Shakira + #RockByShakira: Meet and Greet in Barcelona / Encuentro con fans en Barcelona

Shakira + #RockByShakira: Meet and Greet in Barcelona / Encuentro con fans en Barcelona

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Hello! We have people from Spain, Argentina, Chile,
México, South Africa, Brazil We are complete!
We are only missing the Guayanas! I participated in a contest where I
uploaded a photo, I created a poster related to Shak’s career and I was
the fortunate one and I’m going to meet her here in Barcelona which is amazing. Being tired doesn’t exist for me
right now. Can you please tell us something
about your projects about Early Childhood Development? I’ve learned about the importance that,
if we want our kids to complete both primary & secundary education,
early childhood education is basic Now I’m witnessing this with my own kids.
What I was talking before I’m seeing it with my own eyes The way they absorve information, so fast
at that early stages of their lives The earlier we can teach them,
the better What I don’t like about her…?
I love the way she sings,
the way she dances, her philantropic actions… I can’t believe I’m here…
I’m shaking … My question is… Is it easier to be
Shakira now, with all the fame, always being followed by paparazzis,
or 20 years ago where you weren’t that known… I think it has never been easy to be “Shakira”
Maybe before I didn’t have the paparazzis But I did carry the weight of my own dreams and the necessity of making them
a reality Sometimes I think I’ve lived too
many lives in just one life It has been a great adventure … my career… and building a family it’s another
adventure maybe the most exciting one
in my own life I did these drawings…
I have another one… and her last album, one of my favorites
so she can sign it for me… My name is Jesús, I’m from Spain My question is: if you had the opportunity
to choose another single from “Shakira” which one would you have chosen…? Maybe “23” … yes I thought about it a lot… I thouhg this song
had to be a single because is the song that expresses my own feelings the most… This one in particular has a very special meaning for me I’m going to meet Shakira because
I participated in the Rock by You contest and I was the winner from Brasil A drum for dance (samba)
Love this! Chocolates from Brasil!
Oh! Chocolate! My name is Renata, I’m from Brasil…
You speak Portuguese, right? You transmit such a nice energy that is
impossible to explain, a radiant light I would like to know about your new tour and if you are come to visit Brasil?
When it will be… Every time I go to your country, A feeling of joy invades me The plan is to record a new album and then start a new world tour an international world tour and obviously Brasil will be included I first wanted to thank you for being
here with you and for all the good things that have happened to us… and all the things
we had to do to be here with you today I’m very nervous…very happy… I’ve
been following her since I was 5 years old since Pies Descalzos… It’s been 20 years and
now I’m 25 My family is happy. I’m a teacher and my students
even voted for me… Incredible I wanted to ask you about your new music… Can you tell us about your ideas for the new album? First I need to be in a studio. This is the place
where I start to develop new ideas When I enter the studio, I really get absorved
with the creative process I don’t know how am I going to do it now…
With two kids… I need to make compatible both worlds … and this will be a big challenge It will be worth it. I had a lot of challenges
in my own life, and this will be another one to add To be able to make compatible being a mother,
a woman, and an artist. but everything will work out at the end


  1. Era um sonho. pode conhecer a shakira, espero que em sua turne esteja incluído o rio de Janeiro, estarei lá c certeza ✌✌✌✌✌

  2. shakira como quisiera conocerte mi nombre es alexandra y tengo 10 años soy de tijuana y quisiera estar en el concurso yo no pude concursar porque no acepto y tengo todas tus fragancias todos tus discos nunca e ido a uno de tus conciertos espero que lo leas y me contestes te admiro desde los 3 años quisiera ser como tu eres una gran mujer y mi canción favorita es ojos así mas cuando es en París me gusta bailar como tu nombre como quisiera ir a conocerte 💖💖 haré todo lo posible para conocerte

  3. que suerte felicidades yo sigo a shakira desde mis 3 años y tengo 17 y la amo y aprendí a bailar como ella saludos desde México y quiero saber si shakira vendrá a México muy pronto

  4. que pena no haber visto un fans colombiano entre ellos,:( pero bueno, super shaki esperamos con ansias tu gira por latino américa, saludos desde Colombia

  5. wow!! sus canciones y su inteligencia y la manera de acercarse a la gente que la sigue… eso me gusta de ella!!

  6. M'encanta la seva naturalitat i com aprofita la seva popularitat i energia per fer labors humanitàries.

  7. A pesar de ser una jovencita al par mio, la admiro mucho ,tanto como mujer, como persona y, como ser humano, es una gran persona, si yo fuera su padre me sentiría el hombre mas feliz sobre la tierra y, el padre mas orgulloso de su hija, que Dios la bendiga.

  8. Lo que más me impresiona además de ella como artista , es la fluidez con que habla otros idiomas , una mujer muy inteligente.

  9. En el mínuto 1:55 se le ve su ojito lastimado por que tan bello que son los ojos de mi shaki lo digo de corazón

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