Real Life HORROR Stories About Cheap Men (I’m Shocked!)

Real Life HORROR Stories About Cheap Men (I’m Shocked!)

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My dear elegant ladies,
welcome back to another video. Recently, I had a bit of an interesting thing
going on in my Instagram stories. If you haven’t followed me on
Instagram, make sure you follow me. It’s @SchoolOfAffluence It all started with this meme that
I found and I re-posted it in my story. The meme goes like this, “One time,
a guy offered to call me an Uber home, but then he noticed there
was a surge pricing. So he pretended his phone died and
I dated him for an entire year.” I thought it was such a good example
because this is everywhere. Women just being desperate, just going with all kinds of
low level men. And for me, it’s really important to raise awareness
of this because I have a channel and a school, based on being a high-quality
woman and a high-quality woman has self-respect. A high-quality woman dates
high-quality men. And high-quality men, they don’t treat women like this.
So after I posted this, I started getting a lot of interesting
stories sent to my inbox from fellow elegant ladies. And some of
these stories were so horrible, I really had to repost them and it did
create a lot of engagement and horror in my Instagram. Now it starts with, “My story is the worst. I was engaged with a guy,
we were living in Barcelona, so he organized a trip to Mexico.
When we arrived at the airport, I understand, he bought himself a
business class ticket and for me, an economy. And the guy told, baby, why are you so angry? I’m tired from work and I want to
relax with a glass of wine. Of course, I did not get into that plane and
I blocked him everywhere.” I thought, this woman really led by
a really good example. You treat me like this,
you get blocked, bye! Even if it is on the level of fiance
because this is a very good warning sign. What the man thinks of the woman,
how he respects her or more likely, how he disrespects her and how
he just is extremely selfish. And do you really want to
marry a man who is selfish, who wouldn’t upgrade you as well?
I will get to this a little bit later, but it’s absolutely not okay to be with
a man who treats himself better and then doesn’t treat you as well.
Now we have another good example. “A guy I was dating, invited me to come to his vacation
house in Dubai and he told me, I don’t need to worry about money
and stuff. He’ll buy me a ticket. Instead of buying me a
direct flight ticket, he bought me the cheapest available
ticket and I had to travel for 15 hours because I was transferring.
And meanwhile, he is flying around in his private jet.” Oh ladies, ladies, ladies. It is so not a gentleman to first of all, to buy a woman an the economy
flight ticket. Ladies, I think is very disrespectful.
If the man is affluent and he has the money, then he has to buy a business class
ticket or first class tickets. That is non-negotiable. Of course, if we’re talking about regular
men with regular incomes, I understand the situation
may be different. But then the fact that he doesn’t
even buy her direct flight, that is unacceptable. She has to go through all this annoyance, just so that he can save
a few hundred dollars. It’s ridiculous and I hope,
none of you, my dear, elegant ladies allow a man
to ever treat you like that. A man should be treating you like
a treasure and really make you feel comfortable at all times, even if
it has to cost him a little bit. Oh, there’s more stories with him. “He was always calling me the cheapest
version of Uber Toyota Prius in London while he is driving
around with his chauffeur.” I think this also is
another good sign of a man. How he’s seeing you? Is he getting you the cheapest possible
Uber or is he actually making sure that he leaves a positive
impression on you, making sure you travel in comfort
and really just orders you the best? You don’t even have to be rich to be
able to ride in the most expensive Uber. You don’t have to have a lot of money
for that. It’s truly just act of manners. It really says a lot about a
person, about how stingy he is, about how he treats other
women. And of course, how invested he probably is in you.
I mean, I’m sure a lot of these men, they maybe weren’t that interested
in these women to tell you the truth. Because if they were, they would perhaps have truly wanted to
leave a better impression than treating these women like this. However, there are also lot of men who are just
stingy by nature and nothing will ever change that. And a lot of
the times, ladies asked me, what do I do with the man who stingy,
how can I make him to change? Well lady, that is like sprinting uphill in an
uphill that will probably never end. It’s just too exhausting. It’s very tricky and I personally
do not really recommend. I don’t think even the majority
are able to change. I think, the best bet if you are with
a man who is stingy by nature, judt move on. If generosity is important for you
and you feel like you can do better, I would move on. And I have
personally moved on in the past. One of the things I’ve always tested
first in a man is how generous he is because it’s so important for me.
I want to be treated like a lady. I don’t want to feel like money is
an issue or he’s downgrading me, or he’s really being cheap with me. That makes our love feel
cheap. Unfortunately, money is a love language at the end
of the day and it is important and especially for women. We want to feel
protected and we want to feel secure, and this really amplifies that. Somebody added, “It is worse when he offers to get you
an Uber and when you arrive at home, you realize, he put the payment to
cash and you don’t even have cash.” There is an option in Uber, maybe not in all countries, where you
can pay either by card or by cash. And this is, how stingy behavior! How rude of a man to do such a thing! This is such a low level
of men we’re talking about. I don’t really know even what to say.
I’m truly speechless. Probably, these men have not been
educated. Another lady said, “I went on a trip to visit Australia
with a man I was dating who lived there. He booked us a helicopter trip
to a sand bank for picnic. Then had a massive tantrum
when the pilots said, I should sit in front
to get the best view. He was livid as he paid
for it. I was mortified, ignore him for the entire picnic and hang
out with the hunky pilot and book the flight out ASAP after we got back
and experience, for sure.” Now, this is a really good example
of a gentleman behavior, so a man should be offering
the best seats to a woman. It is common courtesy from a man. If a man doesn’t do it,
he has bad manners. He has no etiquette skills, whatsoever. Do you want to be with that type of man?
I mean, think about it. We are here, upgrading ourselves, polishing
ourselves to become sophisticated, elite lady so that we can
attract a high quality man. Even though this man affords to fly her
around in a helicopter in Australia, this man lacks class and etiquette. What I personally think is that sometimes, you don’t even have to have a lot of
money to be able to be a good man. Sometimes, it’s enough to just being extremely
gentlemen and look after his woman and treats his woman like a princess. And regardless of the
amount of funds that he has, spend as much as
he affords on a woman. That my ladies is a good man, regardless of the dollar signs.
If I have any men watching me right now, please do take notes because you always
wanted etiquette for men videos from me, well, here you go. By the way,
ladies, before I continue, you know that I do have a free cheat
sheet where you can meet affluent men, high quality men. I have gathered
210 places in a free cheat sheet, so visit. and download this
free cheat sheet. Hopefully you won’t meet any of these
types there. This one is just horrendous, but I don’t even know what to say. “My now ex-boyfriend and I
went to McDonald’s and he asked me what I’d like to eat.
I wanted three chicken burgers. They’re small and one
would cost like €1.30 and he got angry
because that’s expensive. But he bought himself six hamburgers
and extra sauce. LOL.” Well, I mean, okay, McDonald’s is perhaps
not a very elegant place to begin with. But if you see again, a man who rather spend on
himself, rather treat himself, than be nice to his woman. What type of level of
men you think this is? Do you think this is
somebody worth investing in? Could you see a future with him?
Could you rely on him in the future? Of course not. Because this is stingy, cheapskate who will only be thinking
about himself and you will always end up suffering as a result. And when we
do this transformation as women, because we want to have
better quality men, we do it so that we don’t have
these headaches in the future. So we could live a good life. It’s a basic human instinct
to want to have a good life, but if you are being treated like this,
I mean, who is going to be happy? I don’t think this is
asking for much as women. I think this should be
a basic principle, ladies. So this one is very interesting. “When I was living in London, I met
somebody and he invited me for dinner. It was raining outside and I sent him my
address and asked to send me his driver or worst case, Toyota Uber after me.” Number one, a lady should never compromise.
It should never be a Toyota Uber, which is the cheapest version of an Uber. It should always be the more expensive one,
or preferably his driver. “He told me to take a tube or a bus.
Imagine me, rain, blowdry, heels and tube. Okay. I was
living in central London, a few steps away from
restaurants, but I didn’t care. For me it was disrespectful. It doesn’t matter how much money you
have or you don’t have, it is basic rule. Take care of lady who
you invited for dinner.” Perfectly well said. And I really want you ladies to take that
away with you today because this is a matter of respect. You invite a woman for dinner and then
you don’t care how she gets there or how she gets home, especially if it’s raining, especially she’s wearing heels and she
made herself look really nice for you so that you can be admiring her all evening. And then you don’t care about her like
she’s some little, it doesn’t matter, she’s a little trash or
something. No ladies, it’s unacceptable. This is why a man has to always
send the car for you, always. And unless, we put our foot down and really
say that this is my address, when is the driver coming? Are you sending me an Uber or is
your driver coming to pick me up? That is a standard line. All my elegant ladies should be
saying to all the men they’re dating. So the last one is actually quite
interesting as well because she says, “I once met an American guy in Monaco
and we went to a bar in the hills, former Vista Palace Hotel
and took a drink each person. When the waiter brought the bill,
he looked at me and asked, do you mind getting this? I was too shocked to say no and best
part was I had to drive him home as he didn’t have a car. On Instagram, he’s presenting himself
as a very affluent guy selling million, billion worth mansions in Miami.” She even sent me the man’s Instagram
page and he looks really good. You would have never have guessed that
a man like that of such caliber would treat you like that. But this is what you really
need to pay attention to ladies. There’s a lot of smokes
and mirrors out there. There’s a lot of people who are
wannabes, faking rich and all that, but it’s not only about does he have
money or does he not have money? I mean, clearly, this guy also locked
a lot of class, but ultimately, what this is about is that you have to really let a man prove
themselves and their net worth. Because don’t get too blind with first
impressions and how he appears on Instagram and so on. You actually need to really
test a man if he’s generous, if he’s really legit, is he
really who he says he is? Actually, if you go to and download my free cheat sheet, I do offer a paid masterclass of
how to tell if a man is really affluent or not. Because there are some things you really
need to look at to really see if he’s fake rich or real rich. So that’s at But ladies, all I have to say is that you really
have to be careful and you really have to be a little bit selfish.
I think that us women, we are so used to being the
second nature all the time. I feel in a way that that’s
kind of the older generation. That’s really how the women were back
then and we have probably inherited a lot of that spirit, which is absolutely wrong. Women are of high value
and men depend on women. I would say, men depend on women
more than women depend on men. So it’s really important
to stop being so desperate, stop giving in so much. If we just stop feeling
so much guilt and give in, feel oblige and make
excuses or the worst, allow this gold digger shaming, the society is doing
to us on a daily basis. If we just start with that
and we put our foot down, and we stop spoiling these men who are
clearly like the dating climate is, it’s not good these days. And I’m sorry,
but it’s not only to blame men, it’s also to blame women. It’s partly our fault because
we allow this to happen. I want to actually end this video with
the last post and it was a little bit sad in a way. There are not only bad men
out there, there are also good men. But I do want you to think a little bit
about everything that I’ve said in this video and here comes this message. “I wish I had these lessons before. I was taught that money isn’t the
priority and what’s wrong with the woman working? So I’m married, the nice guy
from a modest family. He talked about ambition, but I should
have looked at where he was now. He’s still talking. He offered
me a new iPhone for my birthday, but I received a second hand
Galaxy phone. He said, it’s new to me because it will replace
the old one. If he paid for trips, I paid him back by covering our
expenses for a while to match it. In the meantime, I finished education,
progressed in career and saved, and bought us a house. These ladies that you mentioned
all got lucky escapes. I have two children now so I have to
think hard about any escape from this. I am stuck having the opposite
of what a lady should. I am the breadwinner and I hate it. Being the nice guy is not enough when
there are bills to pay and you are treating everyone, but no
one is treating you. Ladies, trust any clues you get and run.” And that’s how I want to end this video
because I do want you to re-evaluate the men you’re dating, the attitude
you have, how they treat you, and what you actually accept.
Because I think, a lot of you ladies are
accepting unacceptable treatment that shouldn’t be this way, that hasn’t been like this in the past,
but the climate has changed. Think about this ladies
and I will leave you there. Now if you really want to understand
on a deeper level why I will never pay for a man ever, make sure to watch my next video where
I really go in depth on this topic. And maybe you will understand me then.
I will see you in that video.


  1. This is an excellent video. Ladies, always trust your instincts and recognize clues. If it does not feel right or good to you, leave.

  2. I agree with this, except the helicopter ride, the hunky pilot was obviously flirting with the girl. Helicopter rides are a manly ride, the men should be up front, plus, helicopter rides are often buisness/real estate related. If I paid for the helicopter ride I would have wanted to be upfront too, especially if it was business-related

  3. Southern ladies would never go out with a man who didn’t pick her up and bring her home. All this calling an Uber is unacceptable. Also if he is driving, he should drop you off by the door of the restaurant and not expect you to walk from where he parks if there is no valet. My husband always does because his mother raised him properly.

  4. As a man with relatively little money, I am shocked. Wouldn't even treat a woman like this if the relationship was ending. Respect is really key, self respect even more so. Nobody should just settle. Whoever you are dating should make you feel better about yourself. Classy is not the same as rich, apparently.

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    I should be treated better than he treats himself.
    Great advice for men! Women just want to be treated well!

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  8. My guy is a regular guy. My has very good manners . He surprised my with a trip to the islands for my birthday! When we checked in there was a chance to upgrade to first class. And he upgrade me.

  9. Understanding one’s value is key here for ladies. Modern feminism has unfortunately created some of these issues. Men get complacent whilst women work hard to get on equal footing in the society. Men and women play different roles and there can never be equal in every single sense. Raise your sons well to respect all women, ladies.

  10. I really agree with you. We like to look the best, save money and buy an expansive dress and of course a clutch to look the best and we deserve to be treated as the best because we deserve the same we offer… I have a man who always buy the best for me and I also by the best for him. He is not affluent just well educated 👌🏻

  11. I think if you're not in a financial position to pay for a date, then you shouldn't be dating. You should be focussing on building your career and elevating your income. Men and women alike, I'd like to add.
    Because yes, a man should pay for a date but ladies if you're left in a sticky position for whatever reason, you've gotta be able to hold your own

  12. This was a great video and you will help many young women. Over the years, I have experienced the stingy, mean, lying controlling types of men- They’re not worth it! Run!
    I finally found a quality man but the journey was interesting to say the least.

  13. We do let men get away with too much these days! I just did a video on men protecting and providing. It’s my standard. For some reason, probably a man troll, I’ve been fighting YouTube because of people who have reported my video as ‘shocking’ full of cursing (which I do not cuss in my video), and content that is in appropriate (which I assure you there is none). I think it’s a conspiracy on men trying to keep us ladies in a position for them to take advantage of us. I know it’s the low level men, but they outnumber the high quality men ten fold. But this video is right on point.

  14. Good job Anna to inform women like that.

    We are too much women we don't know our real value.

    Our mum and pa didn't learn us that….
    Parents first are stupid….

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  17. Thank you Anna for exposing these truths. Funny now but certainly not at the time. I have also seem a correlation between how kind a man is and how fun he is. The stingy ones are always the most boring men!

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    We are responsible of raising our standards. 🙏❤️

    Regards from an Aries sister in Mexico City!

  20. I went on few dates with a man who dressed head to toe in designer, rolex watch drove an expensive car etc and at the time I was unemployed and struggling. we decided to go out and he picked me up, he asked me to give him petrol money, then I ended up paying for both our drinks. Other times we'd have dinner I paid my half or I treated him to something on me. I litearly had to pull money from my life emergency savings for this, dumbest way I ever spent my money.

  21. I have known my guy for 4months now he is so rich nice n caring he treats me like a princess but guys help he is so local not ready to change or upgrade, he w introduce you to anybody n everybody, ladies and talking of a man who recently bought me an iPhone 11 and is planning to get me an SUV car from the pics he sent to me. But I must confess am a shame of him I don't even have the courage to introduce him to my friends or family my ex has found a career out of this situation. My boyfriend is so stereotype but he happens to be the only one that has made me live the life am living now

  22. My man is poor and in debt. He has a pretty big loan for his age and I help him a lot to pay it off so we can enjoy life sooner. When we just dated once he paid and other time i did (i like being independent and equal) . If I was not engaged to him id be rich af but i dont care. He works so hard and saved up so much. He gave me diamond engagement ring. He said hed rather buy me small diamond ring than some fake zirconia or something. He works so hard all the time to make me feel better and raise our life quality. Today he is on business trip (he is away for two weeks now)and since he cannot be here for Valentine's day he just sent me some money to go ahead and buy myself something nice. He is not the richest but we will both grow,work hard and get rich together(I'm 20 and he is 22)

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  26. Ladies I have a question,
    How do you feel comfortable with a man you met as a stranger? I started dating a man I met at a coffee shop. He took me to amazing dinners we had great conversations, but I never felt comfortable with the fact I didn’t really know what he was doing in his time I couldn’t see him (meanwhile he was worried about me). He had nothing to worry about I am in grad school and not a sneaky girl. His worry made me feel like he was worried about me doing what he might have been doing (like a cheater getting suspicious a partner is cheating). I broke things off. However I met another man (more generous) but we live in different countries. Any advice on feeling comfortable!

  27. I went out on a date with a man to Mexican food. And we had to go. To the early bird special because it was cheaper. My meal cost $5 and I had a margarita that was $10 when the bill came. He made a scene over the cost of my drink. It was so embarrassing. I can't believe I was ever in that situation.

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  30. If a man lets you sit in economy, while he is in first class- then you decide to have sex with him…. you are the dumbest woman alive and deserve misery.

  31. My problem was… I started that pattern early in life. My mom begged me to get a job instead of finishing high school so that she could kick out our abusive father. Well, she didn't kick him out and i tolerated abuse while still being the breadwinner. First guy that was nice to me had me shocked. He said things that I didn't like as well but i had no clue as to how to respond. Even though i am much older now. I now realize how quality i was back then…and even still am today. I'm still shocked as to how much I tolerated but…when the pattern starts young…it's hard to break. But i am grateful that the pattern is, in fact, broken. So thankful for broken things😊

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    We broke up on his birthday and a gave him a Zippo, still when I already knew he was cheating me, but told him I wanted my money back. He blocked me after this.

  35. Oh! I believe that the person who extends an invitation to anything (taxi, drinks, restaurant, trip, massage ) must be ready to foot the bill, regardless of the gender (if it is I who invite, I am ready to pay) and only if the other party insists to share or pay the bill I may accept the arrangement. Anyone who "invites" you and makes you pay is a dork and be away from him/her. (That doesn't include girls' outings where the modalities are discussed beforehand)

  36. I got breakfast with a coworker once. His food was a little more expensive and then he ordered an expensive coffee. He let me finish the coffee and then insisted we split the check down the middle. 😳😳

  37. My current boyfriend covers everything but I try to lighten the load while I can. ❤️ He isn’t rich and I did manage to save some money while I worked (also thanks to him.) I have a bad marijuana habit though. If I’m spending, it’s on that! My dog is also chronically ill with Diabetes which is a little expensive month to month- omigoodness he even picked up that tab. 😩❤️

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  41. I feel like you sitting on a chair talking about how the woman should choose men and why and so on. I think every woman want to have a men who is rich and have good behavior and manners. Sometimes it does not work out for woman to find or have those affluent men, these video's really can make woman insecure and unhappy because their goal finding a rich or affluent men is not there yet or meaby will never be there. You are the one who search her whole life almost, when you where teenager you where finding and searching rich men in Italy all day, while other woman worked, studied, paying the bills, having health issues and so on. That is also the differents. Unless you have network. You also have tasted this cirkel and got obsessed with it. That's why you are so driven by those type of men. I can see that through your video's. I will be honest. These video's you made use to motivate me but made me at the same time very unhappy because I wasn't happy what I am blessed with. I was living for the future and not in the presence. I want to share this meaby other women here feel the same or I can help them to be aware from this feeling. I know it is 'possible' as you always say, but not for every woman in these community. And of course you are giving courses at your website about how to find those men. I really was interested, until I found out that I had to pay 340 dollar to purches your course. I find it weird because you are rich because of your men, why you ask that much money if you really want to help us? And it isn't even guaranteed. I do believe you are a good woman but sometimes you have to be realistic with us…

  42. If I don't get a red carpet treatment from a man I would never even consider that guy. Generosity is important to me because I am a generous person as well.

  43. I've had a few horror stories. Once I went out on a date with an affluent man. He took me out to an upscale restaurant. For the second date he requested I pay for it. Because "Things will get repetitive if he pays for everything, and he wants to see if I'm thoughtful." Mind you I am a uni student this man is a successful Lawyer with much more money than me. (Not like that makes a difference a man should pay regardless) but still! I told him "I'm not used to things like that. I'm used to being courted." He then said Okay I understand and suggested we go for a walk in a park instead. I was just thinking It's winter in London so it's freezing that wouldn't even be enjoyable! He was just trying to think of the cheapest possible date……what a cheap cheap cheap man. I told him I was no longer interested in seeing him anymore and blocked his number.

  44. I once had a blind date where this guy tried to pay for our movie with expired coupons and then for dinner, he tried to haggle the price of Lobster. After all of this cheapness, he thought that I would want to go home with him. Uhm, not even!

  45. dear ones , money doesnt have to do with quality men , elegant woman woudnt teach others woman to search a website for rich mens 😉

  46. 2 years ago I was in situation with cheap man treating me cheap way. I wish I was more self-confident, aware and demanding back then. I would say STOP earlier, unfortunatelly I let him treat me this way and at the end he did something unforgettable what finally opened my eyes and I said "farewell" to him. I'm so glad that you are running this channel. I'm a person who doesn't care about expensive brands and luxury lifestyle, but elegance, class and respect is really important to me. I wish you everything best. Never stop talking about such things, even if it's controversial.

  47. In my country, most men even the broke ones.. especially the broke ones actually say providing for a woman is a no no because they are not the lady's father and a relationship is 50/50

  48. Thank you Anna for this video. I am not seeking a rich man or any man because I have a husband already 🙂 But this video opened my eyes on something important. Greetings from Poland.

  49. In Germany’s it’s now getting common when beeing a couple, the woman pays equally for the man in a restaurant. What is your opinion on this?

  50. I think if a lady is not committed to a guy and he treats her this way, in this case why would that man invest so much on her when he knows she is not the long term material and just a thing he'll use and leave and the woman has no self-respect herself and no values. When a woman don't respect herself how can she expect others to respect her. But if a rich husband treats her wife this way(which is not so common), then this type of treatment is so not fair because that woman is with the guy under a contract and the wife has right to protest against such treatment. If my husband ever treat me this way I'll make sure he don't do it again and he won't because he would not wanna loose a wife who he knows is always there in thick and thins. Sometimes men just need you to teach them how to treat you well.

  51. Dear Ladies, I am here as I got this video suggested. I have watched that on my own and then with my husband. And well, fully agree with class and manners, but I can't agree at all, that men should pay for women. Ladies, it is 2020. We women, we are working. We have our own money and we are equal to men. I would never let any man to pay my taxi, flight ticket or dinner as long as I perceive him as my potential partner. However I would pay dinner for my friend. I am not expecting any men to pay women expenses, especially not just because we call our selves elegant ladies. I would have hoped that, your strive for elegance is for your self and not to find someone to….. sorry pay the bill. Is that self respect ? No matter what, I wish you all the best and enough courage to be independent, educated, women. With strong sense for progress in your lives.

  52. 2:25 Oh my goodness, ladies, that Dubai story scared me. Ladies don't ever go over to another country on the sole promise that a man will pay for everything and that you don't need to bring any money. Always, always, always have your own money. What if you get there and he turns out to be a total creep? Then you don't even have money to fly back home. You are in essence caging yourself into a corner. Please do not ever do that. Unless a man is your husband, you must have your own money to fall back on. I'm not saying he can't pay for or buy you things, but he is not your primary source of money and never should be while dating.

  53. One other thing, don't go on a boat with a complete stranger. You will be out on the ocean or lake at his mercy with no way back to shore if he misbehaves. A lady always leaves herself a way out. You must never allow any man to corner you in any situation. Always have a way out for your own protection.

  54. My boyfriend and I are poor students. We live together and there hasn’t been a day where I don’t feel appreciate it or deeply loved by him. He makes me feel like a princess, he respects my sleep, my time, my family and friends. Once a year he makes a big effort and gets me a very nice present and I love the effort. Soon, he will become an engineer and I will become a doctor here in the US. I will never change the fact that we have been through thick and thin together.

  55. I would also like to add, beware of men who ALWAYS ask women to reach place nearby to him to meet. Basically, he will never travel that same distance ever for you. Sometimes, it's okay to do that to understand each other's busy schedule. If a man NEVER makes an effort to reach to you, he should be out even if he is not a cheapskate. I have made the mistake of avoiding this red flag and later realized the amount of time I have wasted on him.

  56. Love your channel Anna! Thank you for sharing these real life stories and giving your feedback. It si very helpful on a real world level.

  57. In the 1970's I went out with a guy because my dad asked me to go out with him. We went to a matinee movie because he worked nights. That didn't alarm me. But what did was when he went to buy refreshments he purchased one drink and one popcorn and wanted me to share with him. I said no way and called my dad from a pay phone and made him come get me. My dad was embarrassed because the guy was so cheap and never asked me to go out with a guy again. He may have questioned my choices but figured I was a better judge than him about the guy I wanted and needed in my life. LOL

  58. Thank you, Anna! Always very sound advice!
    I have so many stories like the girls in the comments and the video! And each time everything only got worse and I was dating guys worse and worse. Until recently, when I realized that it wasn’t normal when I discovered some lectures on family psychology on YouTube! This led me to discover where all of this grew from and I decided not to take any crap from anyone any longer! Ladies, if you’re dealing with guys that don’t respect you, you don’t respect yourself. And that’s none of your fault, because you didn’t know better. This most often comes from your childhood and early relationships in your life, which unnoticeably ate away at your self esteem. Hence, why you thought you deserved the guys treating you that way. Let’s open our eyes together and see the people in our lives for what they are and only accept proper treatment!

  59. I hanged out with younger men who bought the girls of the company the drinks and older men with a prominent job who never even think to buy us anything. Low budget men often behave to their women like princesses offering the best they can, those men are real diamonds so Mr Skroutz shouldn't be a companion choise….No matter if a woman is single for some time she deserves a real generous caring man by her side.

  60. Dear Anna…. these reasons and some others took me to break up with the man i was with before. I put myself first. I have done everything for him snd what I got in return? Nothing. I have chosen myself and breaking up was the best decision I have ever taken since we got together.

  61. You’re cheapening the equality you fought so hard to attain and depreciating what love is by teaching other women that money is a “love language.” If you get a free airfare, meal, or ride home, don’t look a gift horse in the mouth. There’s nothing less elegant than being superficial and ungrateful. This woman’s treatise is why men aren’t marrying anymore. Materialism is empty and unfulfilling.

  62. What about stingy women? How would you call a person who never offers to pay his or her share, regardless of gender? Isn't that the same? I'm interested in your opinion.

  63. And another thing.If a man doesn't spend money on you , dont expect him to financially support the children that you have with him too! So many mothers love to complain that their ex doesn't financially help with their kid but when you ask them if he was generous with them , most times the answer is no.Your children are also negatively affected when you only date cheap men so don't do it !

  64. I am at a point that I am not in a relationship and focusing on my art career. Due to abusive relationships and a challenging upbringing my self worth has really suffered. Right now I have a few good male friends that I enjoy the company with but will never have a relationship due to the fact that I want what you suggest in your videos, to be a high value woman. These friends are good as friends but will never be good love interests. It is taking me time to change old habits but I am fed up at this point with dating losers! I thank you for your videos as I know they help many women like myself. Xxxooo happy valentines day

  65. Ana, I love these videos you do. Nowadays everyone believes in struggle love, as you should stick with a man even if he is low and sometimes I think it makes girls and woman think they have to settle for less. I agree with what you say, generosity is absolutely key in a relationship. I am a college student so I understand maybe I might have a relationship where he can not buy me bags and take me luxury vacations. But a man providing whatever he can to you having manners and etiquette is key. Could you please do a video on how a college student can be classy on campus, maybe proper clothing ettiequte. I try always to look polished with simple outfits. But I would like your advice because I always get great tips from you. Thank you for the video my love.

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