UEFA Euro 2016 Fantasy Football

UEFA Euro 2016 Fantasy Football

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Sorry for the error! Correct code is 05712E42


  1. Attention all. The league code in the video has a missing '2' in it! The code is 05712E42, we apologize for that error and i will make an annotation to it really soon.

  2. hi! i dont understand….i check the app..its seems to only hav description not fantasy team creation and management….plz i need more explaination abt this

  3. Yesssss!! This is just what I am looking for. I am so happy I stubbled across this channel. I have been looking for Euro 2016 help, it seems like you are the only person on YouTube making videos and your intro video is sickkkkk. When do you think you are going to release the first video? Hopefully soon because I desperately need help with my team….

  4. Yeah my aim for the Euro's is to beat Fantasy Lutfi and for Germany to win.


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