Our first Colombian Soccer Game *INSANE* (Copa Libertadores)

Our first Colombian Soccer Game *INSANE* (Copa Libertadores)

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Today we’re gonna visit a soccer game in Medellín, Colombia for the very first time and you might have already spotted the stadium is just across the street over there. There’s not too many people yet, but I hope the stadium will fill up eventually. It’s like the Champions League of South America called “Copa Libertadores” and we’re gonna visit a game from the local team “Independiente Medellín”. And to show my support I already put on two bandanas, one in red and one in blue, because that’s their teams’ colors. Let’s hope they win and let’s get started, because we’re already late to the party. Luckily, we don’t even have to take a train to the stadium, because you saw it from up there, it’s literally just across the street. In Germany, sometimes taking the train is part of the whole experience, because it’s packed with fans and everything. But we’re gonna just walk there, because that’s our best bet. In Germany people are arriving at the stadium like one hour ahead of the game, but here the stadium looked quite empty. But now, people are rushing and running. So we hope there’s no entrance control that’s taking hours. Because the game is starting in 30 minutes already. And instead of burgers, pretzles and fries, here they are selling corn combs. That’s unique! Buenas! And of course, we already bought our tickets upfront. A couple of days early. And when we bought the tickets, they told us we’re sitting with the Medellín fans. So I hope it’s true! It’s on the Lateral Norte, so the North side of the stadium. There’s a huge waiting line, so we hope we’re gonna make it in time. Ok, so we made it through the security check and I’m pretty sure that the Lateral Norte is for the hardcore fans, but we’re gonna see once we’re up there. There’s no assigned seats, you just pick a free one. And now we’re gonna look for two free seats or two free spots to stand. No una, una. And obviously you gotta try the local beer. I’ve got myself a local beer, Aguila, Let’s do this! Estan libre? Esos? Well they’re definitely having just as much fun as we have in Germany, that’s for sure. How’s the view? Hahaha, awesome! So that’s a first minute penalty. Medellín just got a penalty within the first 30 seconds of the game. Let’s hope they score this one! That was very close to the 2:0. Unfortunately, it didn’t go in… The crowd’s going crazy, it’s 2:0! I’m pretty sure that was a foul. But if it was my time, I’d probably say no, too. What are you doing? What a goal! Crazy! So now it’s halftime and Medellín is already 3:0 in the lead. What we’ve noticed so far is that they don’t drink as much cerveza/beer as in Germany. Actually, they don’t drink it almost at all, no one is drinking anything. And also, the displays don’t work, where normally it should be written how much time is left and what’s the score. But the mood is fantastic, I would say even better than in Germany. They dance a lot and they love to sing the whole game. Okay, it turns out, the fans and the team just leave the place and don’t celebrate. Well, the hardcore fans celebrate, but even the team just left. They’re not even coming here to celebrate with their fans. That’s pretty unusual. In Germany, you always celebrate with your fans after a win. And even after a loss. So I guess it’s time for us to leave as well. Gotta make my way out here somehow. I’d say this was a pretty successful game. Medellín won 4:0 against the other team, which is from Venezuela by the way. How’d you like it? That was awesome! I loved the mood and the dancing and the singing. And I gotta say, I miss going to the stadium in Germany, so that was pretty cool! Great experience, celebrating with the locals, seeing their team win. I’d say this is it for todays video. If you liked this video, make sure to give it a big thumbs up, leave a comment down below and if you wanna see more videos like this one, make sure to subscribe and we’ll see you in the next one!


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