UCF kicker Donald De La Haye ruled ineligible over YouTube

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College football scholarship. YouTube.
Learn about the choice one former NCAA student-athlete made, coming up on this
case of Sports Court. What up Sports Court Jury! Judge Tariq Ahmad welcomes you back to Sports Court! UCF kicker Donald De La Haye was recently in the news surrounding his YouTube channel. Donald had built a following
highlighting his kicking abilities, life behind the scenes, and so on. He generated a big enough audience and started generating enough views on his videos to
start earning ad revenue. However, this was deemed to be an NCAA
violation because he was using his likeness as an athlete to make money. A resolution was in place, but the NCAA said that Donald must remove all
football related videos from his YouTube channel and keep his eligibility intact.
In turn, Donald decided to turn off the ad revenue on his football related
videos but leave them up. The NCAA responded and said even
with that in place he would still be generating an audience and could earn
revenues despite the lack of direct advertising. Donald was not happy with
this decision and ultimately lost his eligibility. Donald has continued to make
videos on YouTube, including a NCAA diss track.
Today’s case: Was this the right decision by the NCAA and Donald? Nutella Patel for the prosecution. Broseph Brosepherson for the defense. Court is in session. What an idiotic dumb-dumb! Who is this
Oscar De La Hoya wannabe? That was a very stupid thing to do. He lost his eligibility and his college scholarship, which was worth about
$30,000. Now he cannot go to school because of it, he has no money to go to
school. And now he’s asking people to donate to his GoFundMe page! Oh yeah. help me out, I lost my scholarship help me out. NO! We’re not going to help you out. Most
importantly, he had the opportunity to make things right and he chose not to. It
is his own fault for not listening to the NCAA, and now he’s in the
predicament that he’s in right now. That was just a 100% idiotic move and he
should know better than that. The NCAA did the right thing and there’s nothing else to say. Prosecution rests. Man, Donald doing the right thing. He let the NCAA know that they’re not above him and that they
can’t control his life. Yeah, he gained notoriety because of being a kicker, but
even in his post NCAA life, he’s out there killin it. YouTube LA invited
him out. He did a cameo video with Whistle Sports. And his subscriber base
continues to grow. More importantly, he set a precedent on what will happen with
YouTube and monetization of athletes going forward. People like the content,
kept putting it out. Therefore, at the end of the day, the NCAA is the real
loser, Donald is the real winner. Defying the rules, making your own mark. Good job, Donald. Defense rests. Nutella and Broseph have both presented
their arguments. On one hand, he was given the opportunity to abide by the NCAA
rules and chose not to, hence now he’s ineligible. On the other hand, this
provides a bigger picture and defying NCAA rules with student-athletes taking
their own branding and their own career into their hands without being restricted. Therefore, Court rules in favor of the
Defense. That’s it for this case of Sports Court! If you feeling the vibe, make sure to Like, Share, Comment, Subscribe. Court is adjourned.

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