1. How long are you stupid people going to put up with these inbred backward islamic pigs arses? Ban them, remove them from Western civilization, every last one of them and your society will be far better for it. How much more proof do you need to show you this just ain't working…….

  2. I think that I will claim to be a Christian then go and bomb my self and see if people will blame Christianity for that. why are people so stupid?

  3. You would think NBC would update the title. 14 people are dead, gunfights, and ISIS claim of responsibility. What does NBC title it ? Van crash in Barcelona…..

  4. A Nazi drives a car into a crowd, news media: "Nazi rams car into a crowd"

    Islamists drive a car into a crowd, news media: "Car rams car into a crowd"

    Fake news.

  5. Although this was another Islam terrorist attack with loss of innocent life, don't blame Islam. It is actually very brave to sacrifice your life for your beliefs. Blame the government, media and academia who refuses to acknowledge that Islam is the most violent religion on the planet, started and spread by a literal warlord and supported by violent verses in the Koran which cancel out the peaceful verses through abrogation.

  6. Can't wait until owning a car puts you on a watch list. They'll outlaw walking before it's over, you wait. No big deal.

  7. Fc BARCELONA beaten 1-5 by real madrid lui suarez is injured and now this what the heak is happening to Barcelona!!??

  8. For the non religious. These terror events will continue to lead to tons more assumptions and theories. For the religious folks out there. This is viewed by most, as a spiritually motivated attack. This is a battle for souls peeps. These Terrorist, To many are considered as Muslims, are on a task to push for a new world order. If that is so. That also explains why there will possibly be a world war 3 taking place. It'll be a battle for power. Like if you agree. Comment if you disagree and explain why.

  9. Where large crowds are, there needs to be portable rubber speed bumps LAID down and removable steel post installed that can funnel motorist and work as barriers to get behind. Slowing cars while in heavy crowded areas these can be removed and plugged for safety and reinstalled quickly during events as well. A low cost control method. And speed bumps can be made to add or take away in increments easy to haul, handle and store.

  10. It's funny how they always find the passport?  In London, where the suspect blows himself up or in 9/11 where they find it when the plane was embedded in the twin tower inferno??  Oh yeah, and in San Bernardino, when they televised the passport but it had a misspelling on it.  FAKE PASSPORT!!

  11. That's what you get when you help bomb Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria into dust. Now you are complaining about migrants. Good luck whitey !

  12. Just goes to show nbc is propaganda tool for isis. They call it just a car crash. Mowing down 80 people and killing over 10 is not a crash it's a terrorist attack you hateful leftist media establishment.

  13. This must be Donald Trump's fault!!   We can't take this anymore, we would have world peace except for our president.              (yes, ABC, CBS, and NBC all think this)

  14. There's been more American terrorists attacking America than foreign terrorists attacking America. Travel ban is a waste of time.

  15. Another POS Islamic butcher murders countless more innocent civilians in cold blood but the liberals refuse to blame it on the root cause, ISLAM!!! However they'll blame Trump for instigating this attack because of his "hate speech".

  16. Spot the difference


  17. I wonder how long before all the morons start blaming trump. Or wait let me guess it was a racial thing right. Because everything is about race nowdays.

  18. The allies of the Left strike again…any enemy of the US is a friend of Left….or so it seems. Obama gave Iran BILLIONS….he elevated ISIS to become a World Threat… Bill Clinton gave N Korea Nuclear Reactors… Hillary gave Russia US plutonium reserves.(for $150M "contribution to the Clinton Foundation", a money laundering scam) ISIS is less a threat to the US than the US Democrat -Socialist Party….Zeig Heil !

  19. Hey guys wanna stop spreading hate? This has absolutely nothing to do with religion and everything to do with mentally disturbed individuals… please people we have to stop spreading hate against people who had nothing to do with this

  20. Somebody please contact the Social Justice Warrior's website and inform them that Black Lives Matter has missed an opportunity to create Chaos and blood shed .

  21. Let's be real: the mindset of the KKK is evil. The mindset of radical Islam is evil. The mindset of Antifa is evil. The only way we'll ever truly combat these is if we stop enabling violence and hatred just because it's committed by certain groups. The media attacked the KKK with great ferocity (and justifiably) for what happened in Charlottesville, but they never do the same when it comes to despicable acts committed by other groups. Stop denouncing only "white racism", denounce RACISM. Stop condemning "white terrorism", condemn TERRORISM.

  22. Take in more migrants n then u cry..does anybody even imagine why don't the oil rich Middle East countries take their own brethren ⁉️ Europe really needs to push the button

  23. Europe have a strong history of receiving people from other nacions…some are honest workers and good people…others are terrorists…we must filter the ones we let in..this is not racism..this is survival. My strong regards to Spain from Portugal.

  24. 1:39 That's not true. I am from BCN and the second the police arrived there, they called it a terrorist attack and proceeded with the measures that follow this kind of terrorism.

  25. Well .We know that can be .Because the Alcalde don't do nothing about???
    She is occuped about the indepence that noene wants .She must be …………………..

  26. Don't travel to Europe, UK, France, German, Holland and Spain, not safe at all. it's becoming 3rd world country. No more social safety.

  27. Wie lange wollen wir uns das noch gefallen lassen. Die Schweinetreiber schlachten uns ab und sitzen vor dem TV und lassen uns Dumm machen. Wacht auf es gibt viel zu tun. Wer Kämpft kann verlieren – wer nicht Kämpft hat verloren !!!!

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