Virgil Van Dijk quizzed by 8 year-olds | ‘Can you ring Jürgen Klopp?’

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Who is the most famous person
in your phone? I’m gonna say Jürgen Klopp. Can you ring him? He’s coming, huh? Another question, guys? Oh, yeah, yeah. Do you pick your nose? No. Why are you smiling? – How are you?
– Good. Come on, little man. You OK? Yeah. – How are you?
– Good. – I like your hair, man.
– Thanks. Just relax yourself. You’re here with me now, you have to relax. You guys nervous? BOTH: Yeah.
– Don’t be, don’t be. I’m a bit disappointed. In what? Because I was expecting
Mo Salah instead of you. But…it doesn’t matter anymore. OK. How does it feel like to be
the world’s best defender? Well… that’s everyone’s opinion. So if you think that,
I’m very happy that you say that. But some other people think that other players
are the best defender in the world. No – you. Yeah, but it’s all about opinions,
so it’s good that people are talking about it, but you don’t need to think about it too much. Is there anything you’re not good at? Answering questions. No, there are plenty of things I’m not good at. Running. – Running?
– Yeah. Like, very long running. The easiest thing. How happy were you when
you won the Champions League? I was very happy.
Were you very happy as well for us? – Yeah.
– Were you happy as well for us? – No.
– You support Everton? – Yeah.
– Tough, isn’t it? Must be very tough though. Yes? You don’t need to lift your finger,
I’m not the teacher. Why are you so good? Do you think I’m good? You don’t think I’m good? Gimme power. Do you care what other people
think about you? No, not at all. You never should, because everyone in this
world can have an opinion on you these days, and you should not care, especially
from people that you don’t care about. So remember that, yeah? Never let anything affect you. Another question, guys? Oh, yeah, yeah. Do you pick your nose? No. Do you? – No.
– Good. I like that. You do, isn’t it? You sure?! You do, look at you! Are you ticklish? – I can be.
– Where? I’m not telling you. – Why?
– Because you might tickle me. I’ll bet you are ticklish. No, I’m not ticklish. I’m faster than he is. Do you think so? Whose hair is better – mine or yours? Yours. Thanks. You want to keep it long forever? Yeah. Have you ever been scared of anything? Yes. I’m not a big fan of bugs,
I’m not a big fan of spiders…snakes. Are you? Have you got Ultimate Team? – I do.
– What is it? I can only say my Liverpool players,
and I took Alisson, I took myself, Trent Alexander-Arnold… ..Wijnaldum… – I have him.
– ..and Salah. I have Keita too. I have Salah, Alexander-Arnold then you. Ooh. Nice.
Liverpool is very good in FIFA, huh? I think they’re gonna be
even better this year. What is your favourite thing about your job? Exactly the same probably as what your
favourite thing is about playing football. I thought you would say, erm,
busting people up. Me. Go on. Who smells the most in the team? Whoa. To be fair, in our dressing room
it smells pretty good actually. They have a lot of good fragrances
going on, a lot of nice perfumes. So I don’t know,
I can’t answer that, to be fair. Who is the most famous person
in your phone? Whoa. I’m gonna say Jürgen Klopp, the manager. Can you ring him? Nah, I’m not gonna ring him now.
You want me to ring him? You guys think I’m making a joke, huh? He’s coming, yeah?
If he picks up. If he thinks about me,
maybe he’s got an appearance. I don’t think he wants to speak to me. Shall we keep the phone here just in case
he calls back in two minutes? Oh, let me think. No. Wait – do you like Liverpool or Holland better? As a country, as a…? Liverpool or Holland? I like both. You’ve got to choose one. I can’t. I’m from Holland, so I love Holland. But I play for Liverpool
and I love Liverpool too. OK. What’s your favourite food to eat? I like pasta. Yeah. – I like it.
– You like pasta as well? Is it your favourite food as well
or have you got something else? Pizza? – No.
– Are you sure? I know a lot of people like pizza,
but I’m not one of those. No? What do you eat then? – Salad.
– Really?! – I like salad.
– Really?! Nice, what kind of salad? Like, carrots, and… – Spinach?
– Spinach. Lovely. Broccoli as well, you like broccoli? – Yeah.
– Wow, you’re a very healthy little fella, yeah? How do you spend all your money? I don’t spend my money, I just save it. The thing is, when we stop playing football,
then we have no job anymore. You need to save a lot of money
for after you stop playing football. Otherwise, you stop playing football,
and you don’t have money coming in, you’re gonna have a problem. So keep that in mind, all right? OK. Were you good at football
when you were seven? I was all right, I was not
the best player in the team. What team did you play for? A team called Willem II. You probably won’t know them,
but it’s in Holland, and I enjoyed every bit of it. I think for you guys as well, the message
should be, just enjoy…and have fun. You have one more question
in that head of yours, huh? – No.
– No? – No.
– All right. You got more questions, Evertonian? – No.
– No? Guys, nice to meet you. – Take care.
– Thank you. Good luck. It’s gonna be a tough year for you again. Unlucky, the manager didn’t call back. But when he calls back, I will tell him
you guys asked for him, yeah? – Good luck at school.
– Thank you. And you never know, in the future
we might see each other again. Yeah. – Bye.
– Take care, guys. Good luck at school. Who’s the best player in this team then? ALL: Me! Have a look at the camera, guys. Come on, poses. Like this!

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