Serena Williams & Sexism in Sports – Between the Scenes | The Daily Show

Serena Williams & Sexism in Sports – Between the Scenes | The Daily Show

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– This weekend was really
interesting for me. So, I went to the U.S. Open, I was lucky enough to be invited and I got to the
game and I was there rooting for Serena
through and through. I think what Osaka
did was amazing, if you watched the game,
she was phenomenal, played a perfect game. And Serena even
said this before, she said, “When people play me, “they play their absolute best.” Which is true. Everyone expects Serena to win, but everyone who comes is
like, “This is my moment. “This is the greatest
moment I’ll ever have.” And Osaka was phenomenal. And for those who don’t know, the broad strokes of what
happened in the story were Serena was playing in the match and then the umpire said that, gave Serena a warning
’cause he said, “Hey, your coach
is coaching you.” Which is against
the rules in tennis. Which, personally, I
don’t understand at all. I’m like, what’s a coach for
if a coach can’t coach you? That seems like a
really weird thing ’cause apparently coaches are
not supposed to coach you, they’re just supposed
to come to your game and just be like,
“Mm-hmm, mm-hmm.” Like, it’s weird, but
they’re not allowed to coach, which I think is really dumb. Just let the people coach. Every sport has coaching. Do you know what I mean? Imagine if, like, NBA coaches
or, like, NFL coaches, like, the players would
come off and they’d be like, “Coach, what should we do now?” And they’re like, “Mm-um.” (audience laughing) “Y’all on your own.” No! Every sport has coaching,
let the people coach. I wanna see what you
can do with a coach. It’s not like taking drugs or
something, it’s your coach. So, that’s the first
part I don’t get. But either way,
coaching is like a foul, you can get a penalty
because of doing that and so they warned her. But most commentators have said that when the coach
was trying to coach, he was trying to
give Serena signals, she was on the other
side of the court, she couldn’t see anything. So, she gets the
warning, she goes, “What the hell are
you talking about? “I wasn’t looking at my coach.” And the umpire’s, he’s like, almost like, “I
don’t care what you, “I’m just telling you,
your coach was coaching, “he broke the rules,
so you get punished.” Which is how the
sport works, right? So Serena, obviously,
she’s not happy about this and then she has a point
that doesn’t go her way, she breaks her racket
and then the guy docks her a game point,
which is huge in tennis. I mean, you know,
that was a big deal. And then, Serena got
angry on the court. Which, again, sportspeople
do, this is a normal thing. Not just in tennis,
in every sport. And it’s just been
interesting to see how the discussion
has evolved and mold, you know, like, on one
side people are like, “Serena loses it on the court. “Loses it, she’s hysterical. “She just, oh, she lost it.” And it’s like, yo. We never say that about
NBA players, you know? We never say that when LeBron
is fighting about a foul, “I thought that was
a foul! I never!” We never, “LeBron lost it.” (audience laughing) “He lost all control, he
melted, it was his meltdown.” When baseball players
rush the umpire? You know when they do that? They never go like,
“They had a meltdown. “Look at all of them
throwing a tantrum.” They’re just like, “It
got really passionate. “Look at the passion
in this game. “Tempers flaring! “Tempers flaring!” And then with Serena, it’s
like, “She’s really lost it, “she’s just, she needs to
calm down. She’s lost.” It’s like, yo. That’s what a sportsman or
sportswoman will do in a game. And then it became like
this convoluted conversation of like, is she being
treated equally, is she not being
treated equally? Most tennis players came
out and said, “Hey look, “what she did, all the guys do. “Not just being coached, “but also talking trash to
the ref, or to the umpire.” They were like,
“Yeah, we all do that. “The only difference is, “we don’t get penalized
the same way.” And that’s the conversation
that’s come out now, is that, like, even in tennis, even at that level of a sport, you still see a
discrepancy with how a man and a woman are treated
in the same environment, in the same work
environment, you know? You see these
stories about, like, like, Les Moonves with
CBS, where people, the women said they were afraid
to come out on their side ’cause they were worried
that they would then become the target of
what had happened. But you see constantly that
we don’t live in a world where everyone is
treated the same and now I’m not saying that
Serena shouldn’t be punished, I’m saying it the
other way around. I’m saying, like, now
the focus is on the guys where it’s like, why
aren’t they being punished? Do you know what I mean? Why aren’t they being
called out on these things? Why aren’t they? Because it’s gotta be
equal one way or the other. Either everyone fights or
everyone gets punished. Now, I personally think
everyone should fight, I think that’s more fun. (audience laughing) I think I wanna see that, I
wanna see rackets being smashed, I wanna see people
dissing umpires. “You thief! You are a thief!” (audience laughing) I wanna see that,
like, that was amazing. Like, I thought it was fantastic and I think Serena
has a good point, it is, you, like, it’s just you
fighting for yourself. (jazz-rock instrumental music)


  1. She broke the roule, she get the punishment, where is the problem, ahhhhhhhh she is a woman, a they are the best

  2. I really like this guy but he is totally wrong. This was not baseball. She broke the rules. Guys who do they get punished.

  3. anyone with a negative comment about this video, you haters are all missing the point and speak with such ignorance to the point I feel like you don't deserve to be on youtube.

  4. But in this particular case of Carlos Ramos he has punished both Rafael Nadal and Djokovic and they feel it was targeted at them and later complaint to the tennis federation , and it was pointed out on first take by Stephen a Smith. The moment she lost the argument when she pulled out the gender card where he didn't violate her rights as a woman cuz he did the same to men.

  5. I don't agree. You can't compare tennis to football or to basketball. First of all, you're a single player. Second of all, every sport has its own rules. And if you would have informed yourself you would have known that in tennis you have to behave and keep calm. Players who break things are considered to be disrespectful. There are certain rules you have to respect. And most importantly, you have to accept when your opponent plays better. You can't say that because in judo, players enter the scene by bowing down, football players have to bow down too before every game. Sometimes we should let the experts do their job without analyzing every single move or decision.

  6. So what Trevor is saying, is that that Serena is right because there shouldn’t be a rule about coaching anyways? She did have a fuckin meltdown, the other sports you were comparing tennis to are team sports. Sportsman ship or lack of is more noticeable in single player sports like tennis.

  7. like serena didn't get actually in the same tournament one year before get also forfeited for threatening to kill a line judge… come on!!!!

  8. Africans don’t take that. Either punish everyone. I agree everyone should fight. There should be a ring beside the court.

  9. I know I'm late but just wanna tell trevor do your homework. I'm a fan. Just research more before you speak.

  10. 2:17 because it's hard to find a clip of somebody doing exactly what Serena Williams did she would not take a chill pill she kept talkin smack and saying how she didn't do whatever he accused her of

  11. Shameful, entitled, petulant and unsportswoman like behaviour from somebody who will go down as an all time great in the sport. The fact that she verbally abused the umpire (calling him a thief and saying he would never work one of her matches again) and then pulled the gender card as a defence for her actions was distasteful and beneath her not to mention totally disrespectful to her opponent who in winning the match (likely to be her biggest accomplishment in the sport) was totally tarnished leaving her in a flood of tears (due to a large section of the moronic crowd booing her….I mean really how is it her fault!} and not being able to truly celebrate totally outplaying her storied opponent. This whole thing to me was made even worse by the likes of Billie Jean King defending Serena's behaviour and turning it into a issue of calling out double standards, which given the umpires history (a stickler for the rules that all player are aware of) it clearly was no such thing. Trevor my friend, perhaps you should have gone an extra mile with your research into understanding the rules of this sport as the position you have taken in this video has done you no favours.

  12. Well, Ramos actually gave other men such as Djokovic similar warnings and code violations on several occasions. Comparing tennis to baseball and basketball is like comparing apples and pears. Let us call out sexism where it really exists, but Serena did not do women a favour, she instead gave feminism a bad name (which a lot of people do nowadays, sadly). Feminism used to be a great movement for equality of opportunity. Now, it is mostly either calling for equality of outcome or it gives people like Serena an excuse for bad behaviour.

  13. she called the umpire a THIEF!! Thief!!!! dude…don't play dumb…she was outplayed and lost her cool..and remeber 2009 with clijsters?? yeah serena like to freak out when she realize that she will lose

  14. If the rules of the sport say your coach can't coach you during the game, just like having a book during an exam, you just can't. If you can't talk shit to the ref, you just can't.its the sport you chose to play, it's the rules you have to follow. If men do it, they shouldn't. If they do it, they should be penalized.
    Now, don't come at the ref for following the rules because it's with a woman. Come at the ref that doesn't follow when it is a man.

  15. God the beginning is stupid there’s no coaching in tennis actually the women do get coaching on the pathetic overpaid mediocre Wta. And other sports have coaching yeh not while their on the pitch or whatever competing

  16. Same work environment they compete on different your you dumb fucking inbred yank. And discrmination women get paid the same for less work in tennis. Serena won 12 sets got more money than Nadal who won 15 sets to research instead of following like a little sheep biased cunt spewing your running commentary bullshit

  17. Kygios gets punished all the time for the same spoilt little rich kid attitude yet he does not use racism and sexism you dumb fuck

  18. He thought serena calling him a thief was fantastic oh god get your big ass lips off her big ass booty you just completely contradicted your whole bullshit argument with that you dumb yank

  19. yeah let you mom on the show to coach you dumb ass …. bro get you head out of your stupid ass and look with opon eyes and i wonder if anytime you get off your african stupidity out of you shit full mind asshole

  20. Hey man I like your comment but please first know some rule about tennis then comment about it and for your information recently one player was disqualified from match because in anger he broke his racket so …..

  21. You are right Serena did not see her coach. Serena you will never get the benefit of the doubt and you know why. Yes baseball players, football players, basketball players and hockey players can get away with it but not Serena Williams.

  22. Breaking a racket is so normal it's ridiculous. There's literal videos of men and they do nothing about it. Serena was then attacked for wearing tights which prevent her from DYING and they then banned them. It's fucking ridiculous. It's an incredibly white and male oriented sport and it's an overall disgusting situation.

  23. Sorry, Trevor, probably the first time I disagree with you here. The coaching issue here is deeper. Roger Federer nailed it – tennis is very much a contest between just the two players. In-game coaching is not allowed. Also, every player does not have access to the same resources, and if in-game coaching was allowed, it could cause imbalance. Singles is truly a contest between the two players themselves for that game. I think that is apt.

  24. Well I'm a tennis player and even us we think the rule is dumb. At least between points. But the rule says that you can call for a coaching break out. So your coach can come to you in the match and he has 2 minutes

  25. You´re a disgrace. Serena Williams is a hypocrite and an extremely egoistical and arrogant person.She thinks that she is better than everyone else because she is black and she has a child. How dare you defend her?

  26. I'm so disappointed in you Noah. First you compare tennis to other sports. You also forget that many many men in tennis get called out for inappropriate behavior. Let's bring up the king, Mcintyre. He lost his many times and was reprimanded.

    Dishonest just to get a few laughs? I thought you were better than that

  27. I just now watched this video and this time you don't have right Trewor..But know that I like you very much and congratulate you because you are very talented and smart show man that I've ever seen before..Returning to the this video issues; every spor event has its special rules..And every athlete should respect them. The coatching a tennis player is very different by te rules.It's forbiden to coatch during the match..The coatchs are being seated at very far from the tennis court , between the spectators avoding to give some instructions to his player, even by giving signals by clicking the eyes..(you see the importance?)
    Serena behaviour was not acceptable ..Has no right.She is very famous and very talented athlete..Umpire is the unique person who is responsable of every thing in the court. He can be wrong.But ,there is no other way ..The tennis rules are like that and you can not compare it with beseball or soccer..The penalty is not because of Serena.. I'm sure that she did not see the sign.. THe penalty is for the violation of the rules by the Coatch.The tennis is a very quite sport event, played in a absolute silence.During the play instants,spectators neither talk,aplause nor make noises..If a spactator makes noise;Umpire has the right to send him out of the court..Because,the concentrations of the player is so important that even a small noise can change the direction of the ball. And you can easily loose the match (It can be a Match Point and loosing it,you may loose the whole Championship.)You can ask it,your tennis player friends,how this mishap,can change the situations drammatically , after some body looses his Match Point.

  28. Victor troicki had a meltdown worse than serenas and got penalized. You'll have to specify a moment on men's tennis when a Male player yelled at the umpire and didnt get penalized

  29. Carlos Ramos took point from jokovich and many other in men's games, he is known for being hardcore only difference is that Sarena was losing and she lost it , can be for many reasons but she did lost her temperament and called him a thief as for her not seeing the umpire she did she the umpire as per her own accounts.

  30. Could it be that when it happens in other sports they don't play the gender card? Serena goes like "i am a good mother i am not a thief" like what does that have to do anything with this? Did she expect referee to "oh you are a mother? Ok i will take it back."? And after that she is going "that is because i am a woman" like what was your opponent? A can of soup?
    Also lets return to the original point. If you call a referee "thief" in football you would get a yellow at worst. If you do that in basketball you get a technical faul. Do it in ice hockey and you will get your ass handed to you. She did lost it, she was at fault, she get what she deserved. She get people's support when there really was racism in the game. Now she is just playing like that to seek the attention she craves.

  31. Your video has been giving people cancer.
    Se fucking took a happy moment from the winner who is a woman and tried saying she was there for women.
    Stop making retarded claims dude.

  32. For the coaching thing she got the first warning mere warning than for smashing the racket she got the second warning and a point penalty she started abusing the umpire so she got the third warning with a full game penalty even a male player gets warning for coaching if observed by the umpire and will get the similar penalties to these reactions in similar situations . There was nothing sexist here .

  33. Rather than the game (because yeah you can get penalized for trash talking a ref in many sports),

    Trevor is talking more about the people's response to Williams vs. other male athletes getting angry on court.

    The coaching part was probably just a comedic bit. It's mostly a comedic bit.

    Chill out.

  34. I was thinking my country " RSA" is in trouble but 🤣🤣 " USA" proved me wrong … big up to to daily show 💪🏾💪🏾

  35. You Tennis enthusiast are missing the Point. Yes YOU'RE Right about Tennis Culture is different from other Sports and he might not be familiar to that Aspect of Tennis as You All seem to be, but I AM, MY FAVORITE PLAYER IN THE HISTORY OF TENNIS IS JOHN McENROE and as a Fan I can't think of One match where he wasn't on the Refs Case. Yet the Media equates her Occasional flare ups in the Same Light as JOHN.


    Regardless of what you find She's been Playing Tennis for over 20+ years, I guarantee you Her Flare ups aren't more than 1% of JOHN MCENROE'S. An yet She's a Loose Cannon by All of Your Standards.

    Really? Hahahahahaha………………

  36. Yes Noah, every person can have their own issues with certain rules in various areas of life. But that doesn't validate as an excuse to violate them once you have already AGREED TO PLAY BY THEM. Also, for your second point: SHE BROKE HER FRIKIN' RACKET! So eat it, you square banana. I love you though, *KISS KISS*.

  37. Tennis is a Gentleman Sports and therefore you will get punished if you behavior dosn´t fit.
    It has nothing to do with woman or man playing tennis. It´s a simple rulebook decision.

    And its pleasent, that tennis isn´t like baseball or basketball.

  38. I dont know why people listen to this bufoon. He doesn't have any clue about anything but he make sure he condescend everyone on everything

  39. From this episode of daily show i learned that it best for trevor to comment on things that he has done good research on

  40. Bitch knew she was going to lose and lose badly! She couldn't accept it. Worse than all the warnings and racket breaking and name calling, she PURPOSELY sabotaged the match so it would end in controversy. That's the REAL despicable act on display here. She's the thief for taking away one of the most beautiful wins in women's tennis. She would rather lose in controversy just so she can always say, "she never legitimately beat me." She's a coward and can't rap for shit.

  41. I don't really know much about sports but if men can do it, can we get like equal punishment? feel free to correct me about men doing things because im not knowledgable about tennis, im assuming men do similar things or there is a double standard cause of the sources below

  42. I would like to see reaction of trevor if the girl was white and the tennis umpire who was ridiculed as thief was black. See if he can say the same thing.

  43. I've played soccer for my entire life (15 or so club and school seasons). In the 250-300 games that I have played, I have witnessed over 10 fistfights break out in completely seperate games. I have had a guy dropkick me in the middle of the game when I didn't even have the ball. I've even seen a guy put another guy in a sleeper hold until he was yanked off by his teammates. I have also watch over 100 of my younger sisters club and school soccer games. I have never seen anything even remotely resembling violence. The worst I've seen is a girl shoving another girl over while they were both racing for the ball. No fists, no kicks, only occasional shoves that almost never result in the other person falling to the ground. This is because girls are generally less violent. They don't have as much testosterone, and as a result, don't act as aggressively. Naturally, its alarming when a woman acts aggressively enough to intentionally destroy their own equipment out of anger. Its not sexism, just biological fact influencing opinions.

  44. Clearly, Trever needs to learn about on Tennis!!!
    Coaching IS a foul!
    Tennis is supposed to be refined, you do get penalised if you smash a racket!!!
    This is so different from NBA, where boisterous, brashness is expected. They are different sports!
    Selena's behaviour was despicable. She deserved the penality

    Heck, even in Cricket, if you argue with Umpires & Referees, they'd be given a match banfine. You bang your bat on the pitch, you get penalised!!

  45. Expected Trevor would know better.
    He is from a diverse country with diverse internationally known sports. Nobody around rest of the world cares about sports like basketball, american football, baseball etc. In every other sports you dis the referee or umpire you get punished. you get sent off in football, penalized or banned from playing several matches in cricket if you smash the bat after getting out and the list goes on and on.

  46. Noah knows nothing about tennis. men are routinely punished for unsportsmanlike conduct, and more often than women. John McEnroe once forfeit a match based on his behavior, and he is far from the only example. this umpire is particularly strict, but there are many examples of him penalizing men in similar ways. perhaps the one difference is that Serena is the only superstar who regularly plays in big matches that behaves in this way…

    Serena was in the wrong, plain and simple.

  47. Trevor single handed ruined the daily show… By being a fucking idiot, and not know what his talking about agin and agin. And single google search are showing how wrong he is, ON so much!

  48. Heeey wena trevaaaa …. She did lose it damnit …. u just jumpin for serena coz she's ur friend …
    U need to come bak to mzansi and player super diski and see men getting redcarded for calling a ref a thief …
    u are brainwashed by the AMERICANS …

  49. May I suggest a google search on Tennis Tantrum, or Tennis Meltdown, and you'll see you get at least as many – if not more – men as women.
    And may I suggest for a complete list of official penalties.

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