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Heyo! Welcome to the fantasy Scout. I’m Tal and I’ll be talking about the top waiver pickups at every position for week three It’s under 50% ownership I’ll be using fantasy pros and ESPN from my data and you could check my waiver rankings at the fantasy Scout comm you can follow me on twitter at fantasy Scouter and instagram the fantasy scout Let’s start with the running backs because they’re the most scarce position If austin Eckler errand drones or latavius Murray are still available picked them up But if not take Gio Gio Bernard because mix-ins going to be sidelined for at least 1 or 2 weeks Gio Bernard is the top claim in most Competitive leagues and if I got him I try to chariot him to the mix and owner immediately. I like Corey Clement buck Allen and Nayeem Hines to Clemente has a great opportunity while at JA he’s out and he has the skills to back it up Buck Allen Nayeem Hines are decent options in half point and full point PPR leagues Both are among the top targeted running backs over two weeks The most scarce position may be the tight end Eric Ebron is athletic and healthy and he’s going to be targeted by luck like a receiver Will this lis is going to be a weekly thing for Russell Wilson. It seems Week 1 was not a fluke because they repeated I’m looking forward to the three-peat OJ Howard is a dope athlete but I do worry about his weekly consistency given that I don’t think that Fitzpatrick likes targeting the tight end all that much Orson Hooper asj and Ricky shields Jones are all big parts of their offense, but I think Hooper has the most potential of the 3 He spent a lot of time with Mattiace in the offseason and that she paid off If you want to get ahead of the curve Consider Hayden Hearst or Mark Andrews on Baltimore. One of them are gonna have a good season Not sure which one but right now it looks like Mark Mark Andrews Although that’s a little unfair because Hurst didn’t play at He is the more talented fella and he’s gonna be coming back from a preseason injury within the next couple of weeks, I believe As for wide receivers Devante Parker Kealing Cole, Mike Williams and Calvin Ridley should all be owned but if they’re not snatching Antonio Callaway is the big pick up for me this week and because he should be in for a huge season, especially since Gordon is out of the picture and he’s boys with Antonio Brown enough said Lester own geronimo Allyson, Chris Godwin Phillip Dorsett, John Brown and Portland son should be targeted in that order Allison is the 2 to 3 target in Rodgers offense Godwin is talented, but he’s in a crowded receiver core so temper that the expectations from him on a week-to-week basis Probably more of a boom bust kind of guy Now that Josh Gordon is on the Patriots dorset’s role might be diminished But he’s proven of viable sure-handed acid for Brady So I still believe in his ability to possibly outperform Hogan. Definitely Patterson John Brown may be the best option amongst these players because he’s one of the most targeted wide receivers So far this year, he’s always been a top fantasy asset when he’s healthy If he can be consistent as he has been so far he’ll have a great wide receiver to year Portland Sutton may take over the wide receiver one role Once we figure out that the Mary’s Thomas isn’t up to the task as it looks like to me Dez Bryant Anthony Miller James, Washington cherries right Albert Wilson and Tavon Austin our pickups for deeper leagues or if you want to get ahead of the crowd Maybe even Jordan Matthews you can add into that There was news that he might be is gonna be signed with the Eagles as long as the physical comes back fine The Jets defense is legitimate Although I’m worried about them because the schedule is brutal the Browns are really good going up against the Jets this week should prove productive for the Browns because the rookie Sam darn, ‘old Even though he’s good He’s still a rookie and he’s gonna make mistakes costly mistakes, like pick six type of mistakes Especially with the Browns D and played the Saints and Pittsburgh two of the most prolific Offenses in the league and they came out to be productive fantasy assets They’re currently ranks sixth among amongst defenses as for quarterbacks this is probably the time to choose correctly a Lot of people are gonna be grabbing Fitzpatrick, and maybe he leveled up with his weapons. He might be a quality quarterback Maybe I’m still skeptical And it came out that Jameis Winston’s being sued Not that I’m sure I’m sure that’s not gonna impact this season but if Fitz continues in this next game to do Well the way he has and I don’t see Jameis starting when he gets back until Fitz Shits the bed again shit’s Patrick, you know, I mean Go with your gut and take the best player that you think is gonna have a season-long impact as far as quarterbacks I like Blake bortles for a season long upside kind of guy He’s got decent weapons Cillian Cole. Asj Moncrief, etc anti Dalton Tyrod Taylor are in similar Tier to me if you drafted Jimmy G Matt Ryan Stafford Alex Smith luck Watson even Russell Wilson right now I’d be looking to carry two quarterbacks unless you have like five spots on your bench then it’s hard to stash the second QB if you want to get ahead of the curb, you could stash a second quarterback and I would consider these few Baker Mayfield Obviously, he’s gonna be a stud who knows what happens Tyrod could get injured and he’s not looking all that great Anyway, he has to win a game, right? Although it’s been the kicker. That’s the problem over there and hey Lamar Jackson Josh Allen Josh, Rosen Actually, I think Josh Rosen is the most likely to step into a starting role and have a huge impact It’s gonna give all the fantasy assets around him relevance in Arizona Josh Allen is better than most people perceive him to be I’m not saying he’s gonna win a Super Bowl in 2018, but in fantasy there may be a lot of opportunities for points You know to to a few players on the bills including himself So I appreciate you listening. I hope that was useful advice This is the fantasy scout. I’m Tom have a whopper double-double day. Thank you very much

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