Our dog is a soccer star! // Dog vs Humans: Who wins?

Our dog is a soccer star! // Dog vs Humans: Who wins?

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  1. hi i just wanted to say thank you for making these funny videos you always make me smile and for that thank you😊❤

  2. Omg Penn is totally like my younger twin sisters they would totally cry if they didn't win even if it was against a dog

  3. That is my 9 year old to a tee. Want everyone or thing to play by the rules always even if they may not understand them. Lol. He is sweet.

  4. Oh my goodness! Kim, didn't you do the same thing to the same finger playing the same sport back in middle school?

  5. so the baby growled at Ruby the whole time. but the big boys were very amused 😂 fun video!!!

  6. Ha ha! Love! Penn is amazing! I hope he doesn't mind letting us see his competitive spirit! So great to see him finally laugh at himself! Wait to go Penn! You don't get it now, but you just won a big battle. Thanks for teaching us to laugh at ourselves AND be competitive at the same time! You just grew a little taller! 💕

  7. aww broke my heart seeing Penn Charles almost in tears like that…its okay little buddy you win some you lose some

  8. Future parenting strategy: Penn Charles gets upset over losing basketball game, dad puts arm around his shoulder and whispers: "It's ok. They're a bunch of DOGS." Penn Charles collapses in fit of giggles.

  9. PC…you are too cute and extremely competitive…even against your puppy. That competitiveness will come in handy. Always look forward to your videos!

  10. You guys should try to organize a soccer game between Ruby and some other dogs in your neighborhood that would be interesting

  11. I feel for you. Little Ryland Goblin is autistic and this happens daily here. Hang in there Penn Charles when shes old and slow you'll be in your prime, then it's all you.

  12. You guys are so real…PC, I feel your pain, hate to lose and have a hard time when I do (or my fav team). Hard lesson to learn, but you are on your way! Thanks for sharing.

  13. That was fantastic guys. Enjoyed every minute of it. I can't believe Lola did a one hand cart wheel. That was awesome. Penn love your talk over it was very funny.

  14. – I love that you as a family just go with the flow. I had to watch this three times to get it all I was laughing with tears!

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