The Soccer Fans Who Literally Worship Diego Maradona

The Soccer Fans Who Literally Worship Diego Maradona

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  1. I really tried sitting through the first few minutes but I’m sorry I can take this seriously. I get that’s kinda the point Vice is trying get across but I’m sorry I just can’t

  2. "Diego Armando Maradona" – just say his full name slowly a few times and you realize how powerful his name sounds lol. Some of the things Maradona did on the pitch still gives me goosebumps, he was a football genius. Maradona was one of a kind, he was an amazing football player with a big personality both on and off the pitch. "La vida tombola" by Manu Chao and "La Mano de Dios" by Rodrigo are two great songs about Maradona…..Long Live Maradona!!!

  3. I’m not sure who’s more stupid 🤔some of the people in the comment section or these idol worshippers? 🤷🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

  4. Tell it to me ! I live in Argentina :((((( unbearable highly toxic pathology …..specialists in World Cups shame !!!

  5. Great player, but this is the problem with us Argies we idolize and elevate anyone to godlike status and end up with a shitty country ran by corrupted humans due to our inability to see their awfulness.

  6. 3 World Cups vs 1 World Cup won by cheating with his hand, call me when Maradona wins 3 more without cheating.

  7. on one hand you have…well you have a hand and on the other you have coke. Not to mention messi is easily better haha

  8. How do all these people look up to an overweight drug addict? He damn nearly overdosed on live tv at the world cup ffs. He soiled his legacy.

  9. This is proof that U.S. Soccer needs to step up its game. Yes, the USWNT have done great, but it's not enough.

  10. No wonder these greasy bastards couldn't take the Falkland Island. Still, they have that fat little cheating pedophile, Maradona.

  11. Did they ever look at diego and think “hey maybe hes just really good at soccer and if he tried any other sport he would be bad?” Everybody has a gift and some people are better than others in different aspects. And maybe diegos talent was given to him by a god. Just me who thinks that?…..okay ill be quiet

  12. Oh God this is awful sad …I thought it would be funny – but it’s just sad … I mean I love futbol (soccer) but come on 🤮

  13. Still way better religion than catholicism, Christianity, Mormonism and scientologist. And more realistic aswell.

  14. This world went crazy. Did that fuckin junkee give you health and life. He will be soon dead and God is eternal. Just save the kids dear Lors

  15. I mean, Maradona was a fantastic player, but claiming he was the greatest athtlete in the history of sports is just absurd. He's not even the GOAT in football, Pelé is.
    Cool church tho

  16. Nosotros los Argentinos estamos re limados, pero no lo cambiariamos por nada. Adentro la tienen putos envidiosos.
    We Argentinians are fucking batshit crazy, but we wouldn't change it for anything. Go fuck yourself if you talk shit.

  17. It would be nice if you dubbed these in English. I like to eat an entire pie while watching YouTube, and subtitles severely interfere with my ability to do that.

  18. What about 11

    11: Do lots of cocaine

    If anybody doesn’t get its cause Maradona is addicted to cocaine during Russia world when he was on private jet he had a whole bag of cocaine

  19. Okay, so why anyone would love this douchlord so much???? He was a coke head and still one AND HE IS NOT THE BEST FOOTBALL/SOCCER PLAYER EVER!!!! It is PELÉ! Plain and simple!!! So sad!!!!

  20. jajjajajaajajjaja..assholes..and what happend to las malvinas ?? Diego no pudo hacer nada para que no les quitaran las malvinas….jajajjaaa

  21. if Maradona Is A Religion, MESSI IS THE REINCARNARTION OF JESUS!!!
    so plz put messi's face instead of maradona's face (min 0:27 )

  22. These people are really crazy they think that god is such ahuman being… god is the one who create as is maradona able that there is only one god and that's allah

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