The Jerry Tanner Show – Tennessee 10/05/2019

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Did you know? Alabama quarterback Tua Tagovailoa leads the
nation with 23 touchdown passes this season! An impressive number, but did you know that’s
only one more than the number of points Georgia Tech lost by in their game against Temple? That does it for this edition of “How Bad
Is Georgia Tech Today?” 24-2 Welcome back to the undefeated-against-Notre-Dame
Jerry Tanner Show, brought to you by the UGA Alumni Association. Put on your hazmats everybody, we’re going
to Knoxville. No, but for real, flame-retardant suits are
apparently a must. [foghorn] It’s time to revive the rivalry at the Knoxville
Hi-Vis Convention Center. I think a lot of folks are looking right past
this game, but hang on, wait up, there’s actually a pretty important milestone in play
here. Right now, the Tennessee-Georgia series is
tied, 23-23-2. So whoever wins this becomes the all-time
leader. We also need to win this one because 2016
wasn’t that long ago, and if you don’t remember that game, well I sure do. Did I sue Butch Jones for intentional infliction
of emotional distress? Yes, I did. Was it dismissed out of hand? Yes, it was. Was I threatened with disbarment? Briefly, but never seriously. Have y’all heard about UGA Mentor Program?Alright,
so the idea is this: alumni sign up to be mentors to current UGA students, and the mentees
select the mentor that’s the best fit for them. Maybe they have the same major, maybe they
want to work in the same field, maybe they have a similar background. Something that could be a small commitment
for alumni and make a huge difference for students. So if you’re an alum, there is a student who
wants to meet you., sign up today, operators are
standing by… No, they’re not, but you know what I mean. Alright, back to football. Alright, so, the last time we went to Knoxville,
it was a fun little trip where we gave the Vols their worst home loss in 112 years. Last year, Tennessee shrank their margin of
defeat to 26. Now, ask yourself: have the Vols improved
THAT much in the last year? So what DO the Volunteers have? Well, one thing they’ve got is Georgia coaches. Tennessee has no fewer than 5 coaches on staff
who were at UGA prior to arriving in Knoxville, including offensive coordinator Jim Chaney,
who they plucked from Athens just this past season Tennessee ranks in the bottom half of the
SEC in rushing yards and passing touchdowns, and they’re dead last in passing yards and
receptions. So I guess what I’m saying is… don’t
worry about getting there early and don’t plan on getting home late. 45-17 Georgia. One last thing before we get out of here,
I want to remind everyone that as college football fans, we should be respectful of
other teams’ traditions. As an example, I would never show you a chart,
this chart right here, and tell you to wear red if you’re in the orange sections and
black if you’re in the white sections. That’s distasteful. I would never do that. And I would never applaud someone who would come up with such an idea That’s ugly. Untoward! Red in the orange, black in the white. Never heard of such! I’m not gonna have it!

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