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Heyo Welcome to the fantasy Scout. I’m tal. This is week four waiver wire show and Here we go top ads 50% owned or less and you know just a reminder our Team needs are all different Plus our perceptions of players in week four are still subjective But either way if you’re looking for a running back, it’s slim pickings If you need a wide receiver quarterback or tight end, there’s hope to be had let’s start with the quarterbacks Blake bortles as a stash not this week against the Jets but as a stash Andy Dalton looks great and it’s schedule is dope with fantasy points Conducive Falcons matchup this week. Yes, please streamer and season-long potentials And if you’re desperate hopeful naive or Garoppolo owner Or in a to quarterback League. I like Tannehill Baker Mayfield the chosen Rosen. Those guys are all great I mean Tannehill seems like he might have leveled up so that’s there’s that and then there’s the two rookies that you can have hope in that they look good and All that good fun stuff running backs if Aaron Jones is still there grab him Marlin Mack he’s a stash to he’s talented and the team needs him but His injury is concerning ty Montgomery love ty He used to be the one I call him neo He’s a pass catching back on a team that is gonna be throwing a lot with and without Rogers Buck. Allen should be owned but he’s always tough to start He’s been inconsistent, but he may have leveled up too. We’ll see how many people here level up Ronald Jones inactive again He’s so confusing. This guy is uh He might be a stash because He’s so much better Than Peyton Barbour. I’m not sure what the team is really trying to do here or prove or if he’s just that terrible I don’t know Tavon Austin in ESPN. He’s got dual designation wide receiver and running back they’re using him and He looks good, and the double designation is pretty dope You could put him in a wide receiver slot and you kind of get running back production out of him I guess it looks like he’s getting about 10 or 12 touches in a game Nayeem Hines Has no upside but he’s got a oh say floor like 5 to 6 points in PPR formats as long as max out So it’s a lot of caveats behind him wide receivers We got Mike Williams. He’s amazing and I would I would get him he’d be my number one claim for the wide receiver position Even though Ridley went off I think Mike Williams is gonna be more consistent this year because of the whole team situation not that I don’t think that Atlanta is gonna be in shootouts because I think they will be and that’s why Ridley is my number two guys, so They’re close Geronimo allison is the number two for Rogers. He’s one of the most reliable assets on Green Bay right now alongside Davante Adams. I Love Callaway Antonio Callaway has potential Baker Mayfield on the field. Now it just You just got to make sure he catches the ball That’s important catching the ball Cristian Kirk represents a high up side Like Rickey seals Jones does because on the same offense Targets have to go somewhere Josh Rosen is stepping up at quarterback. So the potential is there for all the fantasy assets on that team the offensive assets. I Use the word assets Alana also if Tyler Boyd or John Brown are still available grab them, too they are probably at the top of that list getting a lot of targets a lot of play and Tyler Boyd both Tyler Boyd and John Brown have always been highly touted so they might be You know stepping into their own as it were There are fuels tight ends that I can mention here we got Ricky seals Jones he’s got huge upside like I said with Josh Rosen just a few minutes ago, you know stepping in that’s gonna be huge for all the players on the offense for Arizona Tyler Eifert if he’s still available The red rocker doesn’t have a lot of options and if AJ Green is a little banged up maybe even gets more play plus, you know, he’s been getting play anyway, so He’s good Vance McDonald looking strong and powerful in his second game back, finally tight ends been looking for I mean Pittsburgh’s been looking for a tight end like McDonald, so Good on him my kiseki rookie tight end on the Dolphins Teddy Hill looks pretty good also And to use a thing that I said 17 times levelling up Could be good for a tight end but he’s a rookie so it’s just always tough for them Who knows but he could be a good stache if you’re you know Looking for some kind of side because everybody is with the tight end the tight ends right now. They’re all kind of shitty and messy, it’s why I like the last guy here Aidan Hirst Hayden Hearst is If you want to get ahead of everybody else in the next week or two He’s talented and when healthy he’s going to be a big part of the team Same goes for Hunter Henry Now as for DS there’s only a few DS that are under 50% owned that are worthwhile to mention really for now I mean Maybe there’s others but I’m gonna mention these three Titans Against Philly at home. I know that seems contrarian because Philly is usually really good But the Titans are at home and they’ve been kind of stopping everybody seems At least holding them down the Jets at Jacksonville They uh, I think with your sick defensive game. So both defenses are gonna be good with Jacksonville high Lyon Jets are still Not that highly owned 2030 percent range Packers at home against Buffalo I know Buffalo just went off but I wouldn’t mind taking the Packers at home this week because Buffalo is not gonna repeat that and I think that the Packers defense is better than most people give them credit for Anyway, thank you for watching the fantasy scout. This is Tom. Take care brush your hair change your underwear I’m not gonna say that am I that’s how am I gonna sound off?

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