Suite Life BCN – Neighborhood Guide: Sant Gervasi Barcelona

Suite Life BCN – Neighborhood Guide: Sant Gervasi Barcelona

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Hello SuiteLifers and welcome back to another
Barcelona neighbourhood profile. Today we’re looking at the beautiful Sarria – Sant Gervasi.
It’s known as part of the “zona alta” which means uptown. Not only is it located in the
upper part of the town, but the housing prices are also on the upper register of the market.
Much like Gracia and Poble Sec, this area was made up of small villages outside of Barcelona
until it was added to the city in about 1921. This is actually one of my personal favourite
neighbourhoods and where I currently live, so I’d love to show you around. Let’s take a look. How could I best describe Sarria – Sant Gervasi
to you? Well, it’s got a lay back and residential vibe but still have some of the best nightlife,
shopping and restaurants in the whole city. It’s also beautiful! There are parks, green
spaces, markets, plazas, it’s a little more pleasant than most of your Barcelona neighbourhoods.
Although many foreigners, or “Guiris” like myself live here, the neighbourhood has a
great Catalan feeling and if you live in Barcelona for a few years, you’ll definitely enjoy
the lack of tourism. And it’s really central, you’re very connected to buses, the FGC train
line and if you own a moto you’ll find it really easy to get around. So SuiteLifers,
that’s been another Barcelona neighbourhood profile on Sarria – Sant Gervasi, please check
the link below and our blog for much much info on what it’s like to live here, housing
prices, etc. Thank you so much, I’m Benny and you’re watching SuiteLife TV.

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  1. I am thinking of living in Sarrià San Gervasi any advice and help would be great. Looking to rent first, but I have 3 little Pug dogs that will be coming with me from UK. I am currently in Barcelona and going property hunting tomorrow. My ideal home to invest in would be a house with garden and some land to grow vegetables, with planning I want to develop an ‘Agri-cafe’ and serve bruschetta coffees and Italian delights, sell my vegetable, maybe make home made food and sell to take away.
    Any ideas or suggestions are very welcome, also which Travel Agents

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