POSTGAME: Donell Stanley, Bryan Edwards on Alabama — 9/14/19

POSTGAME: Donell Stanley, Bryan Edwards on Alabama — 9/14/19

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– [Interviewer] For both of you guys, I’m sure you’re both pretty excited when you see Parker
running the fake touchdown. How long did it take you guys
to see the flag on the play, and what was the mood right then? – I mean, it’s tough. Getting a big play like that called back, it kind of shifts the momentum back. But I mean, it is what it is. You can’t change it. – [Donell] Yeah, I mean, it’s unfortunate, but it happened. So you just got to keep moving on. – [Interviewer] For both of you guys, how did you think Ryan
played today as far as his composure out there
and some of the throws? He got hit a lot. Just how did you think
he handled the situation? – I mean, I knew he was pressured a bunch. For the most part, I thought we did pretty
well protecting him. He had a few shots he
could have did better, but I mean, he was composed. I feel great with him being
back there calling the offense and I mean, he’s good. – [Bryan] Same thing. I mean, he looked composed, he was calm. He does a great job of leading and he just does a really
great all-around job. I’m really proud of him, honestly. – [Interviewer] This is for both of you. I know you didn’t win the game, but did you guys get better today because of the way you played Alabama, and also with just the effort
that you put forth all day? – No, I don’t believe in moral victories. We lost today. I’m a competitor. I wanna win. So, you know, we lost
and that’s what it is. We competed but we lost. – [Donell] Yeah, same thing. As competitors, we want
to go out and play hard, which we do, but at the end of the day, we didn’t get the job done. So that’s what we gotta do. – [Interviewer] Bryan, at
what point did you realize that Coach Muschamp and Coach McClendon were gonna be so aggressive offensively? – We knew from the jump. Any time you play a team like Alabama, you’re gonna have to be aggressive. When you see the teams that
have beat them in the past, they’ve been aggressive. They take shots down the field, and they get explosive plays, and that’s just what it is. [Interviewer] Does it
make you feel differently about this team, and about the way they called that game? – I mean, no. I knew we were talented. I knew we could hit explosive plays. It was just all about going
out there and executing it. And you saw that at times,
and at times we didn’t. I feel like that was the
difference in the game. – [Interviewer] Bryan,
I noticed after the game you had a long embrace with Ryan. Just wanted to know what you said to him in that moment after that game? – You know, Ryan, he’s real. He’s a true leader. So anytime we lose, he’s
gonna take the blame for it. I just told him, “You know, you did a great job out here. Your second start against
a top-five ranked team.” And just, to keep your head up, and we gonna get it turned around. That’s about it. – [Interviewer] And as a
senior leader on the team, what are some of the
things you’re seeing in him just through his second start as he’s starting to step
into a leadership role? – I mean, we all see it. He’s just a great leader. It’s natural for him, he
looks composed in the pocket. He’s delivering great balls,
and he’s doing a great job, and I hope he keeps that up. – [Interviewer] What does
the offense have to do to be more productive in the red zone? – [Donell] We just can’t kill ourselves. That’s it. We know what we gotta do. We just can’t have plays
that’s negative and kill it. – [Bryan] Yeah, I mean, when
it comes to the red zone, when you play SEC games, people are gonna play you
man-to-man and things like that. So it just comes down to
making plays, that’s all. [Interviewer] Bryan, you
mentioned Ryan’s leadership. Did he say anything at halftime? Obviously, that’s a disappointing way to end the first half,
the way it happened. Was he vocal in halftime? ‘Cause you guys come out
in that third quarter and drive right back down the field. – I think we we all were vocal. All the leaders at offense kinda said something and chimed in. He was one of those. I was one of those. Donell was one of those. So I mean, that’s the job
of the leaders to do that, and I think we did a great job coming out in the second half. – [Interviewer] Bryan, I know you said you don’t take any moral victories, but you did have a career high in catches. Does that mean anything to you, or do you take anything from that? – Not really. I mean, I knew I was gonna get targets. I just had to take advantage of those, and I wish we coulda hit that double move down the middle of the field. But it is what it is. Like I said, I don’t really take moral
victories and things like that. – [Interviewer] And there was a sequence early in the second quarter
where I think you fought hard on a third and four for that first down, and then you had a catch on
the next play for ten yards. Can you take us through that sequence and what you were thinking
when you were trying to fight for that first down? – I’m just trying to get the first down for my team. Keep moving the ball. I knew it was gonna be
a lot of man-to-man. It was gonna be a lot of
me versus another guy, and I was gonna have to make the play. And I felt like I did a
pretty good job of that today, and I just gotta continue to do that. – [Interviewer] Donell, how
do you feel about this team after three games, and how important do you
think the next two weeks are? – We’re a team. Play hard, work hard. We’re just trying get it all together, put everything together. We got some times when offense
is not on and defense is. But we just got to come
together, and make this thing go. Move it forward. We gonna be desperate. We gonna be hungry. We need wins and need to go on a good run. I still love this team and I
got all the confidence in us, and I think we got some pretty
good players to do it, too. – [Interviewer] Donell,
how do you feel like the changes up front have gone with you moving over to center and Jordan in– – I think it’s gone a whole lot smoother. I think I can control the tempo and make some of the
right calls with Ryan. And Rhodes when Javon’s in there. They’re doing pretty good. They had some mishaps today, but nothin’ we can’t fix. We just gotta move on.


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