame. You gotta do the simple things
really well in the game. And you can’t start trying to
play out of what you normally do. At the end of the day, there’s gonna
be four to six plays in this game that are going to determine the outcome of the
game, just like every other game we play. And we’ve got to outwork this
football team for sixty minutes and be in position in those four
to six plays to win the game. And that’s no different
than any other game, and don’t treat it any different
than any other game.>>Will,
what did you learn from Nick at LSU and what kind of separates him from just
everybody else in terms of coaching?>>Well, I learned a lot. As far as, obviously from
a scheme standpoint, I think, you got to be philosophically aligned
with him as far as how he sees the game. Played offense, defense,
and special teams, so obviously from a schemes standpoint,
I learned a lot. But the evaluation process and
the recruiting, as far as the critical factors we look for
and define for every position. And I think, really, even took that a step
further when I went to the Miami Dolphins and was a part of the draft. And going and working players out and really narrowed down exactly what we look
for by position in the evaluation process, which I think really helped me
in our programs moving forward. As far as those things,
as far as offseason program, how we ran the offseason program, we do very
similar things in the offseason program. How we install in training camp, how we install in spring ball,
how we do spring ball. Our summer programs are very similar
as far as the players are concerned and what we do. How we practice is very similar to
what we did when I was with Nick. So we’ve carried over a lot of things
that obviously work extremely well, but I learned a lot.

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