Van Dijk takes Lie Detector Test | ‘Ever picked your nose and eaten it?’ | Kop Kids

Van Dijk takes Lie Detector Test | ‘Ever picked your nose and eaten it?’ | Kop Kids

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♫ Let it go… ♫ Don’t look at me. BUZZ! Is your name Virgil van Dijk? Yes. Are you from Holland? Yes, I am. Are you nervous? I am very nervous. You look nervous. Have you ever picked your nose
and eaten it? No, never. That’s… Don’t look at me. Have you ever lied to the gaffer? No. You sure? 100 per cent sure. Did you ever cheat on a test at school? Yes. What did you cheat on? Do you say “mathematics”? Yeah. Maths, really. I cheat. Do you? No, you can’t say that though. This isn’t about us, it’s about you. Have you ever sang along to
Let It Go from Frozen? Yes. ♫ Let it go… ♫ That’s it. Awful. Do you enjoy the warm-down sessions? No. Why not? Cos you need to run, I don’t like running. Do you shave your legs? No. Armpits? No. Do you pluck your eyebrows? No. No, no, no. Do you wear pyjamas and slippers at home? Yes. What’s on your pyjamas? Superman. No… What’s worse – being in trouble with the boss,
or your missus? I’m never in trouble with any of them. But with the missus
would be worse I think. BOTH: Why? Because we’re together more
than I see the boss. I’m not afraid of anyone. DING! Does your hair look cool when you untie it? Yes. Can you show us? No. Is it better than Mo’s? Much better than Mo’s. No, it’s not. Thank you for taking the exam. You’re very welcome. The results are in – you passed. Yes! Very happy with that. Thank you very much again.


  1. طلع فان دايك بضحك 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 ( للعرب لانو ولا حدا رح يفهمني ) 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  2. Kids:-Have you lied to the gaffer
    Virgil van dijk be like lets not tell the kids that i was tapped up by jurgen while i lied to southampton

  3. 1:00 for a reason the reason this child gave and said seems disrespectful to me tough i didnt liked both of theese childs they dont know how to talk relatives van djik can be ok with it but most of people wouldnt

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