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This is the XFL Podcast | Guardians and Dragons

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This is the XFL Podcast Presented by XFL Newsroom With your host Tron Hawkins Welcome. This is the XFL Podcast. I am your host Tron Hawkins. And this is the first episode of the new year it is 2020 and it is exit failed Tom Can’t believe is finally here after two years of waiting. But here we are this episode’s gonna be the last of my team previews is about the New York Guardians and the Seattle dragons and Now after this, it’s time to look forward to the rule book and mini camps. I’m sorry training camps Yeah, so, I mean it’s getting there guys. It’s getting real When you think about near Guardians, you have to think about the new head coach of the guardians in general manager and office coordinator Kevin Gilbride he’s the only coach that is calling his own place in this league, but He’s been sa very successful office coordinator his offensive coordinator for the Giants for both their super wins over the Patriots and he Helped Eli men and become what’s a Hall of Famer? Thanks to those two sit bones. So since he Could do that what he liked man and wasn’t gonna do with players like Matt McGloin That’s all we’re gonna talk about in this half of the episode with the Guardians. I think he’s a great coach He’s a great XFL coach. He’s been through it all. He’s won two Super Bowls the coordinator Just been the head coach for the Chargers and had to pick Ryan Leaf So, I mean he’s not had Many opportunities a head coach after that. I think it was the seed here The one thing about the Guardians is though. I think they put the other pretty good team But are they at the level of DC and st. Louis? That’s the question you have to ask about the Guardians I think DC’s the clear favorite least. However, if st. Louis is quarterback struggling which is a possibility since they have two young quarterbacks I’m out my calling some more experience I won’t be surprised the guardians is in the eastern final but that’s why we play the games. We won’t find that out Very very soon. Molly they pick about the Guardians is their stadium. MetLife is humongous So it’s gonna look weird on TV, even though there’s just selling out the lower bowl having 20,000 people in 80,000 seat Stadium but I feel a little bit better about it knowing That they’re I’m just gonna do a lower bowl because they’re gonna set up the whole thing It will look like a mess I get why they’re in New York, though It’s the biggest market in the United States and they do love their football if they’re winning That’s gonna be the key like the Jets and Giants are both awful this year and they couldn’t sell out it Even if their lives depended on it, so the Guardians come out win and I see them getting fifteen to twenty thousand seats You know field for their games speaking of their games. Let’s talk about their schedule The crazy thing about this schedule is cuz you can tell that there’s a big market team They only play on the ESPN one time all the other games. They’re on Fox or ABC Except for week ten. It could be ABC or Fox Sports one. So week one they host the Tampa Bay boppers on Fox We’ve till they go to at DC and the defenders On ABC week three they go at st. Louis and st Louis’s home opener and the domes will be rocking for that one and you’re gonna tell a lot about the gardens in these first three games, they’re all division games and If you look at it, though week two three four five and six is all tough games based on what we know roster odds Right now at the defenders at the battle Hawks, they welcome LA to MetLife at Dallas and at Houston. Really? I’m sorry I’m sorry at Dallas and then versus Houston in New York. Excuse me And then week seven they play the Dragons on ABC and week eight nine to ten is a reverse of weeks one two, and three they play first the st Louis at MetLife first as you see it MetLife and then at Tampa again, you’re gonna find a lot about this team weeks Two three, four five and six they can split those or even better than that We had a contender on our hands it all comes down to the quarterback play and also comes down To the fact that King Kevin Gilbride do both offensive coordinator and head coach. He is the only Coach that hasn’t hired offensive coordinator But when you’ve done the Dolphins coordinated and long as he has you can get away with stuff like that after this one When look at the team that he has put together that might become a contender And of course the first player we’ll talk about is Matt McGloin. He’ll be 30 when the XFL season starts in February Which gives the guardians a steady veteran I agree? As Matt winter says on XFL warden, he wrote this piece about their Jaffrey kept. He’s one the older Corps back in the league, really Madly going is in 2012 He won the Bulls work trophy an honor and award given annually to the most outstanding FBS college football player who started out his career as a walk-on It is hard to be a walk-on in college much less at Penn State become program like that Ahead of his playing days at Penn State with 46 touchdowns with ranked second in school history, and that’s a lot of history there He went undrafted but he came came to the raiders and started he was third string started out He ended up starting for them and including throwing for the second-most yards per game, but Ricky And he actually started a playoff game because they recur who was an MVP candidate got hurt couple weeks for the playoffs then their backup got hurt and Then he got thirst into it against the Texans and they got destroyed but that’s not on him I mean, can you imagine me on Jackson rookie and then BAM get on to a playoff game? I mean nobody nobody could succeed under those circumstances I don’t think it says me going held his own but he was never cast as the lead actor but always saying to play his part well when called upon It says Kevin Gilbride offense will be a mix of his own experience and philosophies and that of his assistants GA Magnus quarterbacks coach and Mike Miller for our series coach Go Brad will be his own office coordinator will initially call the place go Brad has running shoe routes His offense over the years have been a mix of spreading teams out and playing and run heavy sets the going has the ability to adapt on the fly and for Boz if need be you can also stay within a game plan of Call upon it’s why teams trusted him to come out of the bullpen and then FL Going always saying operate his best when things broke down around him Which unfortunately was very often a Cohens teammates in the Jeff will help dictate the offense that he operates within Every one of the Sydney players. Yeah that has varying experience in the NFL. So Yo, Brad went very experienced heavy He wanted guys were in it for experience That’s why he probably put my going down as his QB woman that got assigned to him I don’t like most teams something not everybody had any fair experience on all these other teams I mean There’s once it did but not everybody so he he made sure he got veterans that knew what it took to win football games In phase 1 he said the Guardian strategy for their offensive skilled players were unique one and fit Kevin Gilbride hybrid offensive style New York attacked them our Season early freaking up for our series in the first five selections and said Jim Kate She thought oh girl. I was gonna go back to his old run a few days the second half the Jeff. However, focally Focused mostly on the ground game and a 2 tile inset with bibs and toll bridge Remember, this is the JAF recap. Some of these guys as possible could already be on practice squads? Just kind of going off this because it’s kind of hard to get updated You know roster as of now So I’m just kinda going off it your body even added a big strong-armed mobile quarterback and Marquis Williams we can be asset during games if needed in specific short yardage or Conversion situations Williams is talented enough to lead the entire offense if need be like the ref talked about on our year-end show Houston Fargo into quarterback says I mean There’s not two quarterback sets but they’re gonna bring Connor cook and probably Phillip Walker I can see this mean the same situation here in New York This is gonna be a versatile offense That’s just personality and in game the three backs Tim Cook Justin Stockton and Darius Victor all different writing styles cook his powerful No-nonsense inside runner Stockton’s players playmaking ability in the run and pass game. Victor’s are 50 back You can make people miss this backfield Hawkins back the Gilbride temperature offenses in new york that feeds committee like Ahmad Bradshaw and Brandon Jacobs The thundering lining. I see a lot of people having thunder in line then running back Situations in this league, you’ll have big powerful bats and shifty ones The backfield position coach was Gerald Ingram who is now back wit Gilbride with the Guardian so they all have spent all the coaches have worked together before it knows what it takes to win championships like they did in New York And those giant things weren’t the best teams in FL He’s got hot throughout time and you what how to complete games and I think the Guardians could do that, too McHale McKay is a big six-foot four target who can win in the red zone very similar to that what Pittsfield where’s-where’s for Gilbride It’s not hard to see the hints of the Giants offense here with the types of playmaker Selected dense tree is ideal slot receiver the end zone in so you can be the centerpiece of the matter of this passing game I love the ends a little Yancey I think it could be a big fantasy guy when we how fantasy works it is. He has always had the physical tools He’s gonna get a real shot to be featured receiving this offense by spent a lot of different players We utilize it’s gonna be a multiple style offense when it comes now. They already cut one of the brothers from Alabama Could you do that he cut one of them something kind of skip around here But like he says when your name is the Guardians, you better have good protection up front That is textbook by the numbers drafting a professional started off. It’s a line from one through five until the Marin brothers You know what? I got cut they’ve had a rocky career But with the way this he’s gonna run the ball and need and need Tom for McGloin to throw the ball They’re gonna have some big hot Molly’s up front Especially they’re gonna run the ball as much as I think they will So defensive front seven that says no surprise here that Jim here Ian coordinated defense would have jotted a linebacker First I was like Jim Herman coordinated defense with Jets a linebacker first That’s all he played inside linebacker for legendary coach motion bakers, Michigan Wolverines Herman would go to the defensive coordinator of his automata winning in that championship in 97 So again, he has Jim Schiff experience like Gilbride and receiving the Frank Broyles award as top assistant coach in the nation He chose linebackers his whole career including stints in New York With the Jets and won in the Super Bowl with the Giants again Another Giants coach Ben Heaney fits the bill of getting the nod as the quarterback of the defense The issue with Heaney has always been his ability to stay healthy The Guardians went heavy on the defensive line literally and figuratively got the seven linemen including experienced face eaters and TJ Barnes enjoying Buehrle through one Hines that linebacker could be the steal this group he’s very athletic and extremely intelligent a Four-time academic all-american it at Houston Hines originally started out as a QB and my receiver for transitioning to safety he’s gonna be a stud you got there’s me a lot these guys that’s you know can be Swiss Army knife in this league Here’s late bloomer in college was all AAC Hines was on three different NFL teams in the last year He was cut by the Chiefs last month that cut down today There’s untapped potential here and a lot of these player and learn a lot in a lot of talent in this player Hines can be marriage is one of the better three down backs in the league or backers And really I think the XFL is just a big league of this untapped potential if you look at it But this team specifically these these guys click They’re gonna be trouble for the XFL teams Presley is is if they are well coaches We think they are this coaching staff is won championships together watch out I think they’re actually probably got the mote championship on most championship experience on their coaching staff here and the Guardians Defensive backs New York drafted seven corners in his face you could argue that the best pick was New York’s had in their entire Draft was Jamar summers as he was one of the top corners and they if earlier this year He said well last year now. He surprisingly missed the cut and then I failed to spot being ranked. So highly about pro Football Focus Summers will be an NFL corner in 2020 if he plays well or better and they accept fails wide open passing lead That’s why they’ve got so many corners in this league. You want to have to shut down the passing games? you’re not gonna be able to stop anybody but you damn sure slow them down and this team slows them down and then runs the Ball and Matt we’re going mix the big toes that he I think he can Watch out New York, then followed up December speak nicely with a true bull hawk and Lorenzo dolls from Tulane. Awesome pick I like him a lot the corner 10 that could be one of the league’s better ones much liked how New York Receiving skilled draft the team guys, two three state corners are distinctive rose Roles, excuse me. David Rivers is a small school player with big talent He could very well play inside or out and we’ve Dawson to the nickel position If these guys can shut down other teams and play good offense me. What could be the champion out in the year? So now we’re going to open faith said in theory This is supposed to be to fufill at the bottom into the roster players 41 371 in camp The Guardian ejected 30 players in this phase 15 on offense 14 on defense and a quality long snapper in every game Scott Daly the Issue and for this repo moment. Is that Daly has No one snapped the ball to you in the Guardians plan re-imagined fourth down never punting or field goal. Okay in the field goal They need to kick the ball off though This on New York’s took advantage of the openness of this phase of the draft There were no rules and play specific positions acting in this portion of the draft the New York decided to load up on many Offensive and defensive players. They wanted to the better open Jeff legislation entirely with fullback Tommy Bohannon and Wry receiver kick returner Quadra Henderson was I think he got signed to practice quad if I’m not mistaken The position and fullback was the emphasize somewhat in the pro in college game with a few teams that do luaus it well benefit Bohannon was on the better fullbacks out there and He was last seen probably paving the way for Leonard fournette doing his great rookie season He said Henderson as a game breaker and useful gadget player can be an x-factor. The league’s new proposed kickoff Inclusion, your guardians were team in name only prior to this draft. The players are probably alive now, they are officially a football team I think You know this team when they got mad McGloin I went to keen on him originally Well at the more research I did on him I realized that he’s a veteran that he can win and he’s been through worse situations like Penn State and with the Raiders than this He’s finally getting a chance to be The bride and said the bridesmaid put a coach like Gilbride Obviously if we put him down on his list of players he wanted to sign to him He sees something in him something that he’s probably seen any of our Manning. He thinks he can win with him I think he went with them The question is can this team gel together and do the game plan that Gilbride puts up there? This is a quality coaching staff with championship pedigree and these players if they can tap into their potential, they’re gonna be champion players Too. I think the giant I mean, I’m sorry Giants I think the guardians have a legit shot to be a championship team. The question is though. Can they overtake DC in st. Louis? I think they can I still got st Louis in DC being the eastern final but don’t be surprised the guardians in that coming fall So the last team of the team previews is the Seattle dragons the team that won favorite team I’m pretty sure I think favorite uniform if I’m not mistaken and favorite Stadium on our XFL Year in Review Awards actually, I think they’ve won the most I’m not mistaken Awards they have a very rabid fan base. And from what I hear they’ve sold a lot of tickets To the link in Seattle first, let’s talk about gyms on the coach he’s a local Seattle guy played for the Seahawks Seahawks legend in the Ring of Honor as their quarterback a lot of people though Remember him before he did with the Washington Redskins and that’s might be unfair looking back at it now the Redskins is a horrible organization obviously to work for But looking at teams or put together I think they’re gonna be a really really good team and really hard to deal with and even XFL delivery guy pick, Seattle To win the to win the championship So there’s some fans out there that think they’re legit. I’m one of those guys We’re gonna find out week one and we’ll talk about that in a minute. What’s up? What’s the link? That’s when the loudest stadiums in the world would be loudest a in the world you get 20,000 get people in that Bowl Getting loud and in people’s faces, and they’re in Seattle winning games Like I think they can that place gonna be insane for the XFL I mean when Seattle got picked that one the teams are like wow he had on Tampa with the two I was counting taking backbone They got picked but now I think that back because but where they’re selling tickets and it’s crazy that they’re fans gonna be They’re gonna have a little chit the fan base in Seattle. Let’s talk about the schedule Week one they open up the first week of the first game in the new yorks of fell At the DC defenders what a game. They kicked it off with against the team that I think has championship operations in the team I picked the wind Jim ship in DC week two They host Tampa in their home opener then week three they play the Dallas renegades on Fox That’s it’s really week before they go to st. Louis and the dome was gonna be poppin and then week five I will be there. Ah To see this team against the Houston Roughnecks. Can’t wait to be out there in there F to see that What a game is gonna be alive there And in Houston can’t wait to see the Dragons and Jim’s warning them play live week six They play the only Wildcats at CenturyLink week seven they play the Guardians and sensory League Week eight. They go to Dallas We can only go back to LA and then they finish off the season with ten versus Houston There another team that is on some good channels there on ABC one two three four times Their own thoughts Twice three times. I’m sorry back to back to back weeks on ESPN Once and then foxsports1 twice a week eight nine This is gonna make fun team to watch we’re gonna talk about that in a minute But I cannot wait to be there live week five When they when they go against Houston, I love this team. I like Houston’s team I’m gonna have a good time seeing them to just go to war just can’t wait for the atmosphere there at t-vec Stadium and I’m really excited to see the Dragons play. We’re gonna talk about their players in just a second I’m gonna do some quick hits and some of these players I like for Seattle The quarterback assigned with Brandon Silver’s I love Brandon Silver’s and I really wasn’t expecting to get Brandon Silver’s here But boy was I sided and we got him. This is what makes em feel bored. This is Jackson Connor Yeah, send you one to twenty nine Tests an intercessor radio for 2014 17 at Troy He also beat don’t forget LSU, Death Valley While his AFA FF stats was solid to 12 percent completion 79 yards for testing pigs And he gave the Memphis press wife to the fiercely lifeless team The refs were the one win team and series made his team gets hurt over to the best teams and they AF the Apollo’s and the commanders That factory Garten Charted Brenda Silver’s accuracy in the AAF and is fairly impressive He charted silver 70% accurate same 7% short T 7% medium and 47% dthe super Stu short 43 percent of the time which setups great for Seattle weapons that they got Overall, I think Silver’s will get the job done as dragons quarterback inseam. Here we go toe-to-toe with anyone I think he will be the second or third best quarterback In the league. However, Brandon Silver’s I Guess it Trey Williams Wins lectured for the will be a legend for the Dragons and definitely handpicked by my Crowley Mike Riley was the head coach for the San Antonio commanders. So you seen him up close Williams averaged 5.0 yards per carry in the AF and I’m expecting to be used Using Albemarle top row for the Dragons you get plenty of work both on the ground and in the air and will be a centerpiece Of this offense is you got the Kenneth Ferro Another commander running back commander running back Farrow was Williams is running meeting AAF and actually handled bicker at well then Williams He had 160 yards, I would expect failure to take walk in row and be a good one three punts of Williams That’s that thing a lot not be talking about all the time Fred Ross with their fresh driver. See we’re taking Ross bought out for Mississippi State cats in honey 99 passage 2500 point 8 yards two touchdowns in a little over three seasons with the games Ross is a good athlete and he runs a 4.5 140 at 6 foot 1 213 pounds after watching some highlights to Ross processes Sneaky big play potential and as an inside Jack to be number one receiver He they also drafted local kid Kenan wait Kenan rails When Reynolds was another player that was drafted previously and then FL draft al bit for six realm Reynolds briefly played for three NFL teams with his hometown Seahawks being the most recent Reynolds who was come Who is a converted quarterback and projected to be the starting slot receiver for the Dragons find out a hundred night pounds? Could be another target for Silver’s over the middle that short passing game that they were just talking about Reynolds is very slippery Runner and he could get an opportunity to retire man If and if he’s not a starting receiver, he’ll be a guy that they will manufacture screens or end around for Jason Williams when they went picking commanders, they were picking former Seahawk guys Williams bounced around to a few training camps we had most success in Seattle way faster and the preseason Williams has really good hands and Showed his ability to make spectacular catches with the Hawks with was cut and could not stick anywhere casing will compete with Fred Ralston To play album outside be interesting to see the second chances. This kid can make Overall this team will be an advantage in the fact that for these players are really familiar with Mike Riley’s offense They had some good players like Malachi Jones and something drafted But he is there left so Jason Mauro Ferran Williams should be major contributors to this offense But don’t be surprised if a player from the open phase where it’s in here The rotation is while receiver the rotation for our receivers wide open Ralston Williams a big bodied outside receivers And Reynolds will be a guy’s top slot player Dolphins to be pretty balanced. We were all come down to Brandon Silver’s I think this offenses and safe hands with Brandon Silver’s Well, I talked a little bit about phase 2 year their first pick was out of their battle whose fifth round huge I think fits On the Supplemental Draft by st. Louis Rams you’re gonna play for three more teens before we are made by the Panthers in may Battle should start the season it dragons left tackle and should have big duty to keep Silver’s blindside clean Means elbow wear with the second pick. He’s 6 for 306 pounds. He originally played for the Tennessee Titans, but then transferred to Miami That’s right only Played 15 seed within chance right in Miami. We’ve got 18th season beau where has the capability to play both guard and tackle, but it’s listed as a guard to start the season they’re Dealing they chose Done-day the Mississippi State product was first was their first Center selected in round 3 They went undrafted in town 15 Jeff, but he did play for 5 in the Philippines They don’t want to Super Bowl with the Broncos. I Hope had to had to say about they intelligent with strong competitive streak really bust on tape and his Assignment oriented good vision and his patient of the twisting games at front can come off the block quickly to picked up twist and Blitzer Thick through the middle with good bubble plays with desired toughness at the point of attack and there’s a father in tight quarters Not always pretty but guys get but get guys blocked day is the favorite to start as a sinner for the Dragons in February Serial attrition offensive guard Richmond has has the most NFL experience out of all these alignment so far using America I’m American from Baylor in college and got Jathan in the fifth down by the Buffalo Bills to 14 which started four games for them and signed with the berry 2016 Richardson is also the fifth in Antonio commander on the roster has he played for under Mike Riley again? Get guys here a chameleon. We like New York didn’t Listen is a powerful blocker and should move piles for the dragons in their own game quintarius etemon a heritage recruit even played his college ball at southern Florida and was a key cog in the offensive line that Hilton Marlin Mac who’s now starting quarterback under for the Colts run for a thousand yards 2014 Liebman signed as an undrafted free agent with the Raiders where he saw a limited axe and even also Participated in the spring league until in 18, even the battle was starting tackle Well battlefield start tackle job for the Dragons this winter Michael Dunn off his tackle The Maryland product was a versatile lineman with AAAS Burnham hiring this past friend got signed to the Dolphins throat the after it folded Doesn’t play both guard and tackle for the iron and was a top ten run blocker and they AF He will battle for the starting job across the line and she ended up conceiving it’s the Dragons team Some big dudes up front to be blocking for these great running backs Kirk Barrens center Baron was undrafted free agent out of we do has been on both the dolphins and Bengals Baron is explosive He ran in five nine and conduct a basketball but was not able to be given a true shot yet The athletic center will get his shot to prove herself with a dragon and will hope to lock down anterior line spot join Rose As this potent native played for University, Idaho with Sun Belt. Oh, no, I mentioned it senior year He’s six six 315 pounds. How about over was just a low line with some of the other later round picks Robert Myers with the fifth round pick in the 15 Jeff other avens he played for three more teams over the next two years and play for Memphis Express Shall inform which report said that Robert Myers is a solid technician Myers wins with footwork and toughness and the trenches and in space Then finally Craig and McCord offensive guard. He’s 6 foot 5 turning 90 pound lineman played 30 career games at kau University up in so was weird The quarter was extremely productive in colors as he anchored a really good ol on and our first team all-conference honors his last two years You had to battle for Ross part but has versatility which should help before our court this next segment on the defensive front seven Face with Jagan’s I want to say that I’ll miss tup. It was actually Jay – he picks out of the wind championship not It’s called except for delivery guy. So shout the Jay – or on a year-end review So he picked see out of the window that that’s like me. I’m here shocked a lot of y’all when he picked them So now the way look at let’s look at round 1 of phase 3 the defensive front sevens F for Seattle and stands Lee more ponga costly got some crazy names From TCU is ejected in the fifth round by the Atlanta Falcons And we 2013 draft With hunger went on to play for three NFL teams brilliant a 15-4 getting ejected by the dragon It’s a scouting report by West – value which report said This about my hunger if I’m being somewhat undersized He plays with power he can be seen driving off into linemen backwards and he has really overpowered himself fungus past Repertoire includes a variety of moves to get to the quarterback The only six foot to hunger has long arms and strong active hands that show up in both the run and pass games Being their first selection in the yeah being the first their first election Maybe I can probably intend to make hunger one of their primary pass rushers So you can’t follow the Dragons were picking somebody that Has NFL experience like he has? Nick temple was their second pick the very cat linebacker is another former commander player as the Dragons Keep loading up on four races for Mike Riley temples a shorter five-foot-ten Linebacker, but he has extremely productive at Cincinnati He bounced around between the NFL and CFL playing with the commanders and AF well He may be smaller dragons fans will love temple as he will fly from the sidelines I’m style on the sidelines gonna be the captain of this dragons defense Wilson was third pick a huge guy Certainly started different the title come out of high school and committed Arizona State the flourish to ASU He was an all-american own pac-12 different you play of the year in the other 12 You’re jacking third round by the bears was what much people own from and played three years there Except while that up we’ve reached into, Minnesota in Cisco Last spring set and played a game for the hotshots and they where you posted 15 tackles one second team passing out gallons Certain was the first defensive tackle taken by the jack Tackle ejected by the Dragons and will be a key cog in the front seven. So that first deep in pigs Was fat and some fast guards And some guys with experience. He got like what they’re doing on these friend Next up is teeny how po e fits a tackle the second team out back twelve selection recorded 24 I’m sorry 74 tackles Bowden has sacks for loss in six and a half zone Saving four tackles player and half tackle for loss in six and half sacks at University of Utah We’re going undrafted 14 draft Papo a sound with the charge but losses Bosses full-time fifteen season two injuries down 18 he joined the bills camp in the offseason Like said and properly played Naevia was a key part of the Salt Lake’s Aryan defense Which was the best in the league again their scouts must see something like a nice on these guys know there’s experience I’m not picking, you know guys, it’s never been any that fill all these guys have been in the NFL and Had some success at some level Of football on the defensive side on the front seven Jackie Smith defensive end with the fifth pick the former second Team, all-big 12 selection bounced around between the NFL and CFL again another guy that’s been in both leagues Sailing the Tampa Bay 3 on 14 since the quarter 7 think about tackle Stichting Cellar tackle sickness action or force mumble really on 14th season only eight starts Smith struggle with injuries in a few years I bounced around to a few more Kenneth Ellis was now Submitted looking for an opportunity with the dragons and will hope to be an impactful edge rest of the screen None of this league is second chances for a guy that’s been in trouble buffs a consensus for guys that can’t stay healthy And he’s one of these guys Steven Johnson was the sixth round pick in the Defensive front seven seven Jeff Johnson is one the oldest players on the team and in the league Just as hungry Justin had no colors office on out of high school. So he enrolled in Wyoming seminary Johnson started to catch some college scouts attention with his 62 tackles two picks and four rushing touchdowns and five games. Yes He did all that once in five games Firstly Johnson towards ACL on LCL and what was a career that an injury? He rehabbed and rebounded by walking onto the University of Kansas football team and his career Johnson In his career, Kansas Johnson recorded 245 total tackles three sacks and a pick You know at 1012 and they’d hit the main roster on the Denver Broncos starting seven games over three seasons After six seasons Johnson sang with AF I heard starts have had a pick six in their opener Justin should provide some great leadership on his team Given his experience, but no one’s make my mistake He’s here to compete as well this kind of guy you want on your team? He don’t give up. I mean his career coming over walked on to major college like, Kansas and Didn’t played DC before the Broncos? I mean, that’s one amazing cruise he had This Simek pick they picked Anila to po Another local product gets shot with the Dragons that suggested to pro in the seventh down at the front seven Jack She pretended arch Bishop Murphy high school played for UW football in the Seattle Seahawks. So he’s familiar with Seattle – PO started a game of fullback route Seahawks with Jeff that is a tackle for the Dragons steeper always to a play for the Arizona hotshots and recorded five tackles in a sack in a game for them to public to be a big run stuffing roll this spring Again another guy would interfere nef experience on this team You know court took Zorn is offensive minded coach So I’m sure he’s like look two defensive coaches and scouts Just get me guys that know how to play defense and I’ll do the rest on offense So I’m pretty sure that’s what they did from being honest Danny how these guys have smooth craziness Danny kizu wa Was an honorable mention all Big Ten linebacker and defensive end for Purdue in signs of the Eagles of the unjacketed free agent He saw action and the procedure for the Eagles, but could not stick their long-term He did not receive a common irritation But still posted impressive numbers at his pro day here on a 468 40-yard dash post his 26 trips on the bench Press and had 31 inches on his vertical and 117 inches on his broad jump He has a real chance to be a solid pass writer for this team passing on Cassini Was the next-to-last pick in this around the city for three? 307 pounds DT from Utah was selected with a not pick in the front seven Jeff I see a dragon’s he recorded 35 tackles one half sacks and t4 fumbles and six pass breakups in college He spent time between the Cardinals practice squad and active roster for two years and now looks to make an impact on opposing team room Teams run games come February again NFL experience was important in this draft and finally praise Martin a Jew cake He was one in FBS State Nigeria and moved to New Jersey age 10. He went on to play talks with Wat temple He recorded hunt corner for tackles 20 sacks 12 forced fumbles and fumble recoveries and six Yes, six field goals and an interception He spent the 2018 summer, Miami Dolphins and the 2017 when the Cardinals you hopefully be a part of the Jagan’s pass for us Rotation again, they did fantastic with the past races. I think in this part of the job So next song we’ll be talking about a couple of the defensive guys that the Dragons got on the on the back end I’m gonna tell my everybody I’m gonna talk about the guys that got spotlighted on the exit for the draft page We really some really good names. This is the first one y’all are gonna know about The first time the defensive backfield is Chris Davis In case you wonder where you heard that name before he is the man who did the Pick six the toy. So the Pick six return touchdown Auburn He’s meant to season with the Chargers primary as a returner obviously in special teamer He plays a tough and physical brand of football and has distinct to be the receivers of the line He says good root zone good zone awareness and then covers and offers retired rest agility He’s won the Swiss Army now, so I’ve been talking about He is gonna do She contains four terms in probably play some defense I think he’s awesome and worth the first-round pick central brass was a four-year contemporary, Louisiana Tech He went undrafted but played in 30 60 in the field games of the Packers including 14 starts It’s good size and a close attack there. He can play from single. Hi, we just leads very good reaction quickness All these guys are trans and our winners. You haven’t noticed yet. Steve Williams. Cornerback, California He was a fifth round pick by the target on 13 He played 33 games in FL and was most recently a regular contributor in the AF He’s a very good athlete without standing movement skills. He closes on the ball very quickly. He can play inside or outside. Jordan Martin’s stone For Syracuse he put he’s a former college quarterback and safety he had to travel with the Jets before returning a roll and as a starter in May if He has a good height weight speed combination has extensive experience playing single high covers and can bring hit power as a down here We run defender finally we have sterling more cornerback from SMU. He card this seven-year info career after going undrafted He played in 82 games including seven playoff games journalist 2011 SC Timbers Patriots teams Our team he put he off his versatility line up inside outside or as I hang defender He is a smart player and flashes outstanding ball skills That’s all for the Dragons. I think I don’t have a good team I have a very good defense first to the front seven and a couple of guys in the back end like a good offense with running game and Brandon Silver’s and some of the receivers they have And Jim Zorn leading the team, I think about both these team the gardens and the Dragons are they’re both kind of sleeper teams Don’t think anybody’s picking them and that’s good. You know when people sleep on you you can kind of stuck out nowhere So these are two teams. That’s me in the fight. I think for maybe a two seed in their respective divisions But watch out for both these teams, especially with their quarterbacks and there is respective coaches. They know what they’re doing They got two good quarterbacks and two good coaches for each of, you know, each of these teams. Have a good one of each So they’re there sleeper pick for sure. Thank you for joining me on this episode training camp is now officially underway We talked about that we’re gonna talk about the rules next episode when we the first ever live And I’m headed to diversion at this podcast. I see lots people out the tape I don’t record it – not the rules come out and then release it instantly we Wonderful episode can not wait to write down the rules. Check us out on a Texaco podcast on Twitter and on Facebook check out extra fun easily want you to join our discord check out the year and video we did with Jay – actual Phil and delivery guy and The Ralf Lenexa felt newsroom. Thank you. Happy New Year. Happy 2020 and we’re getting closer and closer to kickoff


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