Under 14 Football Captain struggles for proper shelter – Tanju Devi reports for IndiaUnheard

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Soni had joined us in 2010 and asked whether she could begin playing football with our team. She had come in a torn t-shirt and a frock. She had begun training and after a few days while she was jogging on the field, she begun feeling uneasy. She told me that her stomach was aching. Upon asking her she said that she hadn’t eaten anything the previous night. There was no food in the house as her father did not have money. It was then that I begun working closely with her. Soni belongs to Prakash Nagar Narkatiyaganj, Bihar. She studies in class 9. She is the captain of the India Women football team. Her father, Pannalaal, works as a cartsman. He makes enough to afford a little food for his family. The biggest problem for the family is the lack of a house to live in. – How do you feel living in this house? – It is very embarrassing when friends come here to visit me. When my team members come home I feel embarrassed to host them. There are no facilities to take care of them when my friends come home. – Have you met with the Central and State Government regarding your issue? – Yes. But they haven’t been able to help me. – What have they told you? – They assured me they would do something but unfortunately nothing has happened. – What about the Bihar Government? – Nothing. The government hasn’t even taken cognizance of the issue, where a young girl from Champaran district has become the captain of the national team, and yet she doesn’t have a proper house to live in. I urge the government through your medium to take some initiatives to develop the lives of such rising stars. Please help us get a place to stay so that the life of Soni can change. I have been working hard and would like some help from you too. I expect that like other urban poor across the nation the government helps Soni too. I appeal to my viewers to help my cause. I am Tanju from Bihar, reporting for IndiaUnheard.

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