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hey what’s up everybody Eliot Harrison here with your week nine game pics it whatever amount of seconds Giants are desperate LA’s offense is just too good right now I’m gonna say the Rams take this one I think the Giants will play them tough that FC West battles heating up give me the Rams Tennessee wins no matter who the Ravens start at quarterback a healthier Mariota gets past that stingy Baltimore defense I’m looking forward to seeing that guy healthy no more Statue of Liberty in the pocket and of course we saw them struggle against the Browns they don’t struggle as bad this week all right Falcons Panthers in a C South showdown Atlanta needs this one to make up ground I think they’re gonna get it I know this could go either way it really could go either way they give me the Falcons [Applause] Jack’s coming off a fight with Leonard fournette back in action that’s a good thing Jacksonville will dominate with the pass rush to secondary they dominate the Colts without Leonard fournette I think this is an easy one it’s an easy one right all right Jack I can’t blame me for picking against bucks right they’ve looked terrible the Saints win their sixth straight and they do it again on the strength of the defense everybody wants to talk about the Bucks defense it’s the Bucks offense also did not look good against the Panthers it hasn’t been as dynamic as we all thought frankly just gives me a little insight moving beats them right across the face that the running back had no chance goes it’s a footrace and he is in Redskins my gosh who are they starting down there they’re down three starters and the offensive line they’re flying out to Seattle to face that front seven the ball is up in the air hit the balls rolling around the Seahawks pick it up it’s Bobby Wagner down to the 10 down to the 5 he is in Redskins have to get the ground game going to even have a chance CJ Beathard drew stin get excited I don’t know when Jimmy G’s gonna get on the field we think he could get on the field possibly sooner than later but is it really serve the 49ers to throw him out there right away remember this Niner team took the Cardinals to overtime last time they played and then this catch wanted [Applause] all right Raiders they’re in must-win territory good thing they’re playing Miami he looked awful week 8 car Crabtree and Cooper get it done for Oakland it’s all I gotta say about that Lions and Packers so many great moments of the year Detroit has one win in Green Bay since 1991 yeah Brett Favre really dominated that series make it 2 after week 9 by the way 1991 pretty far chiefs Cowboys I’m taking the Chiefs Alex Smith floats a fast wide open left side Travis Kelce over the shoulder catch we know the Cowboys gonna have some problems on offense we’ll see how they adjust Broncos Eagles Broncos have had problems on offense all season Eagles best team in the league I’m taking filling let’s feed it to 10 5 touchdown

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