What is Soccer Politics?

What is Soccer Politics?

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[[Professor Laurent Dubois/Soccer Politics
Instructor]] “Really brilliant chess players are able
to think way in advance right? The great midfielders in soccer have that
sense of ability to predict where their position is, but then what that kind of pass will lead
too, right?” “Soccer politics is a class offered here
at Duke and it’s unique in that we have, we offer it as one lecture in English but
then there are multiple language sections. (Student speaking French) So this year students are taking it in French,
Spanish, Italian and English. So we kind of bring together the language
and the teaching about the history of the sport for this kind of global look at the
sport and culture.”


  1. The Title of the course may have rather entailed an entirely different yet poignant study of the systemic corruption flourishing today in the highest levels of the sport. This peculiar corruption is in a way, a microcosm of the hierarchical structure of the criminal cabal which ACTUALLY GOVERNS OUR WORLD . .But hey, that might be RELEVANT, IMPORTANT even. And the irrelevance of Universities is manifest.

  2. The UK”s plea for help / World Corruption
    Soccer Corruption

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