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We’ve all been here. Whether you play Sunday League, non-league
or even just five-a-side, there’s nothing quite like coming together
for the highs… …and the lows… …of playing for your own team. To celebrate this tradition, we’ve teamed
up with Wix to give a team like this… …a chance to train with the best manager
in the world. He’ll watch their videos,
analyse their play and build a strategy
to help them raise their game in a way that only Pep knows how. The search was epic. There were so many
unbelievable teams to choose from. But the team that came out on top,
with their amazing Wix site, was Kitchener FC. This isPep Talks.The Mighty Kitch were established in 1967
and hail from Ipswich in Suffolk. They are the official pub team
of the Earl Kitchener tavern, and most of these players behind me
have known the place and each other all their lives. Currently fresh off the back
of their best ever season, 2018 saw them win the treble,
taking home the Suffolk FA Sunday Cup, the Peter Cocker Senior Cup and the Ipswich Sunday Football League
Premier Division title. They started filming their games in order
to record their incredible success. The team are full of
workmates and friends, and the feeling of being one big family means that these lot work hard
for each other and for the win. We want to destroy them second half! Drops to Sanchez. Touch! Sanchez! Swear to God you’ve never seen
anything like this! To be analysed by someone like Pep,
any advice he can give us would be great. I reckon he’s going to pick apart
our positioning. He’ll have a dig at us about our shooting,
I reckon. It’ll be our defending, I think,
definitely. It can be suspect at times. Can’t take them nowhere. Best manager in the world.
Manages the best team in the world. Bit nervous, to be fair. He’s the best manager that ever lived. It’s so surreal, I need to go meet him. We searched through clips on their
Wix website for Pep to analyse to pinpoint where and how
they can turn it up a gear. -Hi.
-Hi, Pep. How are you? -How you doing?
-Pleasure to meet you. We looked at the areas you wanted to work
on in terms of maintaining possession pressing, but also the transition
to attack from defence. So we’ll work on those different areas. Hopefully within the session,
you boys will get a load out of it. Main thing is, enjoy yourself. Right, this is them. Very Sunday League.
Proper English football. Offside! I like it. So Kitchener FC, this Sunday League team,
wants to improve three things that are synonymous with your managerial
style and the style of Man City. The first one, playing out from the back. Lloyd plays in to Rem at the back. He’s lost out to number 10. -Playing the back is a lot of routine.
-Routine? Yeah, because the spaces always are there. The most important thing we try to tell
them is you have to believe it, because you are going to make mistakes
at the beginning. It’s easier to put the long ball
and go to the second ball. Look at the pictures that are being
painted in an 11v11 game. You’ve got to be able to make that pass. -These passes here are scary.
-They are. Always believe that when the ball
is in the air, it’s half-half. When the ball is at your feet, it’s yours. Every time we’re moving the ball,
touch, touch, touch, touch. When you see a space now,
I want you to drive into it. A bigger touch, and drive into that space. My advice is start the keeper centre
and defenders against a striker, who will be alone on the field. So it’s three against one. So let them know that at the end,
when they play with one striker, it’s three players against one. You should own the pitch. It’s not so complicated. You can do it. That was making a big difference. Turning from a triangle into a diamond
and transitioning from there. The next one is your famous City Press. Getting the ball back
as quick as possible. We believe that, even in
the Sunday League, or wherever, football players
like to play with the ball. They don’t play football
just for the running or just for… The running is the worst bit. To go to the gym or… Of course
for the beer after the game is nice. But they like to play football
to have the ball. But the main principle of that
is they have the ball, going to pick you up, I want to regain
the ball because I want to play it. You have to commit everybody
to being aggressive. If you want to regain the ball,
that is the reason why. Things like that I’ll definitely take
to the training sessions. We’ve got some big tournaments coming up
so that could help towards that. The last one, the transition
from defence into attack, so how they can get the ball
as soon as they get it up the field. The first action, look, the striker. I want to see you with heads up
and awareness of where the space is. -That is the best pass possible.
-Always look forward? Regain the ball, the first action
if possible is move forward. That is the best way. A couple of times I won the ball and was
passing it backwards as a safety option. The coaches were trying to tell me that’s
not the way. If you want to transition, the best way is forward, and you can
cut them on the counter attack. They’re playing good. What a goal. The small-sided games,
do you do this a lot? Yeah. The reality, you have to train a
small distance to take decisions quicker. -With less time, less space…
-You focus the area. I’m very impressed. What a goal, man. -You’re better than the videos.
-The videos upstairs. You play so good.
Believe me, you play so good. For the controls and the pass. I’m not talking about the finishing because you scored
four or five incredible goals. I’m jealous of you. I cannot play anymore.
I would like to still play and I cannot. Be angry when you lose,
be happy when you win. You like to play football. And that is… Until you can’t walk, do it. We got you a little gift.
We’ll give it to you now. -Thanks, good.
-That’s their kit! -That is amazing.
-Thank you so much. Thank you. It’s crazy to us lot. We play football
on a Sunday League, where our park is barely playable on.
So to come here and meet him was unreal. All the best, guys. It’s more than a dream come true because
we didn’t think this would ever happen. I’ll never forget this experience,
that’s all I’ll say. Right, guys, that is it.
Thank you very much for watching. You can keep up with Kitchener FC
on their website and you can learn more about Pep on his
Wix website, which is on the screen now, and in the video description below. That, my friends, has beenPep Talks.

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