Texas A&M Football Expectations for 2019

Texas A&M Football Expectations for 2019

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DOWN IN COLLEGE STATION … WHAT YOU SEE ON THE MONITOR BEHIND ME .. IS WHAYT KYLE FIELD LOOKED LIKE .. AFTER THE LAST HOME GAME OF THE SEASON .. WHERE THE AGGIES BEAT LSU IN A 7 OVERTIME THRILLER … AND THE STUDENTS RUSHED THE FIELD .. GOING WILD … CONCLUDING JIMBO FISHER’S LAST HOME GAME OF HIS FIRST YEAR AT COLELGE STATION AS WE ENTER THE 2ND SEASON UNDER FISHER … IT’S A KNOWN FACT THAT KELLEN MOND IS THE STARTING QUARTERBACK … MOND RECOGNIZES HOW SPECIAL THE OPPORUTNITY IS TO LEARN FROM THE QUARTBERACK WHISPERER .. JUMO FISHER…. HE WENT INTO DETAIL ABOUT WHAT IT’S LIKE. :01-:07 :08-:29 :30-END I’ve definitely take full advantage of it, I’m veyr self critical of myself, and I feel like we both can go back and forth, but at the same time we’re always gonna try and make each other better, and I think towards the end of the season he kind of gained a lot more trust in me, so we can talk a little bit more about what plays that I like and we kind of understand what type of plays are gonna work in certain situations so me just me able to have more knowledge of the game and I can start thinking a little more like him. MATT ROBERTS CAUGHT UP WITH FOX LEAD COLLEGE FOOTBALL ANALYST …. JOEL KLATT … TO GET HIS THOUGHTS ON WHAT’S IN STORE FOR YEAR 2 UNDER JIMBO FISHER. :01-:16 :17-END Just down the road college station the aggies on upswswing brutal scheudle what do you see, their schedule is tough, one of tougher 2 3 scheudles in country I loved what saw Jimbo fisher great 4 coaches won he’s one of them what I love about what a&m did they bought in what he coaching style and won that way lsu game goes long way for me QB lay andcut down INT sacks look history teams give up too many sacks like winston overcome if protecxt passer could have a good year but like you said the schedule is really tough for them IN OTHER NES TODAY … BAYLOR TRAKC AND FIELD

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