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Podcast Atlanta Live Panel

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so why did you start creating content
what was the why or the motivation behind that? I’m in commercial real
estate brokerage this is half consulting and half marketing marketing properties
and services so I started as part of my marketing and I started a radio show and
started doing content to attract clients for my business so that was the
beginning of it I actually start about five years ago and start off as the guest
being on someone else’s radio show or podcast and that’s heard on some ideas
for me and my background is very much around education I really have a passion
for business coaching educating and started having a conversation with ranch
purposes channel over language that’s right one thing led to another and then
franchise business radio was birth my show started because I just created the
show I wish existed a lot of comedians have a podcast but it’s just each other
trying to out funny the other comedian and my favorite moments of comedy
podcasts were the in-depth talk about how they wrote a joke or how they book
that late-night show what it’s like back state to Jimmy Fallon so I decided I
would just create the show I wanted to start interviewing comedians asking
those questions and now four and a half years later it’s become an international
audience that I get contacted every day with a comedian saying how much this
episode was helpful they’re reaching out with questions so it’s really all become
like you like an educational platform for comedians and comedy fans unlike a
Pam and Joel who are broadcasting for content and picking up audience you know
through online I do it for business contacts and there’s a difference
between having someone call you up if you want to call and develop your
business you need to make phone calls and when
you call somebody and you say hello nine times out of ten they know you want to
sell them something but if you become an individual of value to them they’re
interested so if you invite them on your podcast you now have an
opportunity to develop a relationship with them can you just talk about the
format of your show how its structured if each person can just tell us what the
structure is really with the structure of it I do it at a studio Pro Business
Channel studio and it started off primarily with just the audio and the
pictures and now we’re starting to evolve doing our own thing you know
just like some video footage that goes along with it and I call it the
multiplier of fact I always tease Rich I’ve got a multiplier effect that’s
happening here so not only are we creating content by being in the studio
but then our guests come in and I’m sharing it to my social media network
every single one of my guests is sharing it to their social media network and
then I’m not doing this in my home right I’m doing it through Pro Business
Channel and because of the multiplier effect alone with Pro Business Channel
he is sharing it to his network so it really has this tremendous multiplier
effect. The the actual format of my show is it’s a long-form interview show so I
do like a teaser clip my intro the episode like the interview and then an
outro so that’s like the actual format of it the production side has evolved as
the audience has it started out me using borrowed equipment from a friend who had
microphones to than me getting my own equipment which is just a microphone and
then a recorder that I can just travel with and now it’s grown into video which
started out with my iPhone that now is an actual camera but it’s just kind of
I’ve just kind of invested in the podcast as its gained traction just take
took it one step at a time to now I mean opportunities that you asked about I
mean I’ve I just last year I went on a two-week tour that was booked all by
listeners so like I was on the road for two weeks working doing comedy shows and
also teaching workshops while at these cities as well so I’m not necessarily
monetizing it in the sense of a lot of like ad reads and things like that but
it’s monetized beyond just than the opportunity to be able to get from it. We
do two to three segments a week we do a show every week in a studio a television
studio with three cameras and we do video and we do audio and we’ll most the
time I’ll have a guest that it’s kind of the top analyst economist commercial
real estate leaders from around the country someone will fly in from New
York or California just to be on the show so it’s the biggest show on
commercial real estate in the country if you’re interested commercial real estate
it’s very valuable great show. How has that impacted your business in terms of sales or revenue or without specific numbers. Well it’s been great I mean about 10 percent of the people that we cold call and meet that own large
commercial real estate properties or acts like fans of the show and so they
feel it oh wow get to meet Michael Bull like right and so it’s really helped us
and then and to your point about meeting clients you know having them on the show
you know is it’s been helpful to so we’ve had clients on the show that
turnaround is just start doing business with us and you know because they’re
impressed by the show and being on it and that sort of thing. So alright so
let’s talk about any unexpected experiences or some wins or
successes. If you’ve already kind of you know touched on that anything you
would add to that as far as like something caught you off guard like I
had no idea this would happen. I mean that two-week tour by your fans that’s crazy
right? Yeah and that’s like a unexpected positive, just to add a little levity or an unexpected negative it’s just the amount of work that a
podcast is. Oh poor Joel. I know guys come here they’ll do it all for you.
It literally is like a lot of but it’s all been worth it. But I’ve spent you know upwards of 15 hours on a single episode it’s an hour long so the
workload is something I didn’t expect but it has been completely worth all the
time and investment. People always ask how do you monetize on the podcast
and I know I’d love if you guys could just do a little deep dive on it because
it happens to be the number one question, anyone who does a podcast it’s probably the first
thing people ask how do you making money or they ask how long is it
how often and then how do you make money you know it almost always pops up so I love you guys could address that. So I probably not gonna give the kind of
answer you want to hear regarding monetization being the reason is
because the nature of my business as a franchise consultant my services are
complimentary to individuals that are considering franchise business ownership
right so I’m not necessarily getting in front of my end customer my end client
through the radio show. Do I have sponsors? Absolutely, does that
help cover the cost of having the podcast absolutely
but the monetization where that really comes for me is kind of what you were
saying earlier becoming that authority establishing credibility establishing
visibility online and getting the educational word out there because my
service is believe it or not are still a well-kept secret people are not even
aware that franchise consultants are out there and that they can receive
complimentary business coaching and receive that guide on selecting a
franchise at no cost. And the reason is because we’re compensated by the
franchisor but they bet people aren’t aware of that so getting the word out
there making it educational how it gets monetized for me is when that inquiry
comes in and they say Pam I want your help
I want your services so it’s really more of that of that visibility thing kind of
comes on the back end verses the podcast the monetization for me. I was gonna say
especially for newer podcasters even if you’re not making money you can still
leverage opportunities so personally like I got my artwork done for free from
an artist just so I would shout him out on the podcast so there’s ways to get
paid of course. I’ve had comedy festivals want to be a sponsor of the
podcast where they’ve just paid a flat rate or they have done a program kind of
like an affiliate where I get a promo code and then whoever registers that
code I get a cut of so there’s all different ways to monetize beyond just
money but mine has a lot come from the back
end where they either want to sign up for a one-on-one coaching with me or
they want me to come to their town and do a writing workshop and things like
that as well For me it wasn’t matter if I came to
Atlanta three years ago not knowing many people and it was a way for me to meet
people because in business you’d rather have people knocking on
your door than you having to knock on their door. And you need to differentiate
yourself and when I started a podcast all of a sudden I began to be known as
the podcast guy in my community and it opened up doors for me and matter of fact just today I got a email from someone in
England who wants to be on my show so those are the kind of opportunities that
generate from podcasting. Well we have advertisers for the commercial real
estate show and we’ve had different advertisers over the years and they paid
1,200 a month and they’re advertising our email marketing and our social media
on our website in show mentions and quick audio ads they’re on the videos
with bugs and at the end of the video recognition so they get a really good
deal and we’ll have if they have good content for my audience we’ll have them
on a show so we get 1,200 a month but I have two companies a commercial agent
training company and a commercial real estate brokers company where they’re
both sponsors and I really like those two companies they benefit a lot from it
so our monetization has been from advertisers and then from the business
and opportunities. And back to the opportunities or surprises you know I
now get to speak at national events on commercial real estate and commercial
real estate agent activities and things so I’m considered a subject matter expert. You are an authority in the space. And I wouldn’t be that without starting that podcast nine years
ago where I walked in scared to death not knowing what I was doing and did it.
Michael have to do a follow-up on that because this is the other question. How
do you decide how much to charge? Yeah I mean there’s metrics on charging per you
know how many listens you get I mean how many listeners you get.
Generalized metrics but you’re in a niche We just charge 1200 a month because it’s
really so valuable for my two companies that I don’t really spend that much time
on advertising I tell them look we could get a lot more advertisers if we
said in show ad mentions or you just want this or you want to do it one month but I just say look it’s six-month at 1200 a month you don’t like it they’ll just go away
but that’s because it’s just you know valuable firm. Alright we have one
last question the pick one of these what was your 15 minutes of fame shame or
pain okay go rich had taught me how to become an engineer because he couldn’t
make in the show or have an engineer with OSHA that story yeah so I’ll make
this quick there are usually five Mike’s three or
four the guests wouldn’t for the host and now I am the host and the engineer
and that Mike was missing because it was on the road so that means the Mike’s had
to move down one I started the show not realizing the guests had the Mike was
there but no Sal’s unplugged it she was not happier
listen Sarah I’d like to say the guest was understanding I said how about
restarting rebooting she got up and walked out I have not heard from her
since I’ve been a bit around you know Jim Rohn how many Jim Rohn fans or ej
road but I’m ever used to sell the famous story or line if you will he says
you know customer service you deal with all these people that but keep in mind
there’s only really seven mean nasty ugly people in the world the problem is
they tend to move around a lot keep running into a bot so i’ll do i’ll do a
fame for the pain okay i guess it was when i got to interview
sit at entertainer he was i knew he was gonna be in town so i just tried this
social media Angie where I photo a face of he had a picture with dr. Phil and I
photoshopped my face onto dr. Phil’s and I posted a grin and I was like if you
want to see such a greater tainer on hot Brett tag him in the comments guy like
over a hundred tags his opener reached out and was like hey I could connect
y’all then two days later I’m in his greenroom
interviewing over a show sweet I’ll do one pain and one Fame go for yeah all
right I would see my famous I’ve I was shopping in Costco there’s a plug for
Costco and admittedly under doubt your new advertiser yeah yeah they have great
prices on me but I was I was literally walking through no makeup on mind you
with one of those massive carts it was right before Christmas piled very very
high having troubles and maneuvering those huge cards and some guy walks up
to me and says you’re the lady that does the franchise business radio show and I
want you to know you do a great job wow it’s like wow thank you and that was
without video because you just start a video like a few weeks ago and I’m on
the pain side usually it’s a technical component right some kind of technical
glitch and really feeling comfortable managing to that and I you start to get
comfortable too because we have one point we were doing ours live right so
our shows were live internet radio and then we record them so they can then be
archived just podcasts and not have any shelf life well when we were doing it
live immediately so I have some anxiety when the guests for whatever reason
couldn’t find the studio and they’re running late so you have to rearrange
the agenda of how you’re going to be doing things and just really think on
your feet especially if you’re looking at doing it live okay I had a guest
that’s on Fox Business News and he’s the head real estate guy PwC and we did a
segment and then I have we have a news desk and so you just see us sitting
behind the desk right so we’re talking between the segments and he said you
know some of those guys the sports guys you know they were in a suit jacket but
there weren’t shorts you know underneath and I said oh yeah that’s probably true
right they’re wearing jeans or shorts or something and then we come back down we
start to do the shot welcome back welcome back is Mitchell Rochelle PwC
raelia voice right now and as I looked at red she says yeah
we’re not wearing any pants retro the scary new MOBA yes we are I
trained a lot of people to diss all of a sudden turn into an intervention over
here whatever yeah well yeah just so everybody knows at one point or another
a podcaster will forget to turn on their mind period it’s like 90% almost 100% so
one day I was doing a zoom training people how to turn on their mics audio
from the computer whatever was zoom when I tell funny story really quick and
let’s do a podcast I’ll make it short that just reminded me of something that
I did I leave a lot of voicemails a lot of texts that’s the nature of my
business world and I leave so many texts sometimes you go on autopilot when
you’re doing this I actually left a voicemail as if it were a text I was
like hello this is Pamela curry certified franchise consultant period
looking to schedule a franchise consultation call with you want to
understand your availability question mark I left a voicemail like that so it
is just me I’m sure we’ve all experienced this is just amazing there’s
something different that you can’t quite describe about podcasting you know when
I was in radio in California for about ten years music radio loved it but
you’re sitting in a studio by yourself just playing one song after another this
is so much more interesting when people come in the studio and tell their story
and so early on back in the day when I was in Virginia my uncle is a big
Vikings fan I’ve ever watched in Fran Tarkenton you know on the football field
and then I’m sitting there one-on-one in my studio
interviewing mister Tarkington and he was his age and said he can only be
there we do an hour so at the time that we do three or three minutes he said he
gonna be there for 10 min he’s gotta scoot out he never left he stayed for
the entire hour and that guy is like 75 he was bouncing that of a seat telling
his story and I was just like is this really happening you as a kid I’m
watching him play football right and then then fast-forward twice now last
year and then this year just this week we interviewed the founder
the taste of the NFL amazing organization and nonprofit they donate
millions of dollars to every 32 all 32 city to that Community Food Bank they do
the event the night before the Super Bowl ten thousand dollars a ticket and
somehow we have a lot of PR agencies and that were connected with a book our
guests and so forth and it came across the line in a that
said we love what you guys are doing our two missions as most nonprofits is to
raise money but raise awareness we like what you guys to do with your platform
and he flew in from Michigan was in our studio he had a breakfast meeting flew
out the next day and I was just so captivated with what they’re doing and
we got he gave us press credentials to I was literally on the red carpet I mean
it was so surreal I mean wow it’s on the red carpet this event and I’m like what
am I doing here right and they had our network on here and then they had ESPN
and NBC and they’re looking down that’s like who is this guy whatever right I’m
a podcaster right Yeah right bring it on right and so uh it was just out of the
body experience and then we got to attend this event
all 32 pro teams were there they had celebrity chefs from all over the
country and then fast forward a year later we interviewed him just a week a
week ago and we’re gonna we’re going to Miami I mean it’s just like that would
never happen in radio right you know yeah

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