The Real Reason Tom Brady Left The Patriots

The Real Reason Tom Brady Left The Patriots

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It’s the end of an era in New England. After two decades with the New England Patriots,
Tom Brady announced he would leave the franchise he helped turn into six-time Super Bowl champions. Let’s huddle up and call the real reasons
Tom Brady left the NFL’s greatest dynasty. On Oct. 31, 2017, the Patriots traded Tom
Brady’s backup, Jimmy Garoppolo to the San Francisco 49ers in exchange for the 49ers’
second-round pick in the 2018 NFL Draft. The problem? Head coach Bill Belichick reportedly didn’t
want to make the trade, as he actually wanted Garoppolo to be his quarterback of the future. According to ESPN, the Patriots tried to lock
down Garoppolo with a lucrative contract extension and promises of even more cash once Brady
retired. But with no timetable for becoming a starter,
Garoppolo turned down the deals. Before the 2017 trade deadline, Belichick
and Patriots owner Robert Kraft reportedly had a major argument over what to do next
– and when you argue with the owner, there’s really only one possible outcome. The result: Kraft ordered Belichick to trade
Garoppolo and keep Brady as the starter. Brady had won, but the power struggle with
Belichick was just starting. The rift between Brady and Belichick intensified
in 2017 when the two clashed over Brady’s personal trainer, Alex Guerrero. Guerrero helped Brady develop the TB12 training
system, which Brady credits for his unprecedented ability to play at a high level past the age
of 40. However, Guerrero’s alternative and holistic
training methods and constant presence at the Patriots facility caused friction between
the trainer and the team’s official medical and training personnel. With players getting conflicting advice, Belichick
banned Guerrero from the team facilities, though he still had access to Brady. When asked about it during his weekly radio
appearance on Boston’s WEEI, Brady said, “I don’t have any comment on that other than
to say Alex, it’s been well-documented, has been a huge part of what I do and I’m so fortunate
to have him not only as a friend, but with everything that we’ve been able to do together.” Brady’s wife Gisele Bundchen has hundreds
of millions of dollars and exactly zero problems speaking her mind about the New England Patriots. In 2019, she and Brady put their $33 million
New England mansion up for sale, leading to widespread speculation that the couple was
planning to move away – perhaps to somewhere warmer. During an Instagram Q&A in 2020, Bundchen
said of the northeast, “I’ve been living there for 12 years. My kids love it. They love the snow. As a Brazilian, I have a little harder time
with the cold but I really can appreciate the beauty of the seasons there.” But she didn’t exactly warm up to the idea
of returning. “I would love to know where I’m going to be
living this year but I don’t know that yet. But hopefully somewhere nice.” Ouch? By that point, though, the writing was on
the wall. Besides selling their house, Brady signed
a deal with the Patriots in 2019 that ensured he would become a free agent for the first
time in his career in 2020. Many fans assumed this was just leverage for
Brady to finally get the big payday, which he had consistently deferred in order to allow
the team more salary flexibility to sign other players. But some former Patriots players such as Aqib
Talib felt otherwise, saying that when it came to business, Belichick made exceptions
for no one – even Brady, one of the greatest football players of all time. In an interview with the NFL Network, Talib
said he spoke from first hand experience. “I think Tom is gone. I think it’s a done deal, and Bill is going
to be Bill. Them calls are going to be short and to the
point…We got a report that said (their call) didn’t go well. I had a call that didn’t go well with Bill
before, so I can imagine what happened on that call.” In the end, the negotiations between Belichick
and Brady reportedly broke down before they even began. After a short phone call that NBC Sports reported,
quote, “wasn’t very productive,” Brady decided to leave for greener pastures. Boston Globe reporter Ben Volin tweeted that
a source told him that the two sides just weren’t on the same page. “They gave Tom a number. He didn’t want it.” And just like that, two decades of dominance
was over. After 20 years of leading the New England
Patriots to unprecedented glory, Tom Brady didn’t leave as just a player; he left as
a hero and icon to millions of Pats fans. And both Kraft and Belichick made sure they
gave Brady his just due on the way out. Kraft issued a statement saying in part, “How do I possibly sum up the depth of my
gratitude to Tom Brady for what he’s given us these past 20 years, or the sadness I feel
knowing it’s ending? I love Tom like a son and I always will. There simply will never be another Tom Brady. I now look forward to the day we can bring
him back home to New England to celebrate his Patriots career, his endless achievements
and his legacy as the greatest of all time. I love him very much.” And Belichick issued his own statement which
said, “Tom was not just a player who bought into
our program. He was one of its original creators. Tom lived and perpetuated our culture. On a daily basis, he was a tone-setter and
a bar raiser. Tom and I will always have a great relationship
built on love, admiration, respect, and appreciation…Nothing about the end of Tom’s Patriots career changes
how unfathomably spectacular it was. With his relentless competitiveness and longevity,
he earned everyone’s adoration and will be celebrated forever. It has been a privilege to coach Tom Brady
for 20 years.” When the Greatest of All Time is available
on the market, you can bet there will be teams interested in giving him a new home. And it didn’t take long for Brady to agree
to terms with one of them: the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. According to reports, Brady wanted to remain
on the east coast, and have some power over both the team’s roster and play calling, things
the Bucs were apparently willing to give him – along with a truckload of cash, of course. Oh, and it also appears Gisele Bundchen got
that warm weather she wanted, too. So it looks like this deal is a win…for
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  1. This is a very nice clip about the end. Congratulations to all and goodbye. Craft should still have enough coin left over for some massages in Miami. Grumpy Bill can beat on some new dude. Tom can take the Bucs to the playoffs next year, if there is a season. The wife can learn some Southern cooking, which I think she will like. Happy ending for all, including Craft.

  2. What a crybaby snowflake. The coach mentions you in a trade conversation so you throw a tantrum and stomp out? Sad!

  3. Much as many don’t want to admit, he’s going down in history as one of the best QB’s ever to play the game.

  4. This will be his last yr, he'll be sacked, harassed and not put up great numbers, 43 yrs old will show. He still gave us a great show. And I'm a jet fan.

  5. Poor little Nicki should stick to showbiz and leave the sports alone because she completely avoids the #1 factor. Brady's skills had peaked and were headed south. That trend will continue through next season when all Brady will do is disgrace himself by performing well below his pay grade. It's nothing exotic or special, plain ordinary old age has caught up with him just like it catches up with everyone else. Guerero has convinced Brady that he is bullet proof and Tommy boy will learn soon enough that he is not. The owner had decided that he was smarter than the coach, butted in and destroyed the coach's plans for the Patriots' future line up. The owner, coach, players and fans must now suffer two lean years while the team is rebuilt all due to Brady and his out of control ego.

  6. this lying/cheating scum bag will be exposed as just average because he's no longer in Belichick's Cheating Infrastructure, idiot fans stupid fans will say, "he works better with Belichick's system". Tampa Bay will also throw money away with this bum…😀😆😃

  7. To all the people who says Brady is old an washed up, do you currently feel old and washed up? or when you get older you are automatically washed up? Brady do not think like you, that's why he is the G.O.A.T.

  8. Brady is getting $30 million/yr from the Bucs. He can get Gisele a house anywhere, well within reason because of the coronavirus.

  9. As a 40+ year Pats fan, we'll survive. Believe me. And good luck, Tom, in the sinkhole capital of the world. 😂😂😂

  10. He's going to make an ass of himself. Why can't he just retire? He has nothing to prove only that age is a factor in the NFL. You can tell he's a republican. Money is all that matters.

  11. Brady didn't want golopalo around, nobody cares in the rest of the world other then the Patriots and the fans,if all those things they said about each other was true he would still be there, family my ass, Lizzie Borden at one time might have loved her mother also

  12. With an "old" Brady the Bucs will just do only a little bit better than last season, without him the Patriots will do a little bit worse. The Pats now need an average QB that can execute short passes. Looking forward to see how all this pans out, if of course, there is a new season.

  13. Tom Brady is the greatest of all time but unfortunately all sportsmen have a used by date and Tom's has come.

  14. Tears in my eyes. With pain. And you that I get to keep watching the greatest q.b of all time play another year. For the bucks he will take I'm THEIR so get ready Tampa it's gonna be the time of your life's in great Florida.

  15. No regrets, I will root hard for Brady to succeed in T.B. Thanks for the 6 super bowl titles 9 appearances, and more great memories than i can count.

  16. I am forever grateful for his loyalty, dedication and his commitment he has been while at New England. Forever a fan.

  17. Brady left the Patriots because the Patriots won't be competing for a Super Bowl for a long time and Tom only has a couple of years left to win another one. That's why he left.

  18. This is like when MJ went to the wizards, now the best dynasty in football history is dead….. terrible terrible news…..

  19. There was absolutely nothing here that was not well known every where else in sports. Headline was all fluff and no substance. What a waste of time.

  20. i think brady left to cover up fact was cheating with bill to win super bowls and be out of the line of fire to get hall of fame ring

  21. Vegas broke it up… it's simple, New England was too good and Vegas lost countless amounts of money on them so the final straw or anvil had to be dropped and that is the death of a dynasty 💯💎🌠🍀💪🏁🎸

  22. Bob Kraft loses Brady and his favorite massage parlor is closed due to Coronavirus…two stories with no happy ending.

  23. I'm glad Brady is gone. Too old. He would never have been the future of the team. The Patriots need to break a new quarterback in this season before Belichick retires.

  24. what happens to the Bucs QB Winston, are they finally going to quit wasting money on him? Haven't heard anything about his plans. I sure hope he goes somewhere else and becomes some other teams problem!

  25. NFL – stands for "Not For Long".  Some of you football fans seem to think, this is suppose to last for ever.  Nothing lasts for ever.

  26. We keep getting these videos “the real reason he left”, but we will NEVER know precisely from Tom himself because he has too much class!


  28. Winningest player in history? Football is a team sport. The reality is that a QB makes up only a small, about 1/10th of an offensive team and relies on team members that can catch, block and run. Brady has been playing for over 20 years so his "stats" (no NFL records) reflect having those type of players on his team over a LONG period of time. He has had great offensive linemen to keep him safe in the pocket, he has had receivers/tight ends that can catch just about anything thrown near them, and he has had RBs that get through the line. Patriots yardage is gained with screen passes, and a hurry up offense, almost indefensible offensive tactics. Again not requiring much QB skill. Only a QB that can, and will run the ball adds momentum to an offensive game. Which is something Brady has NOT done due to either being told not to or being scared of getting hurt. The reality and ugly truth is that Brady was a mediocre QB at best. He holds no, nada, ZERO records other than games attended. The reason he left the Patriots? Because he has become frustrated by the down hill momentum of the Patriots which is a result of losing those key players with good hands, and decided to jump ship because he has had his prima donna ego blown up by Belichick, making him think HE is responsible for their success and no one else. We have all seen his frustration when losing, yelling at teams mates rather than leading them and yes, even cheating to get some type of advantage. My prediction is that Brady will play 1 season with Tampa Bay, have a poor season and retire in 2021.

  29. Brady knows all the moves and he is looking for another Superbowl ring and he knows that New England can't do it but Tampa is a good contender and also it will make his wife very happy to be where it's warm and beautiful so it's a win-win. after another Superbowl win his career will be finished or two years and he will just walk.

  30. Im a Boston girl. Live close to Tampa. Been in FL 17 yrs. The Buccs have a new fan. So sick of hearing bandwagon fan.
    No, new fan!
    Forever a Pat's fan!
    Forever a Brady fan!
    He will take them to the Superbowl!
    You watch!!

  31. This is exactly what I’ve thought was happening. I love Tom Brady. He deserves respect from everyone! He is the 🐐. He continues to prove that he can still play. I’m so excited to see play and win some more super owls now in Tampa! I really hope they can get AB to join 🏈

  32. Ravens beating kc in the superbowl for year to come the ravens have lots of money to spin 2 nobody beating the ravens have you seen the people they signed 🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶they not finished yet kc better watch out we coming baby somebody gone get a beat down
    I love it 😀😅😀😁

  33. How was Bill so bitchslapped and denied by Kraft w Garappalo trade, yet Kraft can’t please Tom and can’t stop Bill all the sudden? Sounds at this point BOTH wanted him gone. If not they’d have broke the bank and found a way to keep him. Maybe it was his bully,Guyzelle

  34. Good move Tom. Arrogant asshole bellichek has been saying all along Tom Brady never won a SB ring without me.HAHA LMFAO' Now go to tampa bay ' take them to the SB and win ' walk up to the reporter and say .GEE I GUESS IT WAS THE OTHER WAY AROUND AS BILL NEVER WON A SB WITHOUT ME. Would be the best on air emasculation EVER.

  35. Great move. Now watch the Bucs start kicking ass in the NFL. With brady at QB the skies the limit to how far the bucs can go. Their receiver core is good as any team. They just signed a kick ass running back so Tom's chance at another title looks GOOD. GO GET EM BUCS.

  36. Sure he might be a good player but not a single player in any of the professional sport is worth what they are getting payed

  37. Tom Brady's grab for the cash we're a little tired at Tom enough is enough there are a lot of good players on the Patriots move on let's win some championships

  38. If anyone thinks he did it for something other than the money, you are fooling yourself. Florida has NO income tax. He knows he only has 1 or 2 seasons left. He is making the most of it. I could have seen him going to a team in Texas as well, as there is no income tax there either.

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