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NFL week 4 picks PICKS WEEK 4 NFL GAMES ATS WINNING PREDICTIONS 2019 Sunday NFL games kickoff for week 4 games
Oakland Raiders vs. Indianapolis Colts who will win on Sunday NFL football week 4 games predictions for week 4 NFL games
NFL week 4 picks Big winning week ahead I’m just kidding all jokes aside I think
was gonna win tonight I’m thinking Jacksonville is going on win
tonight I think that Jacksonville Jaguars to win tonight
whoa check back with me later it might get a little more crazy around here for NFL week 4 predictions and football picks woo oh man brother sis’s man oh man
woo woo I just took what a healthy morning duke Duke woo and I got to thinking
when I was on the toilet that’s right right there this toilet yeah look at
that I’m getting all kinds of messages I had my phone with me on the toilet
woo out I know if that crazy stuff smells pretty good smells
pretty good but my gook Kirk woo I almost had to set out the plunger Indianapolis Colts win Sunday NFL week 4 but hope Oakland Raiders win so go Raiders

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