RE: Gay College Football Player Kicked Off Team

RE: Gay College Football Player Kicked Off Team

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hi is a season sensitive favorite e-card
here outlines response intense video on the day bowling was thrown off that of
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for having a boyfriend he would get a with the boycott which made him
doubleday anyway the boyfriend apparently was
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stuck with the lack of it with his grandpa that’s way better leave a tea party we
love the last anyway so just say it’s your grandpa supporting you on that
field given job they’d all kids and then you can play baghdad away


  1. I hope whoever's doing this isn't getting paid much. It's not really very clever or funny satire, it's not giving any meaningful insight and it's not even well delivered comedy. I like Jimmy Dore's stuff – which has this sort of proasic bitterness to it – but this nah. Let it go.

  2. Aw…. it's no wonder that I don't like this particular collaboration. Pakman's show comes off as obnoxious and disingenuous to me. It tends to favor sensationalism over substance. That just my opinion though.

  3. Well stop watching TYT Then, this is thier show they do exactly what they want with it, dont like it? do as i do dont watch it.

  4. Don't get me wrong, because I do understand the point, I just think it's poorly executed. There is potential here, but tyt kinda dropped the ball.

    That's just my opinion. And if you enjoy this video, I hope that my comment didn't somehow 'ruin' it for you.

  5. iLove her videos, go to her channel, it's much better when she actually goes out and interviews instead of just doing commentary! It's really HiLarious! Don't judge her by this!!

  6. She's not consistent as a faux Tea Party representative, and this is a problem. On the one hand she's Tea Party, then acknowledges they 'love the lies'? Why do this? Instead, stick with portraying the Tea Party *accurately* as this is the treasure chest of bottomless humour.

    Let the material write itself, Susie!

  7. I'm sorry, I tried to watch these new segments TYT, but I just couldn't stand it. one of the first times I've ever felt the need to dislike a video…

  8. I love TYT more than anybody but damn I gotta call a spade a spade this is Turrible man. blargh not funny in the least. can't blame them for trying but a fail is a fail.

  9. I am a huge fan of satire. That being said, this just isn't good enough to pull it off. Satire is good when it's clever, subtle and absurd in some cases. This is sort of over the top and seems more like an childish attack on southerners, comments like "we love lies" are obvious and don't really add any humor. I think I've seen some Susie Sampson videos before and they've been clever, but whoever wrote this script didn't really think it through all too well.

  10. The hate in the comments is really uncalled for. I would support a new channel for user replies though, then people could not have to even know it exists if they don't like it.

  11. Unfortunately, I think Im with others. I come for TyT for fun, actual media. I go to Onion for the fun not actual media. When you start dressing up, pretending to be someone else it loses a lot of luster for me. Feels more like a MAD TV skit.

  12. 'He was gay with a boyfriend, which made him double gay'

    LOL. Liked the touch of showing Justin Bieber at that exact moment – there is nothing that Cons love to do more than associate homosexuality with the notion of older men targeting underage ones…which is half-true in this case. I'm gonna shut up now.

  13. I agree with the attack on southerners. It's childish to assume that all of them are bigots. I'm southern and get made fun of a lot and called stupid for having an accent. It might have been funnier had they gone a different direction.

  14. Well said. I think things like this dilute the message TYT is trying to give. I love TYT while still disagreeing with many of their viewpoints because I believe that they are some of the good guys, even if once in a while they are completely off base. Videos like this honestly only take away from the integrity of their voice.

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