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(electronic music) – What’s up Knight
Nation, my name’s Lena and I’m one of your new social
media ambassadors for this year. Today I’m gonna be taking you with me to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to watch the UCF Knights take on the Panthers. I’ll be showing you just what it’s like to travel for an away game
to root on our football team. (electronic music) Hey guys, I just landed in Pittsburgh, I’m so excited to be home. As an out-of-state student I
don’t get to come home often, so when I found out UCF was
playing here I was so excited. So, I’m gonna go head home
and reunite with my family and my dog and I will catch
up with you on game day! (electronic music) Good morning Knights, it’s
game day in Pittsburgh! Right now, we’re leaving my house, we’re gonna go take the T
downtown and head to the game. (electronic music) All right Knights, we
just made it downtown the beautiful city of
Pittsburgh, it’s so gorgeous! (electronic music) – Go Knights, charge on! (electronic music) – Go Knights, charge on! (electronic music) – So we just got into the stadium, and we’re heading over
the UCF student section. Go Knights, charge on! (electronic music) (fight song) (electronic music) Good morning Knights, I’m
still a little bit sad after the loss last night, it was definitely a hard one for us to see. But regardless, we had an amazing time going to an away game. Getting the opportunity to see the Knights play in a professional stadium
where the Steelers play was so cool, it was still so much fun. Today we’re just gonna
finish up a few things around Pittsburgh, do
some more tourist stuff before we head back to Orlando tomorrow. It was amazing getting the chance to go to an out of state
game, especially one where it was so special to
me, being in my home town. I hope you enjoyed following
along with the journey, and until next time,
go Knights, charge on! (electronic music)

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