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I give you my upset picks flip a coin picks flip a coin heads home tails away tips just if you feel lucky take my football week 1 pick’ems
For your Fantasy football leagues office pools family and friend pick pools
or even ESPN Pigskins Pick’ems Fox NFL picks or your local sports paper picks Like me I do this always for fun each year love watching football and most all sports. Will the Indianapolis Colts still win now with Andrew Luck retired as quarterback or can Jacoby Brissket do it for the Colts on the road.
The First game of this season is a big old
NFC North battle Green Bay Packers @ Chicago Bears for
NFL Kickoff 2019 Thursday Night Prime time on September 5th 2019
You can count on me watching that football game till its over. Tennessee titans and Cleveland browns on Sunday September 9th 2019 that will also be a great game to tune your TV to
there is 16 games to watch this coming up week 1 Kickoff
who will you be watching
Kansas City Chiefs and Jacksonville Jaguars
Pittsburgh and the New England Patriots
just a few to list.
NFL Schedule – 2019
? who will win Green Bay Packers will Win on Thursday Night NFL opener over the Or Bears win Chicago Bears Aaron Rodgers has a Out standing game with over 200 passing yards
Cleveland Browns will have a great year of football and win at home for there Sunday NFL home opener with great quarterback Baker Mayfield
Miami Dolphins will win NFL week 1 for their home opener on
Minnesota Vikings SKOL will win on week 1 NFL Kirk Cousins
New York Jets will win season home opener on 9-8-19 Philadelphia Eagles Will win season home opener week 1 NFL 9-8
L.A.Rams will win on the road over Carolina Panthers home opener on 9-8-19 with Cam Newton and the Panthers losing their week 1 NFL home opener or will Carolina Panthers win home opener
Kansas City Chiefs win on the road at Jacksonville Jaguars home opener with Patrick Mahomes or will Jaguars upset the Chiefs and win home opener L.A. Chargers win on the road over the Indianapolis Colts on their home opener without Andrew Luck or Can Colts win without having Andrew Luck
Seattle Seahawks with Russell Wilson NFL season home opener Or will Cincinnati Bengals upset the Seahawks and win Dallas Cowboys with Dak Prescott win season NFL home opener beating New York Giants in a close game or will the New York Giants win 1st game of year on the Road
Detroit Lions with Matthew Stafford win NFL opener in Arizona or will the Arizona Cardinals win NFL home opener Tampa Bay Buccaneers with Jameis Winston win season home opener over the visiting San Francisco 49 er’s or will San Francisco win on the road
New England Patriots win NFL Season Home opener with future hall of fame Tom Brady as quarterback and Bill Belichick or can Pittsburgh Steelers win NFL on the road
Monday Night National league football M.N.F New Orleans Saints with Drew Brees win big
NFL home opener over the Houston Texans or can the Houston Texans upset the Saints and win week 1 NFL on the road
Oakland Raiders with Derek Carr and head coach Jon Gruden win NFL season home opener 2019 will the Denver Broncos on the road for NFL
NFL Games I will be talking about today
Green Bay Packers at Chicago Bears September 5th 2019 7:20 PM NBC Soldier Field, Chicago Sunday, September 8
Tennessee Titans
Cleveland Browns
CBS First Energy Stadium, Cleveland
Baltimore Ravens
Miami Dolphins
CBS Hard Rock Stadium, Miami Gardens
Atlanta Falcons
Minnesota Vikings FOX U.S. Bank Stadium, Minneapolis
Buffalo Bills
New York Jets
CBS Met Life Stadium, East Rutherford
Washington Redskins
Philadelphia Eagles
Lincoln Financial Field, Philadelphia
Los Angeles Rams
Carolina Panthers Bank of America Stadium, Charlotte
Kansas City Chiefs
Jacksonville Jaguars
CBS Bank Field, Jacksonville
Indianapolis Colts
Los Angeles Chargers
CBS Dignity Health Sports Park, Carson
Cincinnati Bengals
Seattle CBS Century Link Field, Seattle
New York Giants
Dallas Cowboys
FOX AT&T Stadium, Arlington
Detroit Lions
Arizona Cardinals
FOX State Farm Stadium, Glendale
San Francisco
Tampa Bay
FOX Raymond James Stadium, Tampa
New England Patriots NBC Gillette Stadium, Forbore
Houston Texans
New Orleans Saints
ESPN Mercedes-Benz Super dome, New Orleans
Denver Broncos
Oakland Raiders
Oakland Coliseum, Oakland NFL week 1 kickoff is finally here
and why do I scream I am the Beastmode and I get loud watch one of my quiet
videos if you like if you like if you like to watch one my quiet videos but
today is Tuesday we have hours to countdown we have hours to NFL countdown to
the kickoff that’s right and what am i filming it I filming in my construction
house that’s right because I live in a fixer-upper love those hammers
woo that’s what we talking about men boys girls women woo and it is Tuesday
NFL week one talking trash now remember remember in your comments keep out the
profanity words keep out the bully’s the harassment if you want to up your team
talk about it in a positive way if you want to type in something nasty as plug
in and get shout out bye YouTube that’s out of my hands and control for the most
part now I’m gonna give you a quick rundown about who I’m taking and why and
then we are going to talk about those unbelievable New England Patriots that’s
right to use them unbelievable New England Patriots can we have somebody
stopped them from taking the playoffs taking the division taking the Superbowl
or at least watching the New England Patriots on the Superbowl again now I’m
not saying I don’t like the New England Patriots
I’m just saying can we have two other teams finally some time let’s how I’m in
New England make it to the playoffs make it exciting but put somebody else in
there like Kansas City chiefs from the new Orleans saints
or my Minnesota Vikings woo now quick rundown about who I’m taking this week I
am taking the Chicago Bears at home for Thursday night’s NFL week one home
opener kickoff that’s right against the Green Bay Packers now it’s gonna be a
heck of a game it could be a really close one Green Bay could take it but I
gotta say I’m going with the home team I got it go with Chicago Bears next I’m
taking the Cleveland Browns why because the Browns baby the Browns got something
to say this year I’m taking the Miami Dolphins football week 1 picks yes
NFL pick upset I don’t care I give up sets pull out your jerseys pull out your fan gear
scream woo it is NFL week 1 kickoff get excited I’m taking the Minnesota Vikings
SKOL Vikings of course and I am slobbering I’m spinning because I get excited for football I’m excited
now if you’re watching this and if you are a clicked off or disliked it that is
just fine but if you like this stuff that is why I love NFL woo baby I’m
alright lose my voice I’m gonna have to record a little more woo I’m taking the
New York Jets I’m taking a Philadelphia Eagles I’m taking to the Carolina
Panthers I don’t care if they’re NFL game upset I’m taking the Jaguars that’s right over
the Kansas City Chiefs but who should win this one who should win this one that’s
Kansas City Chiefs should outright win this one why am I taking
Jacksonville Jaguars because it’s their home opener with Nick Foles woo Philadelphia
Eagles old back up quarterback that’s right Nick Nick is at Jacksonville woo I just gotta give a
guy give Jacksonville Jaguars where’s the chance this year I’m taking Indianapolis
Colts why is that I don’t care Andrew who’s Andrew Luck that’s right Andrew Luck the Beast is rambling he can’t even
think I’m taking the Indianapolis Colts why because of Jacoby that’s right I’m
looking down just to make sure I’m giving you the right picks these are
upset underdogs I don’t care today Cincinnati Bengals I’m
taking that’s right I’m taking since a Bengals say what you guys say say what
you gotta say I’m taking the New York Giants I’m taking the Detroit Lions I’m
taking those Tampa Bay Buccaneers that’s right I’m taking the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and of
course I gotta take the New England Patriots and I’m taking the New Orleans
Saints and I’m taking Oakland Raiders woo am now having oldies whoa I lose
my voice I got get all excited boy I’m gonna need a respirator all right now
I’m gonna pass this on to my film reel and we all gonna talk about something
football with the Patriots who is going to stop them this year
whew alright let’s talk about the New England Patriots real quick real quick I
want to run down we have the New England Patriots who is gonna stop them this
year let me know in the comments if you think the Patriots are gonna be able to
be stopped this year the Patriots signed Tom Brady
again for another two more years the Pittsburgh Steelers win beat
the New England Patriots can the Miami Dolphins load up and get in and beat the
New England Patriots can your Philadelphia Eagles let me say
Philadelphia Eagles in that house who has the Philadelphia Eagles this year
upsetting the New England Patriots how about you Dallas Cowboys that’s right
your Dallas Cowboys can you beat the New England Patriots how about you Houston
since you Houston Texans do it do it do it all right all right Chiefs fans
that’s right Chiefs fans arrowheads Arrowhead Stadium can you guys get in
and beat the New England Patriots who is gonna take the New England Patriots down
will it be and big upset team like the Cincinnati Bengals and they can’t see
Chiefs lose against the Patriots but the Cincinnati Bengals beat New England
Patriots or will it be the Buffalo Bills Baltimore Ravens woo doggy will it be
the New York Jets the New York Giants the Washington Redskins the Cleveland
Browns who is gonna beat the New England Patriots this year to stop them from
going to the playoffs or to the Super Bowl once again now if you are a New
England Patriots fan you because you have an awesome awesome team
that’s right I gotta say it hands down to you all
woo beast but still at the end of the day go Vikings
hey yourselves a great week one NFL home opener kickoff on Thursday night make
sure you get your fan gear on your jerseys get that dip whatever you like
to eat already woo beast out of here have yourselves a
crazy one

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