Soccer Positions : Which Positions In Soccer Should I Play?

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this video is all about soccer positions
and I encourage you to watch all the way to the end because I’m going to share
some information that is guaranteed to make you a better player but could
potentially save your career I’ll talk a little bit more about that now in
this video I’m going to talk about the basic soccer positions so if you are
looking for information on soccer positions I will explain in detail I’m
also going to talk about the roles and responsibilities of each soccer position so you
can get a better idea maybe where you would be best suited to play and they
are going to give you some tips some very important stuff I will address at
the end of this video so please watch all the way to the end so
I’m just gonna talk briefly about the soccer positions if you do want full tutorials
about each soccer position specifically just got to my channel progressive soccer and search
for those soccer positions how to play fullback full back how to place goalkeeper how to
play defensive midfielder whatever soccer position you’re looking for I have a tutorial on so to get into this thing I want to say is that nowadays
we’re seeing a much more different formation but back in the day and still
some teams do play this formation using the traditional 442 formation lets go over the positions in
his formation quickly goalkeeper as always two center backs or centre-halfs
right centre-back or central defender and left centerback or left central defender left
fullback rightful back here we have two central midfielders left central midfielder
right central midfielder wide left midfielder wide right midfielder and here you have two
forwards or strikers right center forward or right striker
left center forward or left striker so like I said some teams still do play this formation but we’re
seeing a lot more of this formation here most teams are playing this or a
variation of this these days in this is 4231 ok so let’s talk about the
soccer positions in this formation because this is what you see a lot more if you watch
football on TV you’re probably seen them play a formation like this so if you go
deeper the backline is still the same two center backs or centerhalfs
right center back left center back right fullback and left fullback here we have
defensive midfield there were defensive end here we have wide
midfielders probably referred to as wingers so right winger and left-winger
and here we have attacking midfielder and by himself up here striker okay
so that’s basically a breakdown of the soccer positions like I said if you want a full
tutorial on how to play each position especially in this formation here in
more detail just go to my channel progressive soccer and search for those
specific soccer positions I just mentioned let’s talk briefly about each soccer position and the roles and responsibilities to give you a
better idea of where you might be best suited to play so the goalkeeper he
has to keep the ball out of the net and I did you a tutorial on goalkeeper and
making more goalkeeper training videos I got a friend is gonna help me out gonna bang out some videos for all you goalkeepers out there goalkeeper video as well as comments so please be patient ok goalkeeper keep
the the ball out of the net you still need to be involved to play as far as a team making sure everyone is marked up especially on the defensive
side of things you need to be the commanding
general from back here so yes we need to be a good shot stopper you need to command
your box any crosses you need to be brave and win the ball you also need to have good distribution
so whether you need to be able to receive all you need to be able to play
ball out of the back in different ways with your hands distribution houses but most importantly
central defenders our centre-backs the air when the call comes out there coming
through their winning the wall there when he tackles again they’re organizing
new team they’re making sure everyone is blocking lots of shows in here making
lotsa tackles and maybe even for small positions positions will talk about that
briefly after it finish this but you are expected to do mostly defensive work for
your team lacks against very important that these guys in today’s game they do
have a lot of work to get out there and the venture is attacked and saying I
actually expected of you so if you want to be a fullback you need to have to be
able to get up and down this line yes comes first how many enjoying the attack because
we’ll talk more about it but these weird like to creep inside that creates loss
to swing and then you can win crosses in the boss on the defensive side of things
you have to stop crosses coming in the box you have to be quick on your feet
need to be good and 101 defending situations and you need to have the game
because a lot of times when you’re tired you’re tired you don’t necessarily want
to get back to you have to get back to you have to help my team doctor
defenders ok defensive so in the trick or two when we had for these guys are
basically box-to-box everyone was pretty much box-to-box gay and I didn’t know especially these guys doing in this
formation these defensive midfielders they have a bit more defensive
responsibilities of times and joined in the attack but their job is to protect
the back line so many passes here airplane into the straight here there W
not trying to win the ball back there blocking passes into strength is here the playmakers their way tackles in the
midfield and then they’re very on the offensive side as far as moving the ball
keeping the rhythm of playing going even get distributions to pick up the ball
from the full-back those special players will get out here here on the field they’re told they’re all the playmakers
they keep the mobo mean they’re always showing give you options always moving the ball coming together
from here switching the ball out of danger switching to the other side of a loss of
two touch football always moving the ball keeping things taking ok so thats
these guys responsibilities will be for over 10 attacking midfielder has a large
freedom to go where he wants but his role and responsibility is to create
goals and two scoreless for his TV ok so as a playmaker you’re expected to get on
the ball as often as possible you need to be finding little pockets of space
between the defenders and these guys want to find you to find you but if you
get the ball into these areas and you’re looking to play a little through walls
to your winners making runs or play two straight whiskey and joining the attack
and trying to get shots on will also you need to give the box lots whenever
there’s opportunity to score blessed me right now but no excuses and where was
the case on the ball here and yes we need to get the box if you’re
attacking midfielder and you’re always waiting around here very valuable to
TJ’s just as much as a striker you almost want to be a second straight game
the player he just have a little bit more defensive responsibilities you have
to get back in and how is specially if you’re playing against a very good team
this comes in total was like 45 line on the defensive side of things can we get
back and we do things on the offensive side of things these guys especially get
forwarded here is your responsibility is to get away with get the ball away and
then you want to take I saw anyone who crosses into the box but you also want
to kind sign and he wanted to use free so please load combinations and I want
to see that these guys should fuel our freedom especially for whether you’re
playing with her attacking the striker Realty interchange positions especially
I like to claim total flow where one can cover everyone so if let’s say if the
winner his partner on the same here is it gonna see anybody get back your
defender he should be able to cover for him and this case come back slowly and
then they can switch positions and he can go back and fill his spot ok but
especially these attacking for free-to-air change positions don’t feel
restricted to stay here come inside sometimes coming here straight drop attacking me making advanced run a free
interchange of positions just be sure to get back into your spot and you hope
your team of ok so I was seen getting why team players on in the rain
positions with across as into the barbs combined the plane combined
with the strength is your job is to feed the strength of your jobs also two goals
for yourself and yes you do need to help out defensively so saying this is it
accurate here he’s defending don’t just watching him because he does his job and
start some forces to go backwards and you can win the ball and then you can
plant the attack and join right away ok so let’s talk finally able to straighten
her quickly straight obviously what’s your responsibility to score goals for
UTV put the ball in the net ok so if you want to be a stranger you need to be
very clinical if you have two chances to score at least one of them hey do that when we talk about that a
lot of math videos are you gonna be shared with your finishing getting
practicing every day be studying great fisher’s green all
scorers learning from them ok but your job is anytime there’s a bowl with into
the box you want to be a good game you will be making a run in from close we’re
killing off meeting rooms in the back rows were showing at the top or cut back
case you want to be involved you want to be an option you always want to be
making good rides into space you also want to play as a team player
so so you tryna go on to hold up well and then guys are gonna be running off
to the complaint reason to come back to you play this little giving all but
especially as a straight guy up there is playing up to you you have to be able to
keep possession you lose it every time your team isn’t gonna be able to get out
of trouble they need that how you need to be a good target player or double be
strong in the Lord she tried to rise between the centre-backs a war between
the fullbacks and try and get on that ball like a sense although scrambles
it’s about creating auspey teammates will be greedy in front of goal but you
also need to realize okay defending me right now will be the best
option is a pass to someone else opportunity ok that’s basically the
roles and responsibilities of each position I hope it helps you understand
sorry positions of bit what I want to see now is that you may have a
preference of where you like to play and right now you may not be given the
opportunity in that position where your coach may not be giving you an
opportunity in that position but you need to understand that playing
different positions is one of the best things where you’re so if you want to be
a stranger everybody was greater but there’s only one position as drag
specially in this formation so if you guess right fullback or less centre-back
that’s not the end of the world in fact is just the beginning to look at that
possibly you need to look at that like ok this is our opportunity for me to
grow in a different way and this is an opportunity for me to get my chance
because a lot of things and i was just talking to a plea region the other day
he said every every parent wants to play straight for every kid wants to place
greater number ten attacking midfielder every professional team needs to fill
positions to fill all these other positions every great team needs to fill
positions in these positions are extremely important so maybe you can
meet the top team as the starting striker where you can make it as the
best fullback in the league ok so just because you’ve been asked to
play in a different position to be like this is just one look at your new
position as a new opportunity to be the best to be the best defensive midfielder I
can possibly be playing different positions or positions you’re not used
to is one of the best things negatively are a little of this a and where he is
when players asked me which position should place my skills which positions
well I you say what position do you want to play and then I asked you to start to
develop those skills required by the opposition because you may be stuck
playing right-back right now but he wants to play last week you wanna play
straight for this number ten or you wanna play centre-back a year
opportunity may come one day so you need to be working to develop those skills
and you need to be communicated with your coach Peter please go here but I do
really want to give it a try and win your worst record if there’s every
opportunity your freedom probably a because I’ve
been working on defense and we’re working on my tackling my ball playing
whatever you think is important for that decision ok so if you are placed rancor that’s
fantastic work to be the best rating can possibly be but why you stop playing center back
where defensive midfielder you say you’re not frustrated or receive your
wavy opportunity but you understand that hey I’d love to play straight with this
position is probably the best thing for my development in order to make the most
of this opportunity ok and nice like I said I was talking to an agent recently
and he said he had planned to play straight but he got converted to
left-back and she just decided okay I’m gonna be the best I can possibly be back
for a professional team and he never would have made it as a straight because
competition was just to iron a position and he wasn’t as good as he was a
left-back ok so that moved to a different position may be the
best thing for your career so leaving you are seeing whatever soccer position you
wanna play strive to play that position develop the skills to play that position
but if you stuck in a different position make the most of it is not the end of
the world in fact is just the beginning because I’m straight to lab a quick
change from attacking and defensive in the best thing for your career to plan
on hiring team allows you to progress further allows you to realize your true
position was ok and I encourage you to play every position on the field at so
if we we’re just going out to develop different skills it’s going to make you
smarter players can allow you to see a game in different ways ok if you like this video also
compositions it helped you these little comment below let me know what is your position you
play position do you want to play and what do you think it’s a plan that
soccer position can be some videos that will help you develop the skills necessary to
get the starting spot for that soccer position also like always please share this video
with your teammates share this video and social media one share house meanwhile
news just the shared by the globe this video on youtube seeking clip was
quickly and shares for you to social media thank you once again and I hope
you enjoyed this video on soccer positions and I will talk to you real

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