These BFFs Expose Dirty Secrets w/ GIANT Tattoos | How Far Is Tattoo Far? | MTV

These BFFs Expose Dirty Secrets w/ GIANT Tattoos | How Far Is Tattoo Far? | MTV

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(dramatic music) – 17 (beep) years Sarah! Are you serious? What the (beep) is that? (upbeat music) – [Woman] You need to clean up your ass. – [Narrator] On this episode
of How Far is Tattoo Far? Best friends Kenny and Sarah are ready to air each other’s dirty laundry. They both love to turn up. – How’s the relationship? Are you guys like, party animals? – He’s the craziest.
– I love to (mumbles). I love to go out. Except it sucks ’cause
like when we go out, I feel like we just like
get kicked out all the time because I’m so drunk or something. – Oh my god my life. – I know right.
(chuckles) – [Narrator] When they’re
dow to get freaky. – Is Kenny a freak? – Oh my god, yes. – We’ve had threesomes before. – [Nico And Snooki] – Oh! – [Nico] Hot, hot! – So, let’s talk about it. – A guy hit me up and he
was like let’s hang out. – We were like, let’s do it in the car. – In the car? – In his truck and we were both (beep) him (beep). – And you’re a virgin. – Yes. – How did you a (beep) job
and you not want to do it? – I’m just saving myself
for the right person. – [Narrator] Kenny wants Sarah
to loosen up a little more. – Sarah acts the (beep) Virgin Mary, but then she’ll go and like (beep) someone’s (beep). – [Narrator] While Sarah
wants Kenny to tighten up. – Kenny needs to learn to
get his (beep) together and make better decisions. – [Narrator] All right now that we know so much about these two, it’s tattoo time! (techno music) – Son of a bitch. (upbeat music) – [Kenny] Ow. (tattoo machine buzzing) (exhaling) – I’m in so much (bleeping) pain. This hurts so (beep) bad. – [Woman] You’ll be fine. – And, done. How do you feel? – I don’t know if I’m
ready for the reveal. – [Narrator] Let’s what
these BFFs put on each other. – There’s nothing positive
about any of these tattoos. – [Narrator] Come on girl. – Don’t take the shades
off until we tell you to. – [Snooki] Sarah, how you’re feeling? – I’m so nervous right now, I can cry. – You should be nervous. – I mean is this gonna be the
things that y’all can just like get (beep) and laugh
about it in the future. – No. – No. – Obviously, both of these tattoos are going to majorly effect, your sex lives. – I haven’t even had sex, so forever a virgin, I guess. (dramatic music) – Are you (beep) serious? (dramatic music) – D? Are you (beep) kidding me? – Do you know what that is dripping down? – [Sarah] No, what is it? – That’s (beep). – [Sarah] Really! – Obviously, it’s on you. – I’m just so confused,
I don’t get it actually. – You– – It’s just means that you know, she’s on the lowest scale
of the virgin’s scale. I mean, you always like
preach and say that, “You’re a virgin and stuff.” Finally gonna get some (beep). – [Sarah] Anyone that gonna see that, I’m not gonna get (beep). – Yeah you’re are. – [Sarah] Their gonna see D. – Who cares. – I do. (dramatic music) – Sarah. After what you’ve seen on your back, are you regretting what
you put onto Kenny’s body? – Honestly, Yes. – Are you (beep) kidding me? – No, I’m being serious. – Oh my god. – I hate this tattoo more than anything that we’ve done on the show. – How are you feeling about it? – Like Sarah I can’t I’m so like, oh my god. – [Sarah] It might be
worse than, my tattoo. – I don’t see how it can
be (beep) worst than that. – It’s definitely so much worse.
– Yeah. – Sarah, final words. – Final words… I’m sorry. Oh. – I can’t even (beep) look. (dramatic music) – 17 (beep) years Sarah! – Are you serious? – What the (beep) is that? – [Sarah] Stained poo wit toilet paper. You need to clean up your ass. (upbeat music) – Explain the full story here. – All right. Me and Kenny were hooking up with this guy in the back of his truck. Kenny leaves, he took a (beep). Did not wipe, all of a
sudden the guy (beep). (bleep) There was (beep) dripping into his hand. That’s why I gave you that tattoo. You need to clean your (beep) up. – I’m (beep) leaving here dude. (beep) god. How do I get out of here? – [Man] Well you don’t have pants on. – I don’t care. I have this (beep) that has toilet paper on it. – I wish I knew the
right thing to say right now to make this better. – My heart’s racing. – I feel really bad. – I just don’t care why she
think things like that of me. – I think that she was making a metaphor, to calling your (beep) out. – [Sarah] I think I
might even cry for him. – Can we go back out.
– Yeah. (dramatic music) – Oh my god. – There’s a fly right by my (beep). (laughing) – [Man] Where do we go from here? – I mean, I guess it
has a good font to it. (laughing)
Yes! – I think I like the (beep) parts. Stop.
(chuckles) – Put like a huge band-aid over it. I think it’ll be fine. – Yeah, now that I think about it, that is cute. – Y’all are stupid, I hate it. Y’all are dumb. – So stupid.
– Oh my god! – [Man] Y’all are meant for each other. – All right, go have a threesome. Get the (beep) outta here. – [Narrator] So, are these two
still cool wit their tattoos? – So with this tattoo,
I am no longer a virgin. – [Kenny] Oh well good for you because now I can even get a (beep)
man to come around me. There so (beep) disgusted by my tattoo. So thanks a lot you stupid (beep).


  1. Lol!!! His shaky mental breakdown voice saying " how do I get the fu#$k out of here," with no pants and shit toilet paper on his leg and bottom!! Lmao!

  2. The fact they they sit there for hours getting tattooed, then revealing it, not irritated, not even turning red. These tattoos are questionable.

  3. This shit is so fake lol. Yet we watch it anyways…-_-. Why is here always a gay dude lmao. And they are always dramatic…I'm a lesbian and in no way homophobic towards gay men but damn

  4. This makes me upset that people would actually want this shit on people’s bodies, forever. 🙄 I don’t hate anyone that much to do that smh

  5. Tbh I think they should do it so that it eventually fades off and it’s not permanent, especially when it’s to the point the person who picked the idea regrets it

  6. Me and my best friend would be able to do this show and be able to give one good episode that isn’t trashy tattoos.

  7. The dude: 'Do you regret putting whatever on his body?'
    Girl: Honestly..
    Me: She will say no, obviously
    Girl: Yes..
    I have left the chat

  8. These aren’t real. They aren’t even red or bleeding on the edges or sticking out of the skin like they’re supposed to do when they’re fresh

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