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Announcer: Dumping it off to Barkley. Wow, he is so electric! Just making people miss everywhere. You know, I can’t help but laugh, but it’s
not funny. Alibay Barkley: Saquon wanted to play football. Ever since he we were driving our car We came around the corner
and he saw them practicing. He said, “That’s what I want to do. That’s it. And that was Pee Wee. That was eight years old. Saquon was doing the same thing he’s doing
now that he was doing at eight. Announcer: Barkley from inside his own five. Barkley with a lane! Barkley with a burst!
Barkley down the sideline! Saquon Barkley runs the opening kick 97 yards. Touchdown Nittany Lions! Alibay: He was always good. The skill, the vision, the power he already
had. That was God given. He would take him to practice and he came
home and said. You have to see him, you had to see him. He knocked over, he knocked the man over! The man with the bag, he was about like 45
years old, and Saquon eight years old and he hit the pad. Boom! Knocked him right off his feet. They hold the pads for the kids so they can
push on it and he was like “he knocked him off his feet.” I knew it when he knocked that dude over. And the first play when he played Pee Wee,
the first game he scored like three touchdowns within like a quarter-and-a-half. It was like it was effortless. So right there I knew. I was like in seventh grade, eighth grade
and he was playing. He was a senior, so I think I was in seventh
grade. They were playing at Central and I remember
him running and he hurdled some kid. And I remember, I was like, “Oh yeah, he’s
gonna be good. He’s gonna go far.” Andy Millen: When he would get the ball, he
was a downhill runner. He was a one-cut-and-go type of runner, and
he had very good feet, great vision and balance. So I would always talk with my brother and
I said, “Matt, we’ve got this young kid here that has ability. And if everything projects well and progresses
well I think he has a shot to play at the next level.” And he asked me who it was and I told him
Saquon Barkley. That’s when I told my oldest son Rashard,
you need to come and see this boy. Then Rashard came and from then on, me and
Rashard have been there every day, every game. He would go outside, ever Rashard would go
outside, play football with him outside in the fields. And he still does the same thing with his
younger brother. He comes home, he says “come on, let’s go.” They go outside and play football outside. It’s been pretty cool. Because your older brother is famous, you
go to the same school as him and have the same number as him. Wear the stuff that he wore. That’s pretty cool. I don’t think any mother wants their kids
playing any sport that’s going to, that can hurt their kid. I believe that there’s a higher power and
if something’s going to happen, it’s going to happen. But I do be on that football field like, “Get
off my kid!” I’m the fan that screams at the TV, or when
he does a jump I’m like, “I told him about those jumps.” Because it’s easy to jump, it’s hard to land. I always like, “Oh my gosh, what if he breaks
his neck.” That’s the only thing I worry about is him
getting hurt. See for him I think it’s the nervousness. For me, I’m the angry one. So I get angry. I’m more nervous. Saquon, he was like, he was having trouble
getting a start. And they was playing everybody else, but they
weren’t playing him. They were playing him at the wrong position,
they were putting him on the line. Kid’s fathers were the coaches and they put
kids in front of kids. Saquon almost gave up that one time. But I told him, “No, wait your turn.” He’s a talented running back. What kind of yards does he have? And the answer I get is… He’s a backup to the senior, who was doing
well. Outstanding coaching. Kid’s going to be the No. 1 pick in the NFL
Draft down the road, and you have him playing outside backer. He said, “Dad, I don’t want to do it anymore.” I said, “What do you not want to do anymore?” He said, “Football.” I said, “Football? Why you going to let someone take you out
your space?” You know what I’m saying? This is something that you did since you were
a kid. He was like, “one more year.” I was like, “No. You’re going to finish.” And that’s when he started telling him, “one
you quit one thing, you’re going to always quit.” Once you quit one thing in life that you love,
it’s going to be easy for you to quit anything else. Your relationships, your kids. You know what I’m saying. Your job. And he took heat to that and he stepped in. I don’t think he needed to have confidence. I don’t think nobody needed to give him confidence. It’s just that I think he needed somebody
to take a chance on him. And believe in him so he could show them what
he’s capable. He just needed that opportunity. Approval? No. Opportunity? Yeah. Because he always knew what he could do. And we always were aware of what he could
do. You can see this kid and you can see the innate
things that he has that no one else has. And then you see how he’s getting better. And he’s getting more comfortable. And I said, “This kid, he’s got it Andy. He’s got it. He don’t want to lose. At anything in life. He’s got a real strong will. You can’t tell him he can’t do something. Even though he’s competitive, but at the same
time, if he loses… that just humbles him more. Right. Thank God for coach Gilbert because he gave
him the opportunity that he desperately needed.And the guidance and the wisdom to get him where
he’s at now. His senior year was one highlight after another. So he let this particular punt fall to the
ground and it rolled to about our own 20-yard line. He ended up picking it up and literally made
every person, all 11 guys on the other team miss as he went on for a touchdown. That highlight to me sticks out as the most
amazing. He did a couple of those Barry Sanders/Marshall
Faulk things that are rare air. You just don’t find people to do that. And he was doing them consistently. And it was week in, week out, it was a highlight
reel and pretty soon you were like, he called it cartoon characters. That’s the truth. In fact, the one point in the game was like,
“who does this stuff? Who can do this?” It doesn’t seem real right now to me. The stardom that he has from coast to coast. You don’t see it from him. When he comes back to visit, when you talk
to him on the phone, he’s the same Saquon that he was in ninth grade and 12th grade. So it’s just fun to watch him continue to
develop and the good news is, he’s improving. He got bigger, he got faster, he got stronger,
he’s more elusive, his long speed is better. All of that is great football-wise and all
that kind of stuff on the field. Great kid and how he’s handling all his notoriety
he’s getting is, kudos to him. I’m most proud, and I think most of the people
you talk to about this, they’ll say I’m most proud of the young man he’s become. How’s he handled this fame, how he’s handled
the lime light. That’s kind of who Saquon is, in his heart
and in his soul. I would also say that his parents have really
done a great job of that. I love his parents. I love his family, his upbringing. And to be honest with you, they have never
made football a thing that defines Saquon or defines their family. I just try to just smile, be nice, be kind
because you never know if a picture or saying one word to someone could change someone’s
day. Excited for the game today? Oh yeah! I hope we win. I hope we win, too! Coach Franklin is always telling us, just
to have a “why.” They’re my “why.” My mother, my father, my brother and sisters,
I love them to death. Without my mother and father, I wouldn’t be
here on this earth and without my family, I wouldn’t be the person I am today. So everything I do, I try to credit them and
God. And I’m just so thankful. A lot of people aren’t fortunate enough to
have both of their parents in their life. And I have both my parents who are happily
married and happily together and I have older brothers and sisters and younger brothers
and sisters. I just have moments, memories that we are
going to cherish for the rest of our life. I think family plays a big role in your life
and I’m really appreciative of them. You look back and it worked out good. This has been a good experience. it is. It’s not what, I mean you can’t say it’s what
we expected, but for the most part because we live day by day. We just take it day by day. And everything that happens, we live accordingly. One day at a time.

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