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NFL week 4 picks NFL week 5 picks NFL weekly football picks and predictions woo New jackhammer tool for the handyman beast the MNBeast gonna be game crazy I’m gonna
be smashing about patterns of concrete now carries doc but you know whack it’s
only 4:00 in the morning Sunday NFL kickoff in the morning woo that’s rad
Saturday morning the day before NFL kickoff woo
having my morning coffee hey how why am I on here this morning because I just
having gave you guys that much shootouts this week because the base has been busy
oh and I bought myself a new tool and I’m so excited to use it I’ll give you
guys a review on sometime in the next millennium
woo and what is it it’s a big old jackhammer
oh you can’t see that at the end of this clip I’ll show it see all right hey
how ya I dug out a video from the old archives week one NFL football picks my
first ever YouTube NFL football picks video check it out at the end of this
video I’m gonna give you my early predictions for week 5 NFL picks and I
also will throwing you my week 4 NFL picks just in case it is still week
before when you’re watching this crazy woo anyhow yeah this crazy
this crazy that’s right the Beast he’s crazy you know it’s week one
of NFL football picks my first ever YouTube video ever before I had any
subscribers it’s crazy but the best thing about it is I want to let you all
know whoever can tell me what my record was for week one NFL picks from 2016 all
right put that in the comments if you can add up my record alright and see who
can get it right woo did I go five right it get only five right crazy shock right here
right now okay why I have this shock how we’re going to get at you one sec that’s really tight you hey how
trying to get this damn collar off wonder why I have this collar on to stay
tuned because I’m going to be shocking but I’m going to bet you that I don’t that’s
why I like cards right now uh here you guys so let me get my
headphones off and let’s stop laughs on here so we can get time for some serious
business all right so anyhow to cook off Sunday NFL to games every game I lose this
weekend which I’m ready 1 & 0 since I picked Denver Broncos over Carolina Panthers and that was
a nine-second freaking edge of my seat because every game I lose this weekend
come next Saturday when I turn in my picks to you guys I’m going to turn this
level keep going all the way up we go all the way up to level 7 on the shock
caller from sport dog colors um I put it on my chocolate lab hunting dog and yeah
we’re gonna try it out so hopefully I’ll lose one game at the most that’s
just vibrate but it goes on with 17 but this is my holding hand right here
Hold’em and you can see I got 16 so I’m going for 16-0 sorry
all right let’s get down to business pair tactics since we’re not gonna be
betting money and I wasn’t supposed to drop in that but anyhow since we’re
gonna be spending money on this because I don’t gamble no more we’re going to be
gambling for fun that’s why I got the chips so I got this dog shock training color my
woman thinks I’m crazy and nuts and thinks that nightly not be fun idea and
it’ll be stupid but every week I’m gonna come up with something crazy as soon as
snow hits in here in Minnesota you just wait what’s going to happen and
then and then I if it gets down to the end of the season I might just have to
do a little donation and start doing the in the ice chunk of the
water we do a lot of that here in Minnesota we cut out a chunk of ice then
we jump in and people give donations for that guy so we’re a little crazy here in
Minnesota but anyhow so let’s get down to rail their tactics
right all right I’m going to give you my top ten my top ten guaranteed wins this
week all right as if one is we’re already Denver so
we’re just going to call that a good one and we’re going to call that number
eleven but since we already know that one so starting with number one
my guaranteed win for sure Green Bay packers over Jacksonville jaguars number two we’re going
to take Philadelphia Eagles over the Cleveland Browns for number two that is
a for sure when so we got Green Bay Philly number three a Atlanta Falcons up
over Tampa Bay okay but yes that’s over Tampa Bay number four the Kansas City
Chiefs they are a powerhouse team this year they will be smoking their San
Diego Chargers which is they always have a hard time with the San Diego Chargers
so that it will be a really really good game to watch number five we’re going to
take Pittsburgh steelers over the Washington Redskins I’ve never liked for Washington
Redskins ever since they beat the Vikings back in the playoffs we’re gonna
take Baltimore ravens oh yeah by the way Pittsburgh for a little just make a
solid note for this one Pittsburgh like I was gonna come to you
Pittsburgh will be going into the Super Bowl this year mark my word all right
number six Baltimore over Buffalo Bills number seven yeah this is gonna be a crazy game
everybody else is going over them with Arizona Cardinals so here’s a crazy pick and here
comes the sport dog if they don’t do good
Tom Brady’s not for the next four games as we know and know I’m a crazy ass mad
cow so you know this beast mode is not going Arizona you know in New England
New England Patriots didn’t come out there by craft bottom but knew
is gonna come out and they’re gonna smoke them specially with Jimmy passing
Jim’s ready and he’s ready to show his skills and he’s going to do a great job
so there you go New England number there’s another
one for you and that might be going up to another shocked boy New York Giants
are a good team this year Dallas Cowboys and New York Giants always have a great great
game every single year when they play each other they play crazy games but I
am going with Dallas number nine huh Oakland Raiders we are gonna bring down
the Raiders and they’re gonna kick everybody’s tail out there tomorrow I
guess doing New Orleans Saints and ten most of all being here in Minnesota Viking by games all
the way tomorrow great game tomorrow match up against Tennessee Titans but the
Vikings will out come and win even with Shaun Hill as we think is going to be
playing as the quarterback all right now for number 11 for my crazy for sure loss
yeah this is a crazy pick like I said every week I’m gonna show you a crazy
for sure loss tomorrow with a possible bet with the shock the 3 an old team that
has beat this team is written the last three match ups and you know who I’m
talking about just saying it Houston Texans yes that’s right Houston has beat the Chicago Bears
the last three times that they’ve only played against the Bears but I am taking
big bears there’s you’re crazy for sure pick number 12 next upset my upset I’m crazy for sure
today my NFL upset pick tomorrow correct Detroit Lions over in great Lions I they’ve been
building that team over the last so my years that have been up and down but they
are gonna give Indianapolis Colts a good run for their money tomorrow
and I guarantee there’s gonna be a lot of stuff happening alright next on the
list number 14 this is another crazy NFL football pick but it’s a great great match up it’s
gonna be a great great test we got a ten and fourteen from last year
that one that clinched their playoffs we got a 10 and 16 last year that was
just right under yes New England the Jets can the New York Jets have a team
if they have a team this year this is gonna be a good match up so I will go
with the New York Jets over Cincinnati Bengals it’s gonna be a great match up it’s gonna
be a very very close game I’m gonna put there ain’t going to be much more than
probably a six-point difference on that game but I would I’m going to go at New
York Jets with a six point all right now number 15 hmm bring it or pack your bags pick or
crap all the rest of the year this is their chance to show it they’re gonna
have a game this year on all right going against Seattle the Seattle
Seahawks that are gonna probably be also a runner in the Super Bowl this year
Miami Dolphins you need to bring your game you need to bust some ass
and you need to show everybody that what you can do out there on that field now
if you cannot take on Seattle you cannot beat Seattle with their great football
team you’re not going to make it into the playoffs and you should just stop
playing the rest of your so I’m going to take Miami Miami’s gonna come in they’re
strong they know what they have to do and they’re gonna bust some ass so Miami
there’s your crazy pick there’s a true test for Miami all right coming into
Monday Night Football prime-time football the San Francisco 49ers against
the new LA Rams all right the last time they met up the Los
Angeles Rams in San Francisco on a Monday Night Football NFL game
the Rams lost even though this is a new team so pull you know they move to LA
from st. Louis it’s a new team but still on October 13th 2014
prime time night they lost 31-17 everybody is focusing on the LA Rams are
gonna do so much better this year and they’re probably gonna have a great year
I mean they’re gonna have a great year they out do what they’re doing they had
a good year last year now they move the team they got a lot a lot more
improvements I think they’re going to have a good game but their last meet up
they didn’t win so I am gonna take San Francisco 49ers Monday night there’s my
picks stay tuned tomorrow tomorrow afternoon slash morning I’m going to be
cooking in the kitchen we’re gonna get some pregame food going some cheese and
dip something simple some frozen pizzas and we’re gonna be
getting it all on and get it all ready 16-0 record woo baby so it’s the Minnesota Beast that’s right
and I am crazy yes don’t take my picks if I give you a team and I say hey that’s
my NFL week 4-5 picks you take the opposite team woo hey it’s just a great week 5 like I said
don’t take these damn nfl football picks and don’t take these damn picks crazy we are gonna
make some moo games again money oh that nice package see I got my Lea
turns back oh my he’s a crazy piece I suppose we’re leotards where they are I
suppose we’re nut grabbers I’m a crazy Beast
that’s right nut grabbers weren’t enough hours you get crabby all nuts that’s all oh that subscribe if you like
to if you’re crazy on to subscribe I do have uh bottlenecks and I am one of the
best and about put foot foot foot foot foot foot ball Pickers out there make
sure you watch because I have a paint stick and I can point at my dry eraser
horn I also can’t even do better than that
I got a paint brush II might call myself the B’s blue dish rag
you wanna hear the best pick show out there I won’t give you the picks picks
no more goofy I’m gonna give it straight to you like a level I’m gonna
get my pencil on I’m gonna get my marker I’m gonna give you my straight nfl picks I’m
not gonna give you my crazy pick that’s all I gotta say man boys girls
woo big balls with I don’t win because I got ma’am this is how I feel today I feel a
little little little woo just a great week 5 NFL picks see that lovely your eyes checked
because I got my safety glasses on just in case my eyes pop out of my head and I
don’t want to gross you guys out all right we got this set at vibrate right
now and I got some shocks to do for you guys before we get to our picks all
right let’s do the first one one two three when this thing lights up you’ll
know all right that wasn’t nothing that was just vibrating and Philip all right
we got five more to do hi I’m think this is connected let’s see
oh there we go forget this bring it back hop let’s
get straight to the hole man yeah that’s bad idea
yeah let’s get back to the week picks come back all right let’s go it’s cool
I am office officially A+ I went wanting that and unexpected let’s go to school
everybody I’m taking you to school and NFL week 4 picks NFL week 5 picks NFL weekly football picks and predictions woo New jackhammer tool for the handyman beast last week I was NFL football picks woo

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