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Better late than never I hope I am here
let’s make sure there’s some people oh my gosh hello there welcome to a real
talk with in Greece soccer mom I may be my new name should be late soccer mom my
kids don’t play soccer I am I am a mom supposed supposedly but running super
super late I apologize they’ve kept people waiting um least that means I
have somebody who wants to watch when nails and glitter yay I almost didn’t
make it today I’m happy to have you here thank you so much this week’s discussion
topics for today are anything you think is newsworthy about racism bigotry
inequality and corruption I’m changing the whole thing just keep adding things
the corruption fits in there with everything the show is meant to be an
opportunity for viewers to speak their mind and to serve as an educational tool
for people to learn about systemic racism bigotry inequality America and
corruption that’s my new best buzzword okay so bear
with me it’s a lot of corruption going on and it’s so funny because we point
our finger we point our finger at everyone else and oh it’s just so awful
this corruption and then all these nations and lo and behold we’re just as
bad if not worse it’s weren’t denial and I am NOT trying to be down on America
it’s just let’s be real this shit’s out of control people so I’m
just saying it’s kind of out of control I like you know the show is called
Real Talk and it’s not because I like to make everything all like sweet and cute
and tender this is real talk I try to be real so don’t hate on me well you can if
you want you should see my youtube show the stuff I keep on review
I don’t put through oh my god is it interesting maybe someday I’ll do a show
just on that and then we can kind of talk about it or something it’s actually
a little bit interesting in a kind of sociological II like let’s call it
abnormal psychology maybe okay Anton thank you for being here thank you
so much starting a little bit late today but I’m here and I’m ready to talk and I
think today of all the days okay this is just my opinion I have some really
interesting stuff and I want to know if you know this already if you don’t if
you’ve heard of it and just not in depth so if you have anybody you know that
might be interested in hearing this on your social media since I have no social
media anymore okay I just have this and that’s it I’m
feeling sorry for myself tonight please invite them to come and check it out
okay so before we start I wanna introduce myself I’m 20 minutes late
starting I apologize but I’m angry soccer mom probably more hurt than angry
at my fellow humans not all of them but a lot of them and my kids don’t play
soccer not even once well maybe one day I’ll
forget it Eddie had some quick announcements yesterday’s Colin show was
fantastic I had three authentic real live Collins
and I was thrilled and tons of people writing it was wonderful for me I love
having people come by and tell me what they think tell me what they care about
tell me what matters to them and give me their opinion and I’d like to have much
more people calling in and so Tuesday’s is Colin it’s a Colin show but there’s a
catch too many trolls so I couldn’t give just the number out randomly so if you
want the number you got it go on tonight angry soccer mom page on Facebook and
write to me and tell me who you are and I will look you up and try to figure out
if you’re not a troll you’ll dip it on okay I can’t wait it should be
interesting and don’t try to trick me okay because I will not be fooled okay I
think I just invited like a ton of trolls just to try to trick me but
that’s just to thank me okay so I wanted to thank everyone who attended yesterday
and I loved it and I have to have to go over the whole thing tomorrow and and
see how it went so remember if you want to call just get a hold of me and I’ll
give you the number I wanted to start by wishing everybody a happy Black History
Month and point out that along with the atrocities that have gone on and are
still going on having to do with systemic racism and bigotry inequality
black Americans have done amazing things absolutely amazing things cutting edge
science technology in every field and I am so thankful to my black and brown
sisters and brothers for being who they are it matters and it means a lot to me
and every single day of every single month should be Black History Month and
I just want to live long enough to make it so you know I want to live long
enough to see that day because I’m not giving up I’m not I can’t I just had to
keep that little hope and I know thanks for going pretty rough but I’m not gonna
give up because I’m gonna see the day where there’s no need for February as
Black History Month because everyday is Black History Month so I hope you
understand that tonight’s topics that I’ve prepared are some scary stuff and
the first one is Trump’s billion-dollar disinformation campaign for re-election
for 2020 yep that’s my first topic and it’s pretty crazy ah ghost Killa
hello thank you for being here preciate it the second topic I prepare is the
census scandal the census scandal is really bad it’s just hello could they
go any lower I think not then it’s like wait a second yeah I think actually yes
I think we see nothing we’ve seen nothing just like the story I told
yesterday of this book I read my kids sometimes when they’re really really
getting a little too big for their britches it’s called things could be
worse and you don’t think they could be and till they are and then you kind of
wish for like they were as bad as they were when it wasn’t quite as bad it’s
all relative the last topic I have is unrestrained
Trump whoopsy above the law and what’s gone on in one week’s time so if you’re
interested in knowing the secrets to his disinformation campaign for 2020 which
I’m curving to I hope you are too by the end of the show and you want to know
what’s going on this week you know and I’d love to say that he’s learned his
lesson the whole you know patron thing was just like God he had an epiphany not
okay the guy’s freaking lunatic he’s gone mad it’s out of control
okay I guess that’s the end of the show bye just kidding but anyway today’s rant
was written by not me oh if only I could write that well today’s rant was written
by somebody who we all know very very well he’s my favorite president and he
wrote and spoke my favorite speech and I know there’s much who won’t agree with
me but you don’t have to it’s still a free country poll away as I get away is
this toll-free country hmm okay oh and go there sorry just kidding
okay if it’s like damn hey Pat thank you for being here sorry I’m running so late
today so my favorite president my favorite speech I would like to say I
get a little emotional reading it I’ve never not I’m in a really bad mood so
maybe okay maybe I won’t shed a tear but um for many of us the last time you
heard this speech was some time in high school or maybe we heard of it in our
high school social studies class or maybe we
heard of it so please listen to it today because in my humble opinion okay my
arrogant opinion sorry I’m not that humble sometimes it applies absolutely
today just as much as it did possibly I wasn’t there but when he read it on the
battlefield Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address is it is about hope and it applies today
it really does apply today yes Pat got profile today by law enforcement you
know what Pat I am so sorry that happened to you I want you to tell us if
you feel comfortable tell us what happened um that’s just that’s horrible
it is just horrible and heartbreaking meaning you you are worth so much and
you matter so much and I hate to hear that kind of thing they just hate it and
let me know what I can do and what you know my friends and viewers can do ooh
jury duty next Tuesday oh my gosh just walk in and go guilty in the light Wow
okay like you say they’re guilty and I’m just kidding Wow you got to tell us
about that too so I want to hear what’s going on but I’m gonna read this and I
might be a little shaky with it but this matters if we care about our nation and
a lot of people right now are so mad and pissed and hurt that they don’t but I
still do I’m probably mad and pissed but I still do so this is what he wrote four
score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent a new
nation conceived in Liberty and dedicated to the proposition that all
men are created equal now we are engaged in a great Civil War
testing whether that nation or any nation so conceived and so dedicated can
long endure we are met on a great battlefield of that war we’ve come to
dedicate a portion of that field as a final resting place for those who gave
their lives so that that nation might live is altogether
fitting and proper that we do this but in a large sense we cannot dedicate we
cannot consecrate we cannot hallow this ground the brave men lived and died who
struggled here have consecrated it far above our poor power to add or detract
the world will little note nor long remember what we say here but it can
never forget what they did here it’s is for us the living rather to be dedicated
here to the unfinished work which they who fought here have thus far so nobly
advanced it is rather for us to be here dedicated to the great task remaining
before us that from these honored dead we take increased devotion that cost
which they gave the last measure of devotion that we here highly resolve
that these dead shall not have died in vain I’m just getting a little sad
because I’m sad about what’s happening to our country I’m sad that people don’t
care plus this is my favorite speech so I have to get a little emotional that
this nation under God shall have a new birth of freedom and that the government
of the people by the people for the people shall not perish from the earth
Abraham Lincoln said that on November 19th 1863 and I know our nation has done
a lot of really bad things but I have hope for our nation I think we can be
great I mean really great not not Trump great but I mean really great like
actually make our nation have liberty and justice for all follow what our
nation you know it’s Charter to do and that’s to to you know create a a better
nation for everybody and I know a lot of people will probably criticize me oh you
know Lincoln this Lincoln that but I think I have an okay perspective and
right now I think it’s really really really sad time because our nation right
now has an executive power grab that’s come out of control and even the
Congress in the House of Representatives can’t stop them and the Senate doesn’t
want to stop them and today I’m going to talk about Trump’s disinformation
campaign and maybe it’s my white privilege that I can think of these
things and not just worry about you know feeding my children or maybe it’s that I
just care a damn lot about my fellow humans and I know that as bad as things
are right now if this nation turns into a regime which is what is happening that
we have seen nothing we have seen absolutely nothing we think we’re all
miserable and struggling I’m not trying to the soothsayer of doom but I don’t
see it any other way it’s not going to improve with a king an
arrogant conceited self loving King it’s just not going to improve so the war
that we’re talking about today when I read Lincoln’s speech I really think
applies these so many people gave their lives even not just black brown is just
white people to everybody to try to make our nation a better nation and we are a
flawed nation but we don’t have to be like this we can be a great nation we
have to take the high road and when Trump got into office he got in because
people chose the low road they chose the easy way to be hurtful and cruel and
blaming and rotten and and harm our fellow humans it’s like we gave up today I wanted to talk about what’s
going on I’m gonna be really real about it cuz unlike that war where it was kind
of like guns and I no man’s land there is no no-man’s land no person’s
land to me yet spread out among us are people who are being fooled and they
don’t even know it and they’ve been tricked to the point where they’re now
our enemy more appropriately made their enemy of the state they’re destroying
our nation and they don’t even know it they’re doing it under the guise of you
know this is gonna be good for us and people who know hate is never the
answer it just isn’t it can’t be name one thing that hates ever really
accomplished nothing so I’m just taking this really hard and it’s I know it’s
stupid maybe I should you know people think oh that’s ridiculous go get go get
a problem but the more I read the more I think geez Louise
this is we really aren’t following um what Nazi Germany I mean we really are
headed there I don’t know who’s going to stand up and stop us do you so whether
it’s their fault or not it doesn’t matter whether the Trump supporters
might blame you know maybe blame the libs or wherever or whether they even
understand what our government is whether they respect our Constitution
whether they even know that we have a constitution or whether they know that
it’s an important bedrock of our nation’s Democratic Republic to have
this this understanding that our Constitution is really important it’s
it’s everything it’s what holds us up the Trump supporters might believe that
they’re doing the right thing they might believe that Russia’s the enemy and that
it’s interfering with our 2016 election but look we got Trump so that’s cool
some cares they might not know that Russia has interfere with 27 other
nations elections since 2004 until present and and still counting they
might think we’re the first because they don’t
you know look I don’t know it doesn’t matter because I’m not here to blame
because none of this is really gonna matter none of it is gonna matter
because we’re in a lot of trouble right now and I’m gonna tell you a little bit
why and I hope most people know it but I don’t I’m not sure so I wanted to talk
about it tonight but first I’m gonna pull my head out of myself here and I’m
gonna take some comments and I just want to see what we have here Pat Pat got
profile today by law enforcement and I am again I am so incredibly sorry and
ghost killer got jury duty which if you want to get of it I – you just tell me
of a master’s degree and that’s it but we like by if you don’t want anyone it’s
so funny it’s it’s I’ll tell you some secrets if you’ve never done it before
but I’m not to be rude but maybe you already know but that’s I’ve always
wanted to be in jury duty though I would be a nightmare I would be
a nightmare okay I’m just saying they picked random names and I’m trying to
get dismissed okay if you seriously want to get dismissed I have all the secrets
um nails glitter it’s gettin it’s gettin
pounced out here sorry it is and I’m not helping the situation
kids from politics welcome and Anton Kim you can’t let those worthless waste of
space out here get to you I sometimes do not not always but sometimes so don’t
call this real talk for nothing anyway Thank you Thank You Anton um and thanks
Gary I’m fine I don’t mean to get so emotional it’s just it’s getting really
bad you guys Pat these cops here profile blacks like crazy and nothing is done
about it so I’m trying to find a civil defense lawyer oh my gosh I’m so sorry
for whatever happened to you I hope you’re okay it’s it’s a free-for-all for a lot of
folks who have no moral compass it really is what got me started tonight as
I started thinking about my Facebook stuff and Pat I want to know more and I
wonder how we can help you I really want to know how we can help you and I want
to hear the full story when you you know privately or wherever when you when you
have a chance I’ve just been straight out so swamped
but I wanted to first of all thank everybody who’s here I really appreciate
it and as long as you guys come here I will keep yakking away and and reading
your stuff and I get a like a lot of people in the reruns and later at night
and I want to know what you think cuz some of us are really isolated in our
houses and we don’t know what’s going on Gary from publicans constipation only
includes this cuz patient only includes the Second Amendment tell me more tell
me more what you mean tonight I want to add a few things and you have to tell me
if you know this or not okay you have to because I’m dying to know if this is
just like me being a little slow not only guns they want to destroy Roe
versus Wade oh yeah they want to destroy everything um yeah it’s kind of funny
the people who say they want a gun so the government doesn’t come the
government I’m laughing my head off and I don’t mean it melee and I don’t mean
it disrespectfully but if the government wants to do something they’ll turn our
electricity off and wait and they will have people begging and do whatever they
want I hope I’m not like you know giving them a hint or something but hope you
have to do is turn our electricity off and most people are on the grid not off
the grid so we wouldn’t have any food you wouldn’t have any electricity
wouldn’t have any heat and then they could just wait wait it out they don’t
even have to fire a single shot so it’s kind of scary stuff so I think the whole
guns thing common sense is where we go common sense caring about people first
commonsense so they may know what they may not know it but mr. FS black hello
thank you for being here um this week was a special week and when I say
special I mean kind of special education special that’s why I have a master’s
degree in special education kind of a joke kind of not very special
we get to see what a president who believes he’s above the law
they’ll do and let me tell you we have seen and it is absolutely everything I
thought it would be and more ghosts killa please let me know how to get out
of this jury duty they well I won’t go into details but definitely I’ll just
write me some of us are ready to be cut off and networking within our
communities absolutely and I don’t want to be the soothsayer of doom I’m not
trying to be but I also don’t want to be that moron that you know that says oh
we’re fine no no I believe in our government right now our own government
can’t stop the president okay we can’t and that’s really scary so what’s been
going on here matters because there’s not enough people who care and the stuff
that I saw my earlier compared what I’m going to tell you it doesn’t really
matter that much I need to say it the list above is inconsequential compared
to what I’m about to tell you many of the Trump supporters unknown are
unknowingly under the influence of a weapon designed to control what they
think now you’re like whoa hold it right there we’ll hold it right there
this person is giving a complete you know a conspiracy theory no no no no no
I am NOT a conspiracy theorist I’ll listen to it but I’m not into conspiracy
theories this is stuff that kind of makes sense so before you freak out let
me explain and bear with me I think you’ll get it let me take a couple more
mister FS black the only difference between Trump and Reagan is there was no
Twitter and Regan’s era that’s a good point it’s
plus I don’t know it’s that’s interesting nails apply to a
community-based networking will be how people get fed when the lights go out
yeah it’s gonna have to be something because you know and I’m not
anticipating that I’m just saying I think seem like they’re kind of
exponentially headed in the wrong direction
so before we freak out thinking angry soccer moms turning conspiracy girl have
it the social science I’m referring to is simple it’s been around for a long
time it’s a subset of psych ops that’s been studied and perfected for years and
it works psychological operations are operations and this is a general term to
convey selected information and gives indicators to audiences to influence
their emotions motives and objective reasoning and ultimately the goal is for
behavioral change of governments organizations groups and individual
people Trump 2020 is using this currently and used it and it’s
mind-altering and he used it to win here’s between the 2016 election and the
technique is specifically referred to as micro targeting now a lot of us knew
that social media was putting up lies and people were buying into it but did
you know exactly the way in which they were doing it that is what blew me away
this technique has been perfected by social scientists and it absolutely
works it’s the weaponization of micro
targeting it was pioneered in large part by by the data scientists at Cambridge
analytical does it ring a bell analytical excuse me which has since
been shut down it’s the same firm that Trump hired to cheat to win the election
now you might be thinking for a second oh it’s the Russians well I mean there
is certainly likely be some sort of hi but I’m not talking about them right
now okay we know they interfere in elections they’ve interfered in 27 other
than ours that our own government Trump’s government that he’s supposed to
kind of be in touch with already knows that’s information from them our actual
government gives us this definitive information that the Russians have
interfered in 27 different elections from different nations not not including
ours okay so Hambridge analytical I might
follow the stories but they weren’t in detail and I didn’t understand just
exactly how deep this goes it’s all starting to make sense so let me tell
the story and then I’ll take more cons and we’ll talk about Oh about what’s
going on and write what might be to come I don’t know this is same company that
Steve Bannon Trump’s former White House chief strategist in the administration
of a Donald Trump was working during the first seven months of his first term
this term brexit you know the whole exit British exit use this company and so did
Trump the Trump administration hired this company to force a win in 2016 I’m
not referring to Russia I’m referring to an English company that you hire to make
people think what you want them to think and how they do it is you know it’s like
any social science or any physical science we’ve advanced and social
science is called social science for a reason it’s a science and it can be
repeated and it’s social experiments can be replicated and they come out the same
and people are learning so that’s what we’ve done we’ve learned how to
manipulate people to think what we want without them even knowing it and a lot
of times people think about you know these two flash up supplemental
messages and you know that was considerably bad well these aren’t
subliminal messages that are blinking on your screen these are real messages but
they’re targeted very specifically to you when I say you I don’t mean
proverbial you I mean you okay so what’s been done and this is just the ignore
the general field what’s been done is a lot of information digital information
is collected on every American or every targeted person and they use digital
psych ops to target groups of people first things that can bridge analytical
began to do was part of a non partisan military contract that used digital
psych ops to target terrorist groups and drug cartels like in Pakistan it worked
to thwart jihadist recruitment efforts and they used this psych ops stuff and
it worked great in South America circulated disinformation to turn drug
deals like drug dealers against their bosses so this stuff works it works so
how did this company how does this company do their magic making people
think precisely what they want them to think well they take a user’s content
and they work to develop a detailed psychographic profile for every voter
let’s say in America the United States okay they begin experimenting with ways
to stroke paranoia and bigotry and exploit certain personality traits they
don’t go after just anybody you have to qualify a special you have to qualify as
and I don’t wanna say somebody can be easily swayed but somebody who is open
to maybe not completely convinced exactly where they’re going so they are
vulnerable that they pick you because you’re vulnerable it’s not your fault
you’re allowed to be vulnerable okay this is abusive and this should be
illegal in my very arrogant opinion the techniques used by the companies or not
trivial this is not like trying to talk your little sister into giving giving
you know her allowance to you this is not this is systematically done and
worked on and they have a formula and it works these are considered weapons-grade
tactics just like physical science psychology sociology and you know social
sciences are perfect to get the targeted result they want
simply put Trump hired this company to target people who are deemed easily
swayed through suggestion to believe what Trump wanted them to believe and
this is like cutting edge yet you guys I’m talking cutting edge stuff one
exercise the firm asked white men this is just a teeny example white men
whether they would approve their daughters marrying a Mexican immigrant
those who said yes they would approve were asked to follow up question
designed to provoke some uncomfortable irritation and they asked did you feel
like you had to say that because of political correctness or to really feel
like that you know they tried to provoke irritation at the constraints of
political correctness or try to get out of them they basically teaching push
buttons just a little it’s a it’s an art not a science exactly but Christopher
Wiley who is the original whistleblower for I believe he was the original
whistleblower for the original company that’s you know now shut down I’ll call
them analytic that just like a funny name um Cambridge analytic and he was
the former director of research at Cambridge and Monica and later he
testified in front of Congress about this company do you guys know all about
this already it’s it’s old news now I remember him testifying but I didn’t
remember the details like this rather than using data to interfere with the
process of radicalization Steve Bannon was able to invert and this is according
to this whistle blower Wiley he wasn’t able to
invert the far they were using and essentially seating an insurgency in the
United States getting people to turn on their fellow humans basically and did
you ever wonder like why people aren’t just coming to their senses and going oh
my god this man so racist he’s so bigoted he’s so nasty if 40% of America
is on social media as their number one way to get news that’s amazing that’s
huge I mean that’s huge and the social media Mark Zuckerberg a
true ok he refuses to sift through the facts he doesn’t want to know he’ll do
that for any private company but if it’s political uh-huh and I think there’s a
really good reason is because he’s being paid to take he’s being paid to get out
of information you know they’re paying him a lot and they love our information
and in turn they will target each individual as many times as needed and
slightly change it I’m telling you this is like a real thing cabbage analytic
that was dissolved in 2018 however in June 15 2018 Associated Press uncovered
I don’t know if you know this a company run by former officials at camera Jenna
lytic ah the political consulting firm that brought that was brought down by
the scandal over how it obtained you know Facebook users private data has
been quietly working for Donald Trump for his 20/20 campaign in the
re-election efforts so what they’re doing and I have an article that I’m
going to post later on it’s very long and very detailed and I’m just kind of
giving a summary of it and it’s terrifying absolutely terrifying
they are pinpointing us and showing us what we what we need for the next
letting it sink in and the next step and the next step and they’re going further
than that – they’re going even further than that The Associated Press confirmed
that four of the former Canberra analytic employees are affiliated with
data propria or propria not sure how to pronounce it a new company specializing
in voter and consumer targeting work similar to camber general etiquette and
its efforts before it collapsed and after the Canberra Jena like a scandal
broke Facebook was severely criticized as you might recall for its mishandling
of user data and total complicity in the in the viral spread of fake news and
Mark Zuckerberg said he’d do better he you know he said he’d try to do reforms
and I think he’s absolutely full of shit then we had Zuckerberg you know it was
handed a he handed basically lying politicians a major victory and it was
absolutely purposeful in my opinion candidates he said would be allowed to
run false ads on Facebook and there would be no recourse no you know nothing
Dominic thank you for being here I’m blabbing away about the twenty twenty
billion dollar misinformation campaign that Trump’s running as we speak
commercial advertisers by contractors subject to fact-checking but not
political ads says Mark Zuckerberg and there’s a reason he’s making a hell of a
lot of money off this i I could almost bet the Republican National Committee
and the Trump campaign have reportedly compiled an average of three thousand
data points on every voter in America they spent years experimenting ways to
tweak the message so that it’s gender-based geographically based but
it’s also based on details whether you’re a gun owner whether you watch the
Golf Channel I’m talking details this is not a general thing
they are getting into your information 3000 data points deciding who is most
easily swayed they’re taking a map of the United States and they’re seeing
whether it’s red state purple state you know halfway between or blue state
they’re breaking it up by counties in the state and they’re targeting
thousands and thousands of people slowly over time using social media and they’re
targeting you precisely they are not giving you the same stuff your neighbors
getting if they have many versions guys this is a whole like thing um
and shady politicians are discovering how easy it is to wage this untraceable
whisper campaign not just through social media but through text messaging and
many other platforms people never know that it is absolutely specialized for
it’s like like I was a special ed teacher for many years and we take every
single person and we make a special way for them to learn and we gear it just to
their own learning style and if they learn you know using you know a tactile
modality visual auditory kinesthetic we do whatever it takes
well lo and behold these things can be applied to making people think what you
want them to think so and again they take the people who are vulnerable they
don’t just take anybody and they target them and all their buddies so that
pretty soon they create you know a storm it’s the perfect storm and that is all I
can say that’s probably I’m just guessing a really really big reason why
so many Trump supporters literally will not listen they have their hands in
their ears they don’t want to hear reason they don’t so things are getting ugly out there
social media isn’t the only way they’re doing it on text messaging and the laws
just aren’t there right now to the laws to stop them are just not there they
might be there but it’ll be too late so he’s actively engaged in that right
now they’re investing in they’re also investing the Trump administration is
investing in the this texting platforms that could send anonymous messages
directly to people without even their permission and so recently people had
opt-in before a campaign could include them in a mass text but they’re looking
into everything so well these texting ads can be used to try to win over
undecided voters with they’re also doing this is a few other things too they are
kind of making fund raisers for Trump only they’re making fund raisers all
over the place and trying to talk people slowly into convincing them that the
only way to save our nation is by giving money to Trump and I’m just laughing
because it just sounds so ludicrous but that’s we all could be susceptible to
that I mean I don’t want to laugh at anybody because this stuff is real
science they work at you they slowly work at you
and you don’t even know it and some people are more susceptible than others
and that’s true I mean you’ve probably all seen these
experiments where though they’ll put you know the old nasal put two people in a
room waiting for something like an interview and they’ll be smoke coming
out from underneath the door and they both kind of just nobody says anything
because you know it’s a group it’s a shared responsibility it’s it’s all that
and so they kind of just don’t take personal responsibility you guys we are
at the infancy of psychology and sociology in our knowledge Basin and the
brain and how it works so there’s a lot of stuff you can do to people without
them knowing it’s subtle slowly but it’s really scary
so apparently this campaign is under for that texting under the watchful eye of
Trump’s oldest son who is systematically using this method in a very premeditated
manner and it’s not just for the lay people like you know us the people the
masses they’re doing it to the media and reporters – they’re doing it to famous
people they’re doing it to influential people this is huge this is this is huge
so you really got to read this article um in fact according to the people who
have knowledge of this pro-trump operatives have scraped social media
accounts belonging to hundreds of political journalists and compiled
information worth worth of their posts and dossiers and everything into this
one big book there’s actually a book you can look at and when somebody in the
Trump administration or you know however they have it set up finds a very
credible damaging you know they have studies that they do is find something
credible and damaging they will target that one reporter or media personality
and it is not an accident let me see McKay Coppins of the Atlantic rope when
a particular news story is deemed especially unfair or politically
damaging to the president Don jr. will flag it and send it in a text thread he
uses for just this purpose the campaign tends to train swarms of surrogates
that’s what they’re calling them to undermine coverage from local stations
and newspaper so now they’re going local at first it was the pro Trump operatives
were all you know going towards like Siena and all the national coverage but
what they realized is that people tend to believe and trust their local news so
this year they’re going local and targeting local people who
have followings that you know you kind of trust so this is some really scary
stuff they’re trying to undermine at the local level so they’re actually training
and hiring people to go out there I mean this is some sick shit did you guys know
this is this is I don’t know if you guys knew this or not um apparently pro-trump
operatives have looked into everything and it would seem like there are scores
of Trump supporters well then take it upon themselves to spread this
unscrupulous information it kind of morphs like the game of telephone you
know that game where the kids sit in a circle and one person starts it out and
says one word and then they pass it on pass it on and pretty soon the message
comes back around and it doesn’t resemble anything you’ve ever seen in
your life and it’s kind of how it works cuz no one really cares and the message
can get worse and worse and worse and just spreads like wildfire LOFAR and
currently this database keeps this deep background information to debunk media’s
legitimacy it now spread to 2,000 people there’s 2,000 people in this list and
it’s not just journalists anymore it’s high-profile academics who have a
following politicians celebrities and other people who show themselves to be
an enemy of Trump the leaders of this misinformation campaign tend to train
swarms of surrogates so that they can undermine this local coverage and
according to this article I read the idea is not only to expose and say that
media is biased the wrong their fake news they’re not real and only his
state-run news okay Twitter aka fake Fox News is the only is the
only way if you really want the truth in other words state-run media without
really calling it state-run media I think Trump supporters need to know
this I don’t know that they’ll care or change their mind they need to know
they’ve been personally targeted in very specific ways on their social media not
just an advertisement oh you know trouble loves you will you be his friend
not that no I’m talking pushing buttons pushing buttons like let’s say they see
you’re swaying towards something over here just like the question they ask the
answer the men the white men how’d you feel if your daughter Merida and
immigrant and the ones that said to be fine
delved in further so did you just say that cuz you feel like you have to you
can tell you know basically you can tell me their real truth and then it just
goes from there maybe they leave them alone for a while
a week let simmer and then they see something else you guys this stuff is
crazy so it’s not just trying to bias you
against media but people closer the project or saying that their plan is to
unleash much more than just opposition research as the campaign intensifies
they’re going to intensify instead of trying to reform the press or critique
its coverage today’s most influential conservatives want to destroy mainstream
media all together make it so nobody trusts it and that is the goal and
that’s simply terrifying that is as that’s what dictators do people who are
doing regimes nice to take a little drink of my milk and now I hopefully I
don’t have a milk mustache I will take some comments and we can go
on I want to know did you know this that they are targeting specific specifically
the most vulnerable people so they can get them to think what they want and
that’s probably one of the reasons why it’s just so damn hard to to talk to you
know staunch Trump supporter because they’re brainwashed
basically and they don’t even know it they think it’s just chance they’re
getting all these different things and surveys and I yeah yeah yeah yeah okay
I’ve gotten surveys before to let me see where was I um Oh Neos on glitter community-based networks
will help people get fed when the lights go out yeah I hope so
plan for the worst hope for the best Pat says to get out of jury duty just tell
the judge you can’t render a just verdict and they will not pick you at
all that’s a great idea you know you can say this is terrible I mean this is
really awful but if you say you know you’re a black person in the defendant
is white you just say you know what I hate all white people you could say
there’s so many things you can do I mean try to be too obvious obviously you
don’t want to be feeling like you’re lying because they’ll probably that’s
probably not good either but and I’m no pro but I know people have gotten out
they want people they can sway all right they want people they can sway and
that’s what they want they want people who are not if you really want to stay
on Church city just act like oh you know I guess you’re just kind of like I’m
open to anything you know I don’t know but they really don’t want people who
think for themselves according to critical thinking skills
and who are into you know logic and analysis and so Goodwin Pat yeah Pat
I’ll call them by Friday to let them know Tuesday is a busy day
okay okay Dominick I said hello to you I’m just going down down down down oh um
kitchen politics I keep getting booted so let’s get let’s try this again booted
from what tell me more um Gary my suggestion my suggested pages or posts
on Facebook about 40% pro-trump so I asked why over 50 white males and rural
over 50 percent maybe white males in the Upstate Burke is that kind of what
you’re saying um Gary tell me more I think that’s what you’re saying I’m not
sure if I’m reading that right um nails and good or they don’t want Facebook
used to promote pipeline protests agricultural evidence gathering
and water testing yeah they they really don’t like people like in your soccer
mom look what MSNBC is doing to Bernie tell me more I haven’t been i watched
him last i watch MSNBC was two days ago three days ago uh and so i don’t know
age all about his age is that right oh wow yeah okay oh my goodness
yeah I don’t I don’t know I didn’t I didn’t find that but so what do you guys
think about Trump’s what is he calling it the name of the article he’s calling
it soup soup soup soup I’m going up up up up oh my god I just loved Trump’s
disinformation campaign for 20/20 reelection that’s what he’s calling it
and that was from about four or five articles mostly printed in the last
couple days nezam clear they’ve been under reporting
his numbers yeah I’m not sure yeah I did not realize that um so the 2020 strategy
of misinformation companies indicates that he plans to open up a new war front
on local news like we’re saying because the polls have found that America across
the political spectrum oh sorry Gary oh okay okay okay so I was
like I’m confused sorry or that the polls show that people trust their local
news more than the national media so if the campaign has its way and this is a
quote from somebody in the campaign that trust will be eroded by November so this
is a really scary thing a lot of people don’t want to think about it but I think
we really need to because of the fact that this is how
opening and not enough people care not and if people know about it
and of those people who know about it not enough people care so it’s really
scary I’m just saying so what do you guys
think about this pinpointing target people in purple states to force them to
think like Trump wants them to over time this is something that happens overnight
like subliminal messages but the messages are sitting right there and
you’re thinking they’re just by chance so that’s really scary
so we’re not just fighting on Fox News and this is a quote from the people
doing this we’re not just fighting on Fox News CNN or MSNBC with the same
700,000 people watching every day since this misinformation was made public a
lot of Democrats and independents now I’m talking citizens and politicians are
wondering whether they too need to start playing dirty with unethical tactics
using psych ops warfare is what it’s really called to sway people’s minds in
other words you can’t fight crazy with logic you have to kind of fight fire
with fire what do you guys think many people say
that if he doesn’t play by the rules then the opponents are gonna have to do
the same damn thing if we have any chance of beating this and incumbent um
he’s cheating he’s he’s corrupt and Front’s that you and he says he’s going
to our local people and going to vilify them and going to try to hi Stevie
thanks for being here he’s gonna vilify them and he’s gonna try to get them so
that you don’t trust them anymore he wants state-run news to be the news
of choice and he’s not gonna do it to us because clearly we’re interested in this
kind of thing we are thinking we’re getting he’s going to do it to our
friends and relatives who you know they’re just not sure and their little
wishy-washy maybe they kind of see both sides or they’re easily swayed so they
say we’re gonna have to fight fire with fire what do you guys think I mean Gary
I read a couple friends sent explaining some of the local commentators on local
news in my moderate moderate congressman’s page oh so you read a
couple articles on this kind of thing or tell me more cuz it’s really this stuff
some you know a science and he’s hired a company that is doing this and it’s an
offshoot of the company that was a professional and apparently four or more
of the people who were at the other company are in this new company and you
know at some point there’ll be laws against it but right now they’re getting
away with it they’re getting away with swaying people I mean when I think of my
my own um you know groups and followers and friends and buddies that were on
social media when I got wiped clean of it I’m a nobody no friends ma’am I’m a
nobody in that sense and they didn’t give me any explanation cuz they didn’t
have to because he’s all-powerful he can do whatever he wants because he’s like
you know a gazillionaire or whatever and he can do whatever he wants yes I will
Pat so this is really scary scary stuff yeah so um I think of me just think if
they can just get rid of all my groups all my pages all my messenger absolutely
everything give no explanation and get away with it just think how powerful
Facebook and social media like him who choose not to be responsible need to be
broken up hi Tyrell thank you for being here Oh Jamie hi you’re in you’re just
on time we’re just talking about how trump is spending billions of dollars in
his 2020 misinformation campaign targeting people not just putting up a
trump ad in front of them finding three thousand data points on them down to the
type of bottled water they drink finding out that information and pinpointing
people who can be swayed and slowly over time showing them and kind of goading
them trying to get them to you know get their buttons pushed a little and like
like I said before I don’t know if you were here but Jamie you’re gonna want to
hear this an example of it is they’ll they’ll go to white men on the page that
that fit the profile this is all very specialized for each person and they’ll
say hey what do you what would you think of your daughter married uh um you know
an immigrant and they take here’s just an example they take all people who say
be fine sure whatever who cares you know and they say so do you really think that
are you just saying it because it’s you know you feel bad
cuz like it’s kind of not cool to not say that so it’s really crazy and
they’re pinpointing them and they don’t even know it it’s like subliminal
messages but it’s right there in front of you they don’t know it they’re doing
it to Trump supporters and they’re doing it to the Trump supporters that are
deemed out of the all this thing so supposedly have three thousand data
points on every person in America and Trump has hired this firm and what
they’re doing is they’re slowly over time pushing your buttons slowly and
trying to get you kind of sucked into this mentality of hate against your
fellow humans and it’s working great and the reason it’s working greatest is
because the real social science it’s been studied a lot and researched and it
works it worked with um worked with you know Great Britain’s trying to trying to
leave European Union it worked I said earlier I’ve a citing examples
it worked for misinformation for drug cartels it worked for you know gangs
being well I guess people being affiliated into jihadist movements the
stuff works it’s cold psych ops warfare and it’s it’s warfare grade technology
through sociological means and I’ve been studying a lot about it and it’s really
scary stuff so next Wednesday’s show is going to be the rest of the article
which is fascinating and I’m gonna put it in the content like not the
commentary about the descriptions below this video the whole article it’s really
long but it is fascinating this stuff is real
Associated Press and about five other you know pretty established media
sources confirm this and I think right now with with what’s going on in and how
outwardly just arrogant Trump is being that he’ll probably end up learning it
all out and you know show showing it off for all I know um let me see let me see
so next week’s show is going to be the rest of the Miss information guide
explaining even more evil things Trump has planned to fool you into
supporting him without you even knowing it so I hope you know people will talk
about this a little bit and spread this to other people I know Trump supporters
in general will not listen to reason that this isn’t about politics I’m
not even a Democrat okay it’s not about politics they’re destroying our nation
are the three branches are supposed to be equal checks and balances judiciary
executive Congress and Trump’s done a power grab so that it’s not a 33 and a
third 33 and a third 33 and a third anymore okay it’s kind of leaning in
heavy on Trump’s side more and more his half of you know yes the half of the
Congress the Senate he’s stuff in the judiciary oh and it stays shut oh my
gosh hello Would thank you for being here he has you know put in judges left
and right that I’m not qualified but you know that even the the oversight people
who who look over people who get a Juris Doctorate they don’t want money it’s
like it’s really bad all right and we’re talking about that yesterday a little
bit um the next thing I’m gonna read a couple messages and then we’ll go on to
the census scandal which I just did a video on the census scandal is some
scary shit because it’s pure evil and I don’t mean evil in a religious way I
mean like it’s a really screwy thing to do to somebody um let me see let me see
I will back it up okay he has a litter and your small potatoes Facebook is
being purged on purpose absolutely mm-hmm and um Tyrel we should tax all
white people who work and give it to all non-whites especially blacks um I guess
if I don’t really I met tell me a little bit more about your your tax your tax
plan tell me more okay I’m not a hundred percent sure what your plan is
III get the feeling the white folks won’t like that
tax all white people who work and give it all to all non-whites especially like
okay um oh my gosh tell me more about this plan you have I want to hear about
it um let me see here on the dis formation propaganda on the
disinformation propaganda of the Trump breath nails glitter taxes don’t work
like that though okay okay no supremacy myth anesthesia
is here yay Mitch McConnell said his motto is to leave no vacancies I truly
believe that he is he and um William bar I don’t know what you guys think but
this whole impeachment stuff I say we need to do that to them too and I don’t
care if it goes through or not people we needed on record that these two are
aiding and abetting a corrupt corrupt man and they are part of it so is all of
Congress that has allowed this and it’s disgusting it’s just disgusting that’s
one of the reasons I read the Gettysburg Address as my rant I couldn’t even get
through without crying because it’s just it’s so upsetting to think that all
these people tried so hard to keep our nation together that’s it yeah we’re not
perfect but we’re trying to create a you know a more perfect union
aren’t we and at least we were kind of slowly like a snail moving in that
direction but so many people gave the ultimate sacrifice for us oops that’s my
bedtime alone I keep forgetting to turn it off it’s bedtime I’m sorry
and don’t think I actually go to bed when that alarm goes off I’m supposed to
so it’s just really sad and I just couldn’t get through it without it just
shiny tears because if everybody thinks it’s so bad now and there’s a lot of
things going on that’s really bad just wait till we have ed Trump
we haven’t seen anything this is already getting a little out of control so after
the census scandal I’m gonna zip through a gazillion things that have gone on
this week and Susan Collins says so he’s learned his lesson I beg to differ lady
sorry I go by behavior not by people’s wishes hopes prayers that he’s learned
his lesson he has learned a lesson all right I’ll tell you that much but it’s
not the one Susan Collins you know thinks it is he’s learned he’s above the
law and now it’s a goddamn free-for-all I’m sorry
that’s just money I’m not trying to be rude um let me see here Anastasia yeah
cuz black people don’t work and as I can remember if we were playing the taxes
game black people paid reparations for Native Americans and the Japanese and
the hall survivors – so whoever said that you are buggin yeah I’m not I
really didn’t know I’m confused I didn’t want to jump on him because I might be
misunderstanding it’s really hard with text but I was like maybe tell me more
cuz I’m not catching your drift I know I’m not getting it like what are you
trying to say Anastasia Susan Collins is the opinion a
Karen what’s a Karen is that like just like a white lady apologist or I’m not
like teach me I’m not really sure what that is but um so that is my conclusion
for this part of tonight tonight some information about the billion-dollar
misinformation campaign that Trump is funding for 2020 and it’s happening now
and I’m not giving up on Trump supporters I truly believe that they can
see the light in the error of their ways but it’s going to take listening and
talking in interaction and it’s going to take people like us talking to them not
yelling at them but just giving them the facts and I know a lot of us are just
exhausted we’re just oh okay this an older version
of a Becky I knew the Becky one thank you oh thank you thank you thank you
anesthesia okay I got it I was hoping I was kind of close um she’s that mother
that you want to feel bad for her son that got shot up the skull that shot up
this right gotcha okay Tara that’s not true okay well
Tyrell I am not accusing you of anything teach me tell me they tell me what
you’re trying to say just you know just elaborate a little bit and this this
audience is a pretty open audience in the sense that we will hear you out
we’re not gonna pop we’re not gonna pounce on you while I might pound stone
but um yeah it’s just explained more people are understanding what you’re
saying they don’t get it so help us out here tell us because I want to know as
well for good or for bad I want to know and people will definitely say something
but they’ll keep it you know as respectful as as possible okay Tyra what
people are evil you are a shining me or okay so you’re saying that okay okay
okay you mad bro okay somebody’s saying are you crazy kind of okay so that’s how
you feel I’m Tyra all that white people are evil and I’m not included in that I
hope not just kidding oh I know it’s like really easy for us white folks to
be like well that’s them not us but I – I’m a white person and I completely
accept my responsibility as a white person and you know not at a guilt but
out of like my bigoted born into some of this this BS system and just sit here
and go well I was born into it so who cares no way I was born into it I’ve
noticed it it’s not good it’s not right it’s wrong so I’m going to try to use my
privilege of any sort to do something I might end up doing absolutely nothing
but I sure should have been a try I mean just kind of watch
so like I always say and you got me on a roll here at Tyrell what do you teach
your kids to walk by people who are being bullied and just be like not my
problem like no actually you make it your problem because the way I look at
it is if any one group is being treated poorly without equity my group’s next
and it’s true in history has shown that is true and if for nothing else go with
the history you know so absolutely but tell it you know Tyrell don’t this is
real talk we we talk for real I do and a lot of people do I mean we try not to be
too disrespectful but tell us what you think I cannot blame I don’t know if
you’re a black person or brown person Israelite a Hebrew a African American or
a white person an Asian person I don’t know but it’s easy to live in a society
that’s based on built on a culture of white supremacy and say you know I’m
black obviously okay sorry I never assume you have no idea well part of my
problem is when I was on Facebook I I don’t have great vision this is a stupid
story of my life so I never what the pictures I never go on two peoples pages
so for the longest time why am i admins was named Tracy he’s one of my best
friends well I thought it was a girl because he was really sensitive and
crazy so I’m like the whole time thinking it’s just some girl you know
turns out to be like a six five huge black man we’re really close friends now
but it’s hilarious cuz I always tell that story I have no idea who is who is
who and what is what and I think in a lot of ways that’s kind of been good for
me because of the fact that I shouldn’t be treating anyone any different if I
hold certain values and morals I should say what I gotta say and be real and be
me and so far it’s worked out pretty well except for the Tracy thing he left
because he says well everyone does that but anyway don’t be shy say what you
want to say that’s what that’s what we’re here for
all right and people will pounce but then that’s
the thing him most way people are not scared of us they are scared of the
changing of the whip Frederick Douglass said said that but history shows on a
macro level we aren’t like that yeah um and I don’t want to speak for you
Anastasia but I think what you’re saying is that one of the biggest things is
that white folks are in a big tizzy because they think once once we’re not
the numerical majority anymore that the nine white folks that are the majority
in numerical majority might treat us the way we treated them and I laughed my
head off because I said it’s not gonna happen
it’s not going to happen um I am sure a few people here and there might but it’s
not gonna happen you know and the whole thing’s ridiculous and if that’s really
what they think then maybe they get her pull the shit together and get their act
together and start acting human because being overtly racist is not acting human
and let me explain that I’m not trying to go on a rampage here but I so damn
it’s what is do yeah you know it’s hard to say I expect people to step up to the
plate and do the right thing and that’s why I’m always really tough on white
folks because I believe in white folks not cuz I hate white folks you don’t
hate them I believe we can do better and I am not willing to say oh you know they
just can’t learn and oh we just can’t no no that’s bullshit we can learn okay
it’s painful we don’t want to it takes a lifetime and we’ll never get there but
we can learn anti racism and we can become excellent and standing up for
what’s right just like any other ludicrous sick rudeness there’s no
excuse none of this way away we can’t learn yes
we can uh you need to break down and bring
white people to do things you know it’s interesting some people you do but I’ve
been doing this a long time working with white folks that are absolutely ignorant
and that’s not what I do on these live shows um but my first my first quest was
working with all the kind of like rejected people from all the groups that
got booted out I ran a group for very fragile white folks and it was frowned
upon at the time years and years ago you know like don’t acquiesce to white
fragility yeah you know a lot of people would after a while my group started
getting really damn popular because I was patient with the people I met them
where they’re at I knew it took time there’s just there’s
just so many everybody responds differently every last person it’s kind
of crazy exactly Kim honestly just like in South
Africa black people are on the around the facade but it partially structure
the societies to where whites are still in charge of the u.s. as a white nation
built for them right and we started it kind of like that we started it with
this strong culture I don’t think you know of genocides and your genocide of
the native people who lived here and then the enslavement there’s a lot going
on and people can say Oh everybody slaves everybody but you know what sorry
not buying it that’s an excuse I live here
you live here we see it it doesn’t have to be like this and I’m not buying it
people say oh they didn’t know back then Oh bullshit they did to know back then
there were abolitionists back in the 1600s give me a break not buying it
there’s no excuse we were born into this none of us owned
slaves none of us personally were asleep but
the repercussions of our past have a direct impact on that serious issues we
have today we have never faced our racial responsibility in this country
white folks have never as a collective said you know what we’re done with this
bullshit let’s how make it stop black folks don’t need a
savior when they certainly don’t need you know the whitey to be like oh I’m so
great you know I’m the leader no we’re not leaders we’ve had 500 years plus to
be leaders we have failed but God forbid we actually get a shit and support our
fellow brothers and sisters to not get more than we have to simply have equity
in their own frickin country and that’s all I’m about personally that’s why I do
these last shows and I love talking so the reason I do the live shows there’s a
couple more unless you hear mmm so we can reach our potential tear out
black books are gonna reach their potential this is just my you know white
privilege opinion despite anything systemic racism and white America does
to them because you know how I know that is is they’re doing it now okay could it
be sped along a little bit by some support
hell yes and that is what I expect of my white brothers and sisters I expect more
of them that’s why I come onto here and I blab and I talk about this and it all
the way folks not on much of the white folks are incredibly uncomfortable but
they need to see a white person I’m just the average you know mom who’s
talking about race who’s talking about racism in a very real way and I live and
I survive somehow everyday and I wake up the next day and
I’m like I lived through it what it is time for white America to start learning
to talk about systemic racism and call it at every turn they see and take some
racial responsibility not cuz oh it’s all our fart all its guilt this is not
that if that’s what your problem is in yeah lots issues this is about guilt
something human I’m not gonna sit and watch this bullshit go on it’s wrong
it’s just wrong I know I won’t stand into nothing and sure I might not make
the biggest impact in the world I’m not gonna you said watch
that is the side of the oppressor so oh my god she got me on this rampage um let
me see here um this color I learned Native Americans
here who spoke Hebrew before the Europeans came tell us more
I’m always wanting to learn and annotate and if we pay attention even if she’s
mean white people are the numerical minority they’re still gonna be in
charge of government the business and etc well I know white folks aren’t going
to give up their little I call it kind of a power fantasy because we’re all of
the human race and this whole superiority bullshit is just like so
ridiculous it’s laughable and like I always say and people get so
mad at me and I’m gonna get terrible comments because people are gonna say
run things to me and I might have to report him and it happens all the time
if the best thing you ever did in your life is to get born white you have some
issues you had nothing to do with being born white okay I didn’t I didn’t do it
you didn’t do it so get a life okay get some self-esteem go go learn a skill
make yourself proud but not because you were accidentally born how you were
that’s just ludicrous sorry open a rampage now for sure um let
me see here Sara and Zach Beck’s have such a horrible past whites have never
had this horrible the past oh no we don’t even consider ourself white we
don’t and anything you’d be like what is she talking about white folks don’t in
general maybe a little bit long ago like they’d be like we’re right questions
where white Germans wear white Italians know right now white people they’re like
no we’re just the given we’re not white everyone else is the other we have no
allegiance to the white unless you’re like a Klan member I guess you’d have
allegiance but does that make sense it’s it’s kind of it’s hard to explain
but mmm I look straight and dry sorry with that but if you call somebody white
they get really pissed for the most part you should try it
good but if you say well white people to get what and it’s an insult but we made
it up so oh it’s a long story very complicated um let me see great point
though Terrell absolutely we have never had the collective struggle and we don’t
even get it we don’t get it we’ve you know
collectively as small groups in the past absolutely but not not like this as a
whole it’s just you know white white the word White’s made up it’s it’s made up
to harm and divided and if I could use another word I would but I can’t because
that’s what you know right now it’s kinda what people say okay let me just
go back back back back back um nails and glitter exactly money is a
huge factor in the power struggle absolutely there’s white privilege is
one of it a gazillion privileges and I know you obviously you know that nails
and litter but I cannot privilege is huge absolutely huge if you’re poor in
America I don’t care what you are shade you are you’re gonna struggle but if
you’re white you’re not going to struggle because you’re white okay and
you still don’t have the systemic racism against you you have the impoverished
you know the economic pressures and bigotry but you’ll have a lot of
problems but the color of your skin won’t be as a collective one of them and
that’s what people don’t get is that white privilege does not mean you’re
rich it does not mean you’re powerful it doesn’t mean you’re happy
it doesn’t mean you make a lot of money it doesn’t mean a lot of things it means
your problems don’t stem from the lack of melanin in your body you get the lack
of active or make it upwards now but that’s all it means
and the word it’s been taken and just bastardized
into you know many different things it’s a worse macademia it’s it’s oh just stop
already not you the people who make it all you know it’s not a dirty word it’s
it’s a fact of living in a culture of white supremacy let me see um anesthesia
nizzle er what they’ll started an entire war to free themselves and trust me they
will die before we put them into bond yeah white folks won’t even give up a
teeny bit of their like it’s like we have enough for everybody if I give you
some freedom it doesn’t mean it’s taking away mine but we just don’t get it a lot
of us don’t get it I’m gonna keep going through they’re great points everybody
we don’t need to do that we don’t need to do to them what they’ve done to us to
reach our potential absolutely not and you know what nails and glare it
wouldn’t become people to do that because I know when I look at women who
have grown up through the you know the feminist movement and and the struggle
of vote and this and that and then I see them not standing up for
black brown indigenous African American people that’s disgusting
they of all people should know what it feels like to not be allowed to go where
everyone else goes in the sense of figuratively and you know probably so
it’s disgusting it that enrages me when white women do this because of all
people they should know what it feels like at least a little tad of what it
feels like to be put in your place and not considered as an equal and that we
do that like with this whole women’s march I wouldn’t be in it I won’t
participate until it’s everybody until women’s March is all women I’m out and I
know that sounds like you know I’m not voting unless it’s my I’m not trying to
be that way but I can’t I can’t do it Leslie hey thank you for being here yes
I did have you let me see here um oh my gosh but nice
point inhales a glitter as always I’m Anastasia I’m prime example the Oprah’s
in Michael Jordan’s and Ben Carson will always be in the forefront so the real
protagonists of oppression is shielding and hidden the boules the Creole
oppressors tell me more Anastasia tell me tell me
more what you mean um I want to know more because it’s kind of interesting a
lot of people think well Oprah made it so it’s like give me a break
did you hear what happened to her in Germany in a store I mean she was
basically asked to kindly leave since they knew she couldn’t afford it was as
years ago but I mean it’s just you can’t not be black if your work because you
can’t hide it it is who you are and if people judge you on that they don’t care
you know being rich sure it helps a whole lot but people are still pretty
damn racist and it’s a problem we have a lot of problems yes we do um let me see Costel hi hi custom um exactly Tyrol
Black’s also have a beautiful history – it’s just been hidden mm-hmm absolutely
and that’s that’s a really great point on Anastasia and II something something
Oh etc’ will always have a middleman to take the heat I am going blind watching
her nails and glitter them boola bootlicks or a problem Tyrel black
Africans were literally being amazing people before way people and had great
civilization like Egypt and Anselm’s I’m having such hard time reading for some
reason blink blink blink sorry eye contacts they’re sliding yeah
um in fact my little girls studying Egypt right now and it’s just simply
amazing simply amazing so don’t let the whitewash history get you down there’s a
lot of great things that have happened this is all just a sick game really sick
game a social construct a I guess insecure Agra and security thing I don’t
know I’m not sure what but someday I hope we live long enough to have it gone
okay I am really I was like oh you know I can make this bigger I think I can
boom boom ah it’s a miracle I made it bigger now I can see now I have no
excuse ghost killer the Romans didn’t see themselves as white lol in fact the
enslaved Inca fixins yeah I mean we’re learning more and more as as science and
technology get better and better about the truth about who is what shade in
what not and what wasn’t what wasn’t said um ghost kill mountains I must go
with your okay let’s why would white woman want to give up
their position at the table even if they’re not treated like they should be
a little bit of something is better than a whole lot of nothing and they know it
I guess so yeah I never really thought about it that way and one of those
strange women I don’t like I know I’m a woman I don’t know I thought but that’s
a great point yeah I guess so I mean like I said the women who hang
out under the shield of the racist husbands I got no words for them that’s
disgusting you want to be equal step up to your
husband and tell them stop being a racist piece of shit
how’s that you don’t get it well my husband’s like that you know no no you
want to be being equal step to the plate and
challenge your husband challenged him to be human and I mean that from the heart
so you know it like ten comments on that laughs sorry I just laugh because I
don’t know what to say people hate it when I speak the truth that are like
super super overly racist they go nuts and not trying to mess with them just
kind of responsibility people who take responsibility um great point less good
point it’s don’t think that way that I should I mean I suppose I should um Tara
white woman should be demoted or not have jobs
black and brown we should have jobs work over them are you trying to say like to
teach us how it feels kind of like maybe I think part of the thing is this there
are a group of people who will they will learn by carelessly and they will feel
vicariously and they will be like damn then there’s the extremists on the other
side who I don’t care what you do they’re entitled and they don’t give a
shit and they’ll never learn and then there’s everyone else in the middle so I
certainly think I’m a big big advocate of experiencial learning I do some Sun
arse if only people would come to them and I think they’re really cool because
they are you know like um Jane Elliot’s blue eyes brown eyes experience she did
with her third grade classroom it’s not exactly like that but it does simulate
what it would feel like to be arbitrarily have a pet or arbitrarily
have a a trait turned ugly when it’s not and I do some experiments like that with
adults and it’s quite powerful and white folks cannot take it not for one minute
we we like our privilege and we are not used to not having it so it’s a it’s a
really great experience when I was 18 I was put through something like that and
it was quite life changing for the better
it really helped open my eyes I mean in such a magical way and I was
really that’s pretty young to do that so I was really thankful and everyone
should everyone should get a little taste I don’t know if that’s what you’re
saying but let me see here if I’m misrepresenting you just tell me cuz I
sometimes do that I guess but Asia gens de kerlor libres and feast of All Saints
were exactly how our own kind will volunteer to be our oppressor we are bad
copies of our oppressors prime example is free blacks that went to Liberia yeah
oh that’s yeah that’s a toughy but you know everyone’s so individual and yeah
that’s a toughy people who are living in a culture of white supremacy whether
they’re white or not have the influence is what other ways right just like just
like we do it’s in the air like Obama said and I don’t think anyone can escape
it and I worry so much about the self-esteem and self-image of this
beautiful group of people who were born into this really screwed up culture the
morals are just screwed up we know that all people are human a human race or I
think we know yet we keep perpetuating the systemic racism and it’s like it’s
unbelievable we know it’s a lie maybe we know it kind of and their subconscious
maybe we know what for real or maybe we’re just don’t know but we know it at
some level it’s it’s really ridiculous I I don’t get it but I am NOT here to make
excuses or apologize I don’t know and I don’t get it and if I ever did maybe be
like this famous person because I could share the world or I don’t know what but
I don’t get it um let me see let me see
cuz Killa Christopher cane was someone to translate he before him interesting
is that true I I don’t know about that I’ve never heard that before but I’m I
would be very interested in learning about that how to explain the boules to
white people I don’t know because I’m a white people who needs explaining and
says she was in Switzerland watch the movie feasts of All Saints okay
it definitely will I should go look back and then write it in later and I will
check it out um let me back it up sorry for the delay okay
I’m Terra Egypt was black number one in fact yeah absolutely I think that’s kind
of established now right people you know when I was in school they never said
that though I have to admit nobody ever said that but nobody ever said they were
white but nobody ever said they were but it’s it was kind of unspoken up I don’t
even know if I thought about that why white people say Egypt white people try
to say Egypt was black even lies on DNA tests yeah I’m not I never heard of that
but you know if you want to you could always post something like give me
articles or give people the people who are watching right now love the
information so if you think something or know something let us know it’s not just
me trying to like speed formation on you my friends and viewers and all that they
teach I have everybody teaches here I guess is what I’m trying to say
everybody educates and um people will check you if you say something that’s a
little off people will definitely say something and hopefully they’ll be
respectful um Tyrel are you angle sex in your soccer mom does that mean you’re
people were slaves ankle sexing I guess that means like Caucasian um I don’t
know what I am actually I’m not sure I’m like a mixture of a whole bunch of
things so I’m not I’m not sure exactly I don’t think my people were slaves but I
don’t know how far back my people go and where they go so it’s hard to say
it’s kind of hard to say I’m not sure I am not sure um
Bobi one hello if you’re still here Anastasia racism is convenient for both
men and women but for white women it means freedom
tell me more a seizure because I think I know what you’re getting at I would love
to hear more of what you say ghost killer the KKK is Egyptians nope lol
okay I’m losing my okay I’m losing it here ghosts kill all the Romans hated
angles that’s why they built walls to keep up their heat out the anglo-saxons
reminds me of someone lol haha yes Wow interesting
it did not know that anesthesia Africans well New York law condemns all slayed
within the state to a lifetime of bondage any slave who was brought into
Pennsylvania would be granted freedom after six months which the President did realize until nearly the last moment his
secretary told him so Martha would March the slaves back to Iran so they could
keep them as slaves hmm I would love to read about that
interesting yeah I can’t imagine the states rights and and what not with all
these I mean we know I always feel like nowadays when I go to state to state
it’s kind of the same in the United States but I can’t imagine the
difference is in the borders and them oh my goodness it’s so crazy
um let me see I know what he’s talking about are you saying
Egyptian white Egyptians were white I’m not no no no I’m not saying that no I
know they were brown black people I think that’s kind of been proven hasn’t
it isn’t that like common knowledge but when I was member I’m old when I was a
little little girl learning about that the whitewash history didn’t say
anything they didn’t say they were they didn’t say they weren’t we didn’t talk
about that I was raised in the era of colorblindness word
you don’t talk about it you don’t notice it you don’t see it and that is a whole
other era it’s not a great thing I mean it’s better than being born into that
it’s at the era of like you know who’s glad membership or whatever but I was
born in the era of colorblindness where if you were white
you did not see color because everybody was treated the same and that’s the way
it was supposed to be and so we had to kind of figure it out um let me see here
yeah so no I’m not I’m not saying that I’m goes Kelly yeah they were slaves to
Romans Muslims that’s all I know I’m still currently learning the Moors
conquered Europeans over 500 years ago and gave you the guitar ah Tyrell the
lute and CJ welcome weight is always the default that’s kind of in America I know
that’s how a lot of white people feel they don’t consider themselves white
they’re just like we don’t question why band-aids are like more towards our skin
tone we just it’s the way it’s supposed to be you know we don’t we we’ve never
had to think twice about it and this for the most part in this generation and I’m
not speaking for everybody yes Egyptians were black don’t let these Caucasians or
so-called Arabs fool you being went wasn’t a thing until it was profitable
right it was done to to create the levels of who would be the haves and the
have-nots and that’s what it was for absolutely definitely interesting it’s
definitely an interesting time to live I tell you quickly about the census
scandal and then the rest of the news and then I know people probably getting
exhausted in one of their bed if census scandal and this is for us to watch out
for trumpet as clan will stop at nothing to fool the American people we all know
that this week the Republican National Committee has been setting out fake
census forms to thousands of Americans maybe you a good one I haven’t gotten
one that one the forms look so much like the real census and it is
absolutely on purpose and CJ and Kim that’s the issue now why people are
being required to think about whiteness and they hate it apps a stinking lutely
before we could go about our life never having to think twice about it and it
was a lovely beautiful blind little thing going on and now especially when
people protest at football games things like that then it makes us mad because
we have to think about it and we don’t want to think about it we want to just
go about our merry way feeling superior for the most part it’s kind of true good
point and so what really pisses us off when people like Colin Kaepernick make a
big deal of stuff like that because we don’t want to think about it we just
want to watch black people listen to their music we want to do it they do
dance like they dance but we don’t want to help with real equity that’s above
and beyond we just want to you know I’m saying I’m saying like it is and it’s
sad but it’s the truth yes supposedly we haven’t been right
ghost killer right so Mosley supposedly um you know a dark brown black or tan
person was the first ones according to everything I’ve ever read those were the
origins of human life and then we were like mutations because we couldn’t
handle them we had to like we couldn’t handle the the hotness which kind of
sizzle us so we had to that’s why people closer to the border are darker because
they have to do it think about your whiteness do you give up your do you
give your junk did you have white kids you’re not doing your part in my opinion
oh okay I am taking your opinion are you saying me personally or if you’re white
if you don’t give up your job and you have white kids
you okay I think I know what you’re saying and you say I don’t you’re
talking a meet or Janet mean personally or like everybody in general you feel
like to I mean I want to misquote you Oh me and other weights so you think
that if a white person is born white they should give up their job and what
it was the other one not have white you should not have white children you are
absolutely entitled to that opinion I don’t really agree with that personally
but I could see someone thinking that I mean absolutely I mean I don’t I don’t
judge you or blame you for thinking that um right
Anastasia Lucy was found in Ethiopia and the first modern human was found in mark
yeah thanks um Tyrell yeah I don’t it’s an interesting way to think about it I
can’t see what you’re saying actually I actually do I can’t say that like I
would want to do that personally or think otherwise you do that but I get
what you’re saying you should just go like the opposite way but then on the
other hand people who do that get hung as a criticism you know for take it it’s
you can’t can’t win you know because it’s not whiteness and the things I’m
talking about aren’t an individual thing it’s a system which of course is made of
individuals but one of us doing something it doesn’t really do much but
yeah no I see you’re saying so you’re saying talking about it isn’t good
enough we should take action and I kind of see I can see that and you know if
you get to know me you’ll you’ll learn more a little bit more about me and
stuff like that I don’t just talk although I did talk a lot but I do other
things but um I have gotten some death threats lately
so I am NOT into I’ll talk privately to you I’ve got
that’s I’m not into talking about my personal life anymore because I’ve
gotten some pretty real last week I had to kind of that last week it’s a long
story but um I got some very very tangible death threats you could say
it’s some scary shit so I don’t talk about my like life that
much on the UM on here anymore but in private I will tell you everything
systemic racism you are part of the system yes and because I am aware and
part of the system I do whatever I can do to try to make a difference within my
realm of humaneness yeah that’s what I do please talk it’s important to have an
open dialogue we are all part of the system so what is he saying
um I think it’s really important have an open dialogue just because I like to
meet white folks where they’re at and this show is for everybody to express
themselves but it’s also as a learning tool for white folks who don’t get it
and don’t kind of know what to do to listen to real-life people saying how it
is and it doesn’t hurt for them to listen to a real live white person
saying the word racist saying the word black and living through it because the
fear of I could say something wrong I could I say something wrong all the time
and I have to tuck my tail we’ve got okay I don’t have a tail I have to say
you know what I screwed up and I have to apologize and I have to learn from it
and I want to be an example to people because I get well you well when I once
upon a time when I was actually not kicked off of Facebook for real I would
get a lot of people writing to me like at least every other day saying and this
was you know a few years back they’ve never heard a white person talk like me
and white people need to start talking like me and
real and being honest and not playing this guilt game what’s to be guilty
about we didn’t do it we didn’t make it you know so oh you gotta go go Scott
thank you for being here thank you thank you thank you appreciate
you very much but my big thing is to meet people where they’re at sometimes
it’s just the really low level they don’t even want to talk about it they’re
afraid to talk about it so unfortunately it’s kind of a tough
thing so I start here and I do other things and I get people to talk about it
and see somebody talking about it and not like losing their mind although I am
kind of lose mine but it’s not cuz I’m talking about it it’s a whole other
things like I hope that and I like that you’re asking the real questions
I’m absolutely open to answering um let me see if I skipped anybody so why this
is not a color it’s a mindset yeah I wish dr. Cindy were here she explains
this very well but yeah it’s this is a tough thanks for being here moppy thank
you thank you um the system needs education talking
about this stuff is important Thanks nails on glitter like the way I look at
it is this there are two things that get people more open-minded one is traveling
the world which come expensive and the other is education and so that’s I try
to just educate and I have to educate in a really low level because you gotta
remember 50% of the white adults and yeah it’s it’s don’t have a clue they
think we’re in a post-racial era who we have a black president they don’t get it
so I’m agitating it I like it doesn’t even feel like I’m educating probably to
most people who are listening but they it’s a low level I guess I feel mixing a
sage but Kim I love you but I don’t believe that white people are ignorant
of what’s going on if they can work a smartphone or work in Silicon Valley
they can get it it’s lack of wanting to know absolutely I think it’s a lot of
its lack of wanting to now of it but also a lot of it is we are
completely we don’t have where there’s no we’re stuck in our little like bubble
and maybe we don’t 300 for white folks in America do not have a single close
friend close friend who’s not white so we we don’t know we’re like we don’t get
it we see TV yo what guess that’s teaching us I mean think about what TV
teaches us we hear propaganda we’re very susceptible we are immature and
underdeveloped in our ability to understand what’s happening before our
very eyes because we can hide from it and we can stay away from it we don’t
have a single close friend who doesn’t look just like us
and yeah they it’s it’s a really it’s a tough thing this is a good good
conversation you guys yeah and you know I used to when I was younger I thought
they just don’t get it I will teach them well you know what I’m
slowly done with that if today in this age but the overt racism with a
president we have if you don’t realize we have a problem then you don’t want to
know we have a problem we’re in the age of major information flow communication
technology is at its peak for good or for bad so yeah I I can I get that I
don’t think I was trying to say like they’re all so innocent but I think you
tend to just be so um in your own bubble and you can live your entire life that
way and never have to give a shit and never know you should give a shit is
this this crazy thing we we are pre 64 segregated in America it’s disgusting
I hope I’m yeah it’s a really tough I don’t know that psychology but I don’t
really get it but yeah Anastacia I’m done thinking they just don’t know I’m
not there I promise it’s just a continuum some people just
are blind to it really the very most extreme and then everyone else at some
level kind of sees it but you get normalized I got normalized when I was
little I was looking at all the people why aren’t they saying something miron
what’s wrong with these people and I was really the lot of six years
old when I noticed I’m like why aren’t they helping the people that need help
this is sick what’s going on why aren’t the people nobody it’s they’re
pretending it’s not there was raised in the era of colorblindness so I’m the
six-year-old kid watching I know there’s no excuse it’s just we get acclimated to
it because no one’s doing anything it’s more like okay I thought I was crazy I
might be crazy still bounce cut up I thought it was crazy because nobody
noticed and I did and nobody talked to me about it until I was 18 so that’s a
lot of crazy to live with um Anastasia Sally I agree yeah in this day and age
there’s no way in America no way I’d like to respectfully disagree I think
they’re emotionally under under develops but yeah I mean that’s one way to put it
um I think there’s like a multitude of reasons a lot of reasons why I mean a
lot of people are so just out of it they just don’t they’re so in their own life
that they just don’t there’s I mean there’s a million reasons none of it’s
an excuse it’s our responsibility to move along the continuum as best we can
what people don’t have to know they need to know right I mean we are so like not
getting it we it’s like the done increasing to say you’re so dumb you
don’t know how dumb you are to know you’re dumb it’s like it’s hard to
explain you know so little you don’t even know you know so little and that
that’s part of the whole psychology of it is you don’t realize how much you
don’t know cuz that’s how much you don’t know I’m not explaining it right but
absolutely oh it’s 2020 we’re still talking about
blackface and demonizing black men for being sexual deviants or suspending a
kid for wearing their hair that grows out of their head yeah they know it’s
just yeah it’s just they I just it’s okay where’d that go they let me
find you again can’t stand defiance they can’t they
can’t stand not being in charge or not being the standard yeah that whole thing
just on some level they absolutely have to know that it’s some sort of power
grab or something I don’t get but I just think there’s a lot of reasons why
people act like white supremacists I can’t like say that’s all one reason
personally but I don’t know what you’re saying makes sense
Jerry says not emotionally they like empathy yeah that’s true yeah I tried
all of the above but it’s all it’s a lot everything is a psychological
development yeah I mean I just don’t know I’m skipping people left and right
sorry but yeah I know I absolutely agree um nails of litter their victims too
they just have better prison cells you know what nails and glitter that is
incredibly deep thing to say read a bleep thing to say we just don’t get it
we just don’t get it and that’s the part that drives me crazy
unless you’re a bazillionaire and living the high life we are doing
our own self in by being racist it is not advantageous for the average
white person to be racist it is going against our best interest but we are too
ignorant to know it and we are doing ourselves in too
point thank you I love this conversation anesthesia thank you for I’m glad I
could find the part where you finished that makes sense yeah some great points
being made um you can’t them up and at the first girl whoops I just lost you
I’m so sorry can’t go before someone you’ve never met and everyone told you
to fear it’s a good point now some people can develop empathy by
simply so vicarious that they read or see a movie or get something but the
truth is until you live it white folks will never know exactly what it’s like
and that’s okay we can keep trying Fernan oh my gosh thank you so much for
listening you’re so sweet yeah I’m so happy you’re here um we’ll never know
but we’ll try told the day we die to understand and that’s all that anyone
can do it’s the right thing to do not a guilt that of being human this that’s
what humans do we we think we analyze we care we know that’s what we’re supposed
to do we’re lucky we’re actually humans we don’t have to react to our emotions
immediately we can stop if we’re afraid and say you know it’s kind of ridiculous
to be afraid like that and think about it and do something about it we don’t
have to just pounce we don’t have to just run we can think thinking is a good
thing so okay um let me see here like I could um answer you
I disagree they had I been thief or things that they can control some way to
love dogs more than their own mothers and children yeah it’s kind of
psychology is very complicated I don’t know the answers I will not even I don’t
even I won’t even pretend I know the answers um
nails unclear if the only person they’ve ever met looks like them they’ve never
develop a sense of personhood yeah I mean there’s there’s a lot all this is
true I mean there’s a lot to it Tyrel with big dog if white just gave
everything to blacks they were we would take charge and lead the world into a
new future um I think it’s possibility but I I
don’t think that uh I don’t think tyrio images might you know white opinion
however I think what black people need things given to them they’re black
people are kicking ass despite systemic racism in every single feel in every
single area in every single science and every single art and every single
physical I mean despite white folks in the system trying to make sure that they
stay down black folks are going to get their equity I have no doubt they do not
need to be given anything they are amazing but one thing we really need to
do all of us is to stop this goddamn systemic racism it’s ridiculous it’s
disgusting it’s it’s horrible it’s horrible and
every last one of us white folks need to just chip in and give a shit and we can
help expedite this this whole thing you know and yeah that’s just kind of my
thing but I understand what you’re saying nails alert and wait for Jody is
practiced constantly as an example for children right absolutely and it’s it’s
a system of you know it’s a cyclical familiar system we teach our children
like when I tell folks in one of my videos the best tragic childhood you
could give your child is to teach them anti anti racism if your white person do
not raise a child that does not understand systemic racism you were
doing your child a disservice because this world you need to raise a child of
the world not a child of your little teeny house that can deal with the world
it’s a disservice and it’s very abusive on some levels to race a racist child didn’t I say earlier that we
have to give stuff to Black’s I don’t think so
me I don’t think so did I I don’t I don’t think so
it’s tell me what you thought if you’re talking to me
but yeah let me just back it was I kinda like caught that I’m like wait what
sorry I’m just I’m Tara weights I’ve never met black people if they would
just come to black hoods they would realize we are good people
oh absolutely when I was Tara when I was oh god how old was I not try to age
myself here but okay fine when I was 23 I I was a school teacher I have mastery
and special and I didn’t teach special I tried regular I taught in Compton
Unified School District during the LA riots okay yes I’m old fine do the math
variety King rights you know when the police like basically like tried to
murder him and like went crazy and all that on him and I had never been raised
around black people per se and I was a school teacher too 37 23 year old 37
children in Compton California at the time they boasted the highest murder
rate for small towns in the country in our neighborhood there were seven
shootouts in an eight month period where you could hear shooting guns and you had
oh it’s a lockdown as code yelling you lockdown you there’s a whole protocol
and my kids would never duck they’re like we don’t have to duck him like yes
you do I was 23 years old I was 24 I was you know very young and these were my
babies I didn’t have children they were they were my first babies and they were
like anyone’s baby they were babies they were little little kids
I had fourth and fifth graders and they’re 9 and 10 years old and I had my
kids for I kept my students because I taught fourth fist so I got to keep him
for two full years in my class and I got to come as close as I’d ever come
two-seam what and this is that’s a very extreme case Compton was taken over by
the state and the LA riots took place in our whole place Don another school got
burned down I mean the entire everything got burned
down the whole it was burning it was horrible it was it was the only right
and my kids all came back with all these clothes and shoes and new things and we
talked and it was just it was crazy and I think it’s really important that
people understand that there are places in America that are like that and so it
was a great experience for me incredibly good experience I loved my
babies I didn’t I was raised in the color of colorblind era they were just
kids to me I didn’t I didn’t know how to teach I didn’t know how to help them I
just I did the best I can that’s how I started learning is by kind of figuring
out so yeah I was thought if president it was Bush at the time yeah President
Bush came down here for one week he would get a life he would he would get
Compton was redlined really badly and so the infrastructure
was such that you couldn’t really see the infrastructure they allowed it to
not they like the people in power made it so that places didn’t they’ve made it
like the hardest place to buy and since its kind of turned over a little bit
it’s a foster but redlining had a horrible impact on all the people
stopping people who were black from accumulating wealth and so what ended up
happening there were no jobs there were no there wasn’t a grocery store a bigger
store the corner store is expensive you can’t buy groceries at the corner store
and save money there was no grocery stores you couldn’t
even there’s a gas station I mean it was like it was crazy and the infrastructure
gave the school such little it’s a cycle of poverty that is created by our
government and pretty soon people have nothing left to lose and so
they ant that was a very very high gang area the Crips and the Bloods I was
their home so that’s and there were absolutely things that could be done
it’s called put money into the area put money into the schools put money into
the infrastructure build jobs do all this stuff but that’s not what that’s
not what the wait folks wanted to do they wanted to blame the victims so
anyway I will just that’s a whole long story I shouldn’t be talking about the
Rena um okay I’m confused she said she doesn’t think it’s her place to comment
on reparations yeah yeah I don’t it’s not my place to comment of reparations
um because it’s like a person of the in the like a group of the oppressor
doesn’t get to like be the the leader to say like well I know best what we should
do that’s just not right it’s not my place so I don’t give my opinion on
reparations it’s not how do I explain it I don’t explain it right it’s just not
it’s not my place it’s my opinion doesn’t matter on reparations I don’t
know better than the people living it I don’t know better how to solve the
problems of systemic racism than the people living it white people should not
have a voice when people of color talk yes I wouldn’t say they should not have
a voice but they should listen and learn like they shouldn’t be the leader
absolutely they shouldn’t not have a voice because they kind of be like into
it like they have to like be able to think and if they have a voice they just
go sit in the side and shut up you want them engaged but not like leading it you
want them hearing listening learning and all that and the reason I do this show
is because I’m using my white privileged to try to empower people white folks
need to teach other white folks hi this is not the responsibility of
oppressed people who are marginalized to also have to educate the oppressor
that’s ridiculous we are not owed an explanation we are
not owed in education white folks need to educate ourselves and so what I try
to do is educate white folks I do not teach black people anything not one
thing if I accidentally do then okay so be it but I don’t that’s not my place
that’s not my job this what I do is ultimately for white folks to learn and
that sounds really selfish but see I feel responsible for teaching them I
want them to learn it is not is not your responsibility as a black brown
indigenous Hebrew Israelite African American to be oppressed by us during
the day and then come teach us at night how to be human white folks need to take
the responsibility that’s just my opinion but okay
I will shut up now in Turkey you are in slavers and conquerors white folks have
been that’s true okay agree but we need–we people talking learning we wait
people to meet our agenda um and that is all see the only problem is there isn’t
just one agenda like black people and brown people and indigenous people
they’re not a monolith so what agenda it’s not like it’s more like people who
are white need to be learn to be allies it’s a lifetime-achievement you don’t
profess I am the ally you know nobody tells you you’re an ally it’s through
your behavior over time you don’t tell your self you’re an ally you
continuously learn and grow till the day you die if you’re right that’s just kind
of how it goes so I’m not sure if I’m explaining any of this but it’s kind of
a philosophy and I think it’s just really
horton that white folks learn and so that’s why I do what I do it’s just to
get people listening and talking and learning us on top of that is the agenda
and nothing else that might be your agenda but I don’t know that it’s a
monolith I think a lot of people think many things the only reason Ella is
because a lot of people tell me thanks so I get like I get stuff from here I
guess stuff from there I get I mean you name it I get it
when I had my groups of five thousand that I work with I swear to God every
single person had a different agenda so it’s everyone is an individual and
and I think system a grace is Amabile needs to be I think nobody would
disagree with that that’s it’s a needs to be dismantled um like nails and
litter that’s not my agenda so it’s like I’m telling ya everybody I talk to is a
different agenda extreme but just you know but that’s your opinion and you are
absolutely entitled to it you don’t need me to approve or just rube that’s you
think you get to think what you want to think and without anyone’s approval or
with or whatever but yeah it’s just um I can only talk from my own experience i I
don’t know if that’s the take that a lot of people have you’re pretty much the
first person that’s said it but I bet a lot of people think it but you’re like
bold kind of I’ve most people aren’t quite as bold to just like say it like
it is but I like it it helps me because the only way I can learn is a gift from
people who are living it it’s the only way I can read and read and read but
that’s not close enough I have to hear people and when you say stuff like that
like if you said that to just anyway person they probably oh my god I’m like
no I I want to try to get it it doesn’t matter if I agree or disagree I want to
get it you are one person who has an opinion and I want to get it and a lot
of times you’re you’re really bold I think it’s great that you’re on here you
see most people are so like trying to be all PC and not talk but I want
say it say it like it is you know say like it is cuz for you that’s your
reality so I’m gonna jump oh my god am i yapping away tonight when you come on
here you can bring up any topics you want if I don’t know what you’re talking
about I don’t have a phrase on it then you just have to provide us information
we’re all here to teach each other it’s not me being that I always prepare like
a bunch of stuff yep 500 years of it it’s not good it’s not good it’s been
really bad absolutely um I wanted to just quickly I
want to go over the sense of stuff really fast
I think everyone’s falling asleep and going the census stuff I have a video on
it if you want to check it out people um the GOP is trying to trick people
into filling out a census that’s a fake census they’re sending it around to the
most impoverished areas they want the count to they want people to think
they’ve been counted okay they want you to not only think you’ve been counted
but when you get the real one don’t fill it out and you will not get counted and
the money will be cut off and people who need this money for health care and for
food it’ll just not be enough and it’s a sick fucked-up thing but that is what
the GOP is doing this is not something I think this is something I know okay it’s
all over Pennsylvania right now in the newspapers I’ve seen it in four
different papers and people are getting fake census surveys and it looks real
because it is not against the law to use the word census it’s not against
the law to use the word census it’s not a copyrighted word or a you know it’s
not owned by anybody so watch out for fake census surveys
yes Vernon it should be absolutely criminal and they work around it all I’m
so happy you’re still here they work around it they they really
work around watch my video I talk about that like you think like you gotta be
kidding me that’s that’s so but yeah that’s what they’re doing right now and
Pennsylvania as we speak the sent the real census and also then
ask for money watch my video watch my video it’s right on it’s the last video
I it’s the last video I did other than yesterday’s calling show and it’s like
less than three minutes and it tells you everything you need to know and I’m
putting on there the the way if you get a census in you’re like okay is this
real is it’s not I mean this is really this is sick sick shit they’re doing I
mean that’s that’s even low for the GOP I mean that’s even low for them sorry to
say but watch out you need to fill out your census because that will give your
state money for special programs and the more people who fill it out the more
people they know were there and what they’re doing is the GOP they’re hitting
most impoverished areas on purpose Gary more cheating by the Conservatives
why am I not surprised ya know it’s it’s sick it’s really sick
and it’s hitting the most vulnerable people it’s just so mean I just I did a
video I’m gonna skip that part cuz I just want to blab on um let me see how
long this is okay really quickly let you know what’s gone on this week and it’s
been a ton I’m going to blab through this in case you have not caught all the
news because it’s been overwhelming people like and this is trumping above
the law this is ever since he got the air okay that he’s not in trouble he’s
being impeached but he’s not being booted out people exciters senator Susan
Collins can tell us that trumps learned his lesson he gets it now but I judge by
people’s actions and I’m sorry his behavior paints a very very scary
and different story he thought Trump wasn’t Boulton before the impeachment
you should see him now if you’ve missed any
the if you missed any of the news then you might have missed like ten things
because he is on a rampage okay he’s not learned his lesson unless that lesson is
that he is absolutely above law emboldened but this means for our nation
is that we are in a downward spiral of gleaming fascism and it’s happening
exponentially and it’s happening fast what he did in this week alone the
damage he’s caused Trump’s not being held accountable anymore for his
behavior and he knows he’s above the law and he’s taken advantage of so here’s
what happened this week and I bet you could add other things too I’m this
isn’t everything the first of all it’s ready to her
general attorney General William Barr a co-conspirator
sorry just edit it in exacting like Trump’s crooked personal attorney rather
than a man who’s supposed to be representing the people of America this
week attorney Barr took control of legal matters of interest to trump and
including wing in and influencing Roger stone sentencing case because that’s his
friend and he doesn’t think it’s fair yesterday Trump attacked the prosecutors
on Twitter recommending saying seven to nine years for stone for a witness
tampering in line Congress and it’s just a horrible thing and hours later the
Justice Department overrule it and its own prosecutors and push for more
lenient sentence for Trump’s dear friend so essentially William Bar blasted I
mean he’s he’s a co-conspirator to Trump’s poor behavior and really out of
control inappropriate not presidential behavior and this is how to control I don’t think you’re ready to discuss
whiteness I will be back tomorrow or some other time okay well thank you so
much for being here I appreciate a lot and I appreciate your candidness it was
really good I think it made for a great conversation I think is it but alright
sorry you don’t think I’m ready to discuss it but um
I get it so I hope you don’t you know don’t don’t give up on the show this is
a show to discuss so we’re discussing goodnight and thank you for being here I
do appreciate it um okay so during so Trump’s loses mind then William Bar
blasted the leniency of sanctuary cities saying how bad it is at the same time
he’s begging for a shorter sentence for Roger stone the four attorneys working
on the case basically resigned they’re like we’re done attorney Gerald Barr has
agreed to give testimony this is really weird
he’s agreed to give testimony for the Judicial Committee and House next month
amid growing questions over the administration’s alleged interference in
a criminal case with the close out you know Roger stone so I’m just trying to
buzz through this cuz it’s bedtime for everybody I’m sure GOP senators say
Trump shouldn’t weigh in on pending sentences
but they clearly aren’t doing anything about it and they will not see him in
the Senate to talk to him so I mean they’re they’re in on it basically
senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts on Wednesday called
attorney for attorney general bar to resign I don’t know if you guys heard
that and the light of what he did you know going on and helping for a shorter
sentence for Trump’s buddy it’s kind of getting out of control
soon after Trump decided to withdraw Jesse Luce Treasury nomination and this
was she was used to be these prosecutors boss and she was going to get a special
nomination to be treasurer and they took it away thank you so much for being here
good night thanks for being here really appreciate you and so I think a lot of
people might know this already CNN confirmed that this was the case
that Trump dumped her because of her association with them initially it
wasn’t clear but CNN says they confirm it is
perfectly clear this week lieutenant bin Minh and his brother were marched out of
the White House as was the ambassador of the European Union they were dismissed
for testifying truthfully nothing like a little truth to get your ass kicked out
Trump wants witnesses punished or the Pentagon which I certainly doubt they’re
going to do anything it’s obvious that yeah if I say retaliation is against the
law but you see Trump and his clan know how to circumvent and that’s what they
do there’s no one to keep Trump accountable anymore it’s certainly not
gonna be willing willing bar he’s absolutely aiding in this sick process
now bars Justice Department is receiving Giuliani’s information about Ukraine
against the buttons and they want to act on it now the FBI has notified the
Attorney General’s Office that any that there is a restriction on them covering
any political candidates there memo was obtained by the New York Times stating
that the department justice has the responsibility to make sure that
elections are free from improper influence activity bars orders came
after the Justice Department’s inspector general Michael Horowitz found that the
FBI’s investigation into president Trump’s former campaign aide Carter page
was ruined with errors and false information so under the new guidelines
the FBI must get ours approval first before investigating wait for it a 2020
presidential candidate or their senior staff The Times reported so now we’re
making rules to protect our illegal behavior just to spell it out I think
they got that right Barr has also overseen the federal prosecutor of that
Lev pinus and Igor phoom and I’m off I’m saying their names right um their
business associates of trumps personal low Rudy Giuliani on campaign finance
charges parse war central to the now finished impeachment
he had damning an evidence but he was not allowed to say anything in front of
the Senate because there were no witnesses he really wanted to testify as
many of us know and lastly I think Oh second-to-last Lee yesterday the GOP
Senate blocked three election security bills yes you heard that correct
election security bills that would require disclosing foreign offers or
interference hmm put that together with this new rule
and guideline that bar must have approval hmm I say we’re covering up
some stuff we’re making rules as we go and it’s pretty sync okay I lied there’s
two more things newly redacted emails show how Trump’s
Office of Management and Budget deliberately misled Congress about the
Ukraine and lastly Mitt Romney did the right thing and the Louisiana State
centered him his punishment for his heartfelt explanation of why he could
not vote along with all the other spineless suckers that are terrified of
truth so honesty does not pay and the Trump administration clearly being a
criminal a hardened corrupt criminal who sticks by Trump pays everything else not
so much so I am finished for the night all that happened in one week since the
Republican clan acquitted Trump and the Senate despite knowing he was guilty as
f uck and those are just two things that were
impeachable offenses there’s about 20 plus more so I’m gonna say good night
and that was the weekend like a really quick nutshell anyone who’s still here
thank you so much for watching if you believe like I do that is way
past time for us to learn about stomach racism bigotry inequality and corruption
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everybody and don’t be stranger and hopefully I’ll
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