SEC Shorts – SEC fans hold their own postgame press conferences

SEC Shorts – SEC fans hold their own postgame press conferences

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Ok John’s going to have a brief opening statement and then we’ll open it up for questions. Just to start it off, does anyone here play linebacker? Anyone at all? High school’s fine. Any experience. Hey we’re coming hot off a win. We want Bam…… Tennessee. We want Tennessee. I think if we were in the SEC east this whole season would feel a whole lot better. Ole Miss. Now that is embarrassing. Reporter: Your team still controls their own destiny in the SEC and maybe even the college football playoff Talk about what you think your chances are. I mean War Eagle and everything but… Hey does the NCAA let you recruit quarterbacks? Like you don’t just have to settle for whoever signs up for it at student activities. Tough loss against Georgia. Looking forward to the bye week this week. Reporter: Uh you actually play Florida this week. Yeah. I know. Hey remember when we smashed LSU? That was a long time ago wasn’t it? I’m just as surprised as anyone that an SEC West team was able to come into our house at College station and get the win. I’m just kidding. That’s actually pretty easy to do. I bad is Florida. Hey this win doesn’t mean we’re stuck with Butch Jones right? I mean… we’re still firing him right? Hey LSU played a great game. It just wasn’t their night. For the seventh game in a row. *sad trombone sound* So looking ahead to this week I guess you could say that Auburn’s really had our number for the past 10 years. We’ll play more top 10 teams in three weeks then Wisconsin will play all year. Reporter: What were you feeling when you went down two scores to a 1-7 Coastal Carolina team? Pure joy. Because I was thinking it was going to happen tonight. We’re not going to have to wait to the end of the season. It’s happening now. Possibly before he even gets off the field. I know we’re all thinking about the SEC Championship right now. But let’s not forget that 1. We don’t look ahead. And 2. We still have to play Auburn. *laughs* But seriously get on those SEC Championship tickets because the prices are going up.


  1. As a Bama fan and living in ATL, I’m so proud of Kirby Smart and Georgia that it’s absolutely affecting my psyche! These Dawg fans and their players are some of the finest people you want to meet. If both teams make it to the SEC championship game we are having a tailgate that Friday night before the game! Don’t get me wrong, I️ really want Bama to win it all, but if we don’t make it I️ will be pulling just as hard for Georgia! If for some crazy reason Awbarn sneaks in then I️ won’t be watching.

  2. I'm so mad at you right now for this video, but I can't stop laughing. #GEAUXTIGERS. "Does the NCAA let you recruit QB's"😂😂😂

  3. Tennessee fans: Hey, this win doesn't mean we're still stuck with Butch Jones, right? We're still going to fire him, right?

  4. Die hard Crimson and White, “TIDE” in the wool ALABAMA FAN. With that said love how the dawgs have played and if we both get by Awbarns the ATL will be rocking, and I hope we will be singing RAMMA JAMMA TO THE DAWG FANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Lol that joke about bama asking for linebackers was funny as hell I nearly died laughing…….. then I flew into a casket when LSU asked for a QB

  6. 🖐🏻 Me, me, me…call on me!
    You ask about LB's to help Alabama with their injuries. If my memory is correct Alabama still has the #LB recruit for 2015 in Ben Davis as well as the 2016 #1 LB in Dylan Moses! So I think Bama's still in good shape. Turn Davis and Moses loose Bama!!!

  7. I love how the Vandy shirt in this video still has egg on it from the trick or treating video.

  8. Isn’t it funny how he added “maybe even as he’s coming off the field” when referring to firing Bret Beliema when that pretty much occured

  9. Alabama Fan: We are not looking ahead to the SEC Championship tickets. But seriously, do get those SEC Championship tickets, because the prices are going up.

    How'd that turn out? Go (Clemson) Tigers! 🐅 #ALLIN #BeatMiami #RoadToAtlanta2()17 🏈

  10. The "we still have to play Auburn" joke has taken a whole different meaning now that Bama was let in the playoff even after losing the Iron Bowl. Now it's even funnier than before.


    The SEC led all conferences with 10 first-round picks. And, with a big showing in Round 7, the SEC pulled away from the second-place ACC late, having 53 players chosen to the ACC’s 46. Here are the final tallies from each conference:

    ALABAMA had 12 Draft Picks. Lead any team in College Football.

    SEC FIRST ROUND 10 —– SEC SECOND ROUND 10. In just 2 rounds the SEC match the 20 by the Big 12 -2. Big12. Again stinking up the Draft. Of the Power Five the Big12 Blows again.

    SEC: 53
    ACC: 46
    Big Ten: 33
    Pac-12: 30
    Big 12: 20
    AAC: 18
    FCS: 13
    Conference USA: 9
    Independent: 6
    Mountain West: 9
    Division II: 3
    Big Sky: 1
    Patriot League: 1
    MAC: 5
    Ivy: 2
    CAA: 2
    Sun Belt: 3
    Australia: 1

    Based on the talent returning to SEC fields this fall, it wouldn’t be a big surprise to see the SEC extend the streak to 13 years with the most draft picks this time next year.

  12. Lmao, these are pretty good 😂 (from a Big10 die hard here). Glad I randomly stumbled upon these while watching PSU pump up vids, haha. Cheers

  13. Must be nice to be a Alabama fan! I wouldn’t know being a lifelong WVU fan, been a hard life! At least Alabama’s coach is from our state.

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