NCAA Football 14 PS3 Road To Glory Gameplay Ep.2 (Road To Madden NFL 20 Career Mode)

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in this episode of ncaa football 14 road to glory I will be playing against Mount Vernon if you want to see
the entire game make sure to stay tuned for this one hello everyone and welcome to another
episode of ncaa football 14 Road to Glory I am Jose TheSportsGamer back with another video if you new to his channel
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in this video we will play against mount the mount burning spiders and they might
be another game in this video we will never know but this is the first game
let’s see how things go okay so we’re going quick slants on first and 10 here
let’s see how we do in the first play of the game let me plan a passage well yes
I choke past the loosing crease insane for 2 yards so to make a short pass for
a small gain than to lose yards I feel like I should have just actually
just ran in last place but I not to do it not the but I want to press their
Shane sure only for verticals unserved and eight not the situation you want to
be in to start the game you want to start with the good foot my family hates
on the books not quite but you know what we guys off work because wave punters
we’re not quitters we got Littlefoot and I believe it we boy indeed guys maybe
another pass and how almighty the trick and look at that he’s wide open again
and I will get the first down as he as we will sit James for 15 yards and you
know what we’re not gonna cook anyways we’re gonna continue with another four
verticals playing oh well it wait a minute
what’s this this is so cruel flats play now and I think it was a bad idea
because they change change okay what’s this horrible and now that confuse don’t
know what’s going on here comes a pass and there you go little fish down the
hole for 19 yards but you know what we’re not done just yet we’re going on
come on another okay yeah we go forward goes why
not why not but they’re gonna prevent so watch this it’s a swap boosts play and
we’re going for wine factor beta passes to one Specter most likely and no nobody
up and at the sorrowful first down 15 yards
whatever it was good son know how to play
I just want to speed things up score the first touchdown of the game in a hurry I
don’t want to wait no time there’s a bad panic play – Alex Howell for 23 yards come on babe we gotta keep it the way it
is because we’re gonna protect Ohio and this one of that’s a yard there but way
to admit it apparently we’re not done yet dude one of us end up with the good
foot we want to end up they want to end up with a touchdown here you want to get
a touchdown here but we’re gonna give it to the halfback how old he’s been a nice
part of this ride we’re gonna go with the plunge one we gotta get the bellyful
of touchdown six points on the board as we get the touchdown out of the way so
we’re gonna go on another drive here eight four remaining in those three
quarters the game has barely even begun this was a bad pass but the nurse Sariah
gets the first down but this time I was just gonna give to the office a little
bit of a break we’re not gonna go for many passes or just a many place like
della gonna slow things down have getting keep the clock moving fan ship it on a person can situation we
already know what we’re about to do we’re gonna block we’re gonna make it
look like we’re about these something was welcomed as a people a bit so one
plate remember we’re wasting time here we gotta make sure that our guys are
really good there you go first and ten we’re gonna run it passing it and then
it’s a first down to the engine to begin I don’t know how you say that how
beautiful not that name it doesn’t matter a first down baby it is so first and ten as we are on the
opposing territory with a bluff a year buh-buh-buh-buh loaf again I know why
that turned on oh lordy and I’m gonna pick up a few yards I mean that there’s
no problem there at all me and there’s something bad nothing we’re gonna mess
here on second and five we want to make sure we have all the plates available in
our book but you know I had to be feed the big man long enough being a halfback
you gotta make sure to give it some gifts of love the hot pack oh that’s a
nice run for howl ten yards here he goes on those first and ten up
to a nice one and why Spectre I mean we’re gonna pass it
to him no wait never mind we’re gonna run it
no way never mind we got pastor dr. robotnik plate to Union Union for 15
yards is begin other first down and I’m not sure if you saw last video but I
think I said that Sanchez is known for his acrobatic plays that was up we’re
gonna go play action here we already know what’s up we have one attempt in
the red zone one touchdown it is all about the big play and cat oh
my hands of so much liquor hands of stewed we gotta go for the corner strike
on second and goal that last play did not work out very well quick we gotta
make sure we limit those mistakes and passing it oh no and I get up and and
then there’s often happens that’s not good and it’s surprisingly we have to
ball we have only one of the ball and it says one time but then our touchdown up
in that other one let’s see what happens here in this first down I got my eye on
a spender and he gets all my old gag he gets another first down and I knew all
the way I was gonna pass it to him and he was open up and he got a job done and
then he got a few more yards on the planet we’re gonna go with a stick play
on first and ten sweet place on the run for us we’ve been escorting the passing
lanes and I signed up for another first down and we can mean
to drive the ball moving the change in the air but one of these plays we must
remember to do something about is we want to balance a game a little bit and
then going back up there I think this is a perfect time to go scrambling oh
they’re mine Austin there gets another first down they leave a little too much
space there and it and they pay the price for it
you better be careful this Craig Austin there this guy can really catch the ball
maybe has the open hoping feel he’ll go for it and yet go we’re here we go but
the Aggie play let’s see how this turns out this is certainly gonna be an
interesting playing like him to say means they’re not containing they’re not
containing and I’m gonna use my own two legs and it’s gonna be a first thing go
play for 10 yards and I’ve scrambled for 15 yards so far
Jerry Sanchez’s has lead the real deal and scallops are doubting his abilities
but he can certainly move the ball however you can t stop dangerous another
first thing goal here we’re in the red zone we’ve had one for two after that
int not a good sign of things to happen in and stress relief was austrane there
for a touchdown and he gets up his first passing touchdown of the night they left
him wide open up and if you leave enough space
Jerry Sanchez will indeed threat that needle and he and he has a rocket of an
arm in case you didn’t know that you can certainly pass them over these we’re
going slop post on first and ten so far they haven’t scored at all
and I believe they’re doing a big mistake by starting the players like
that and I’m passing it right they’re not sure if it’s gonna happen it and
that was a bad play on my part not a good sign they’re not I get fine to
start to drive here we are second and 10 you I believe that there’s gonna be
something happening in this play Austin they’re wide open enough threading the
needle right there and another first down
a 24 yard reception for the man the myth the legend spray Austin there’s five
were steps to tell you one yards on the night and that should have been a pound
some total penalty there said with a late hit on quarterback Moses really
mattered and so first and ten happening here and let’s see what’s gonna happen
here they kick maybe they’re distancing themselves which is a good thing for us
solidly on it gets 80 yards on the play not a bad sign I mean it’s it was a good
pass for him maybe he’s doing all right play-action power Oh on second and two
we really need the momentum here to do much more and I know oh I’m not sure
where now go with it sit across the body and that’s a bad idea
don’t do that kid sorted tube with the halfback pitch but you know why I still
had given him given the ball near Sun halfback plunge – how
and he’s gonna get those yards more than enough to get those person five yard
rush for Alex Holland and they move the chains first and ten on me I know where
we are now you not be on the 24 25 and we are right up the alley where you
going on a first and ten you might know about that speed of mine and they’re
proud of me that ball will go way out of bounds my target was to go to sorry I
think that didn’t work out too well let’s go girl flops on second and ten I
believe that I have the chance to do something special year however I haven’t
had a chance to scramble that much to say it’s not kind of proud of me and I’m
gonna get a few yards here six yards that’s not really bad you know getting
those yards took my own two legs two minutes better nothing and I believe we
can get a play here going on and nobody is containing and Sanchez is on the run
as he gets to the five a 13-yard gain for Gerry Sanchez as he saw a buddy was
covered and he decided to go his own it’s like there was a fixed receiver out
there and that was him and we’re gonna give it to the fellow right here now
only have 15 first downs on tonight I’m not sure if this is straight up on there
giving it to Howell so I can get that touchdown and deservedly so he gets it
for six yards touchdown Newberg and the defense hasn’t done such defense hands
down a lot and you’re poking team just doesn’t have what it takes thing if the
game is 21 to nothing on the first intent for us threading the needle on
pickups knew Julian for a 28-yard receptors for a first down
being the Union he is the many hours so far it’s been the show from Union and aa
stranger and uncle Sanchez we’re going under on first and ten they
bound the passing lanes mostly and I think I know wine it’s this quarterback
is definitely worth a look and sorry I couldn’t get the job done on first and
ten I think and I just I know it’s safe but we’re going wide receiver posted a
second and ten they are gonna have a little bit of a distance here you know
passing it to Y Specter and that kid I’ve dropped but it why Specter gets
three yards on that one is versus reception of the night in the past two
games he was a bigger factor but tonight he’s been sidelined a bit when it comes
to him our reception since Garden it’s been the Oscar and Julian show and I
think that he can do it I think that wise records can do a lot better
these Sanchez haven’t noticed him enough and we’re gonna then we have a fourth of
the two and we know what the model here is you were not punished when that
quarters was definitely on a girlfriend I trust in how as he has done his part
and he will continue to do so the five yard rush first down there’s a little
time to go to and the first quarter and spin let you see a long corner per se
hate your caps and watch back they’re not really my intention of just when I
just wanted to speed things up but see it’s me and the first quarter it’s a
twenty one nothing game it’s been though it’s bending billion and uh stirring
this show starting Jaime Sanchez but the player who has two touchdowns on the
night is how he’s certainly been a huge factor on the run
as he’s really terrorized on that side of the ball and another first down there
15 yards and another first down I mean they just can’t stop this team play-action power to zero on first and
the pen we are once again in the red zone and we might go play action and yes
we do now you already know I’m gonna pass it
to but instead the defense resembled perfectly and that’s gonna fall
incomplete for a second and tangents we’re gonna go D spot it’s been mostly a
passing exhibition however we have been aware that we need to get stuff on the
ground as well and the tensions are gonna scramble and then steadies gonna
pass the hole for a small game and here goes 13 7s we’re gonna mesh and
definitely need a first down here and we need it fast Sanchez who I surrender
again and this one is gonna go to the end zone touchdown Newburg Sanchez goes
on another touchdown for this young man to this season he’s been on fire going
spot post on first and 10 and we’re in good field position just start to drive
and I believe Boston is not being covering up and that’s gonna be a
touchdown and yeah it is a one play drive 39 yards for touchdown Manchester
Austin that has been a combination all night long and it seems that nobody has
been able to find solution to this team MBH it needs to find a way to stop these
guys we’re going seek closed corner on first
and ten as yes little Thomas passed apparently from the last drive and
remembered it last time only lasted one zeal only lasted a few seconds and he’s
gonna get a few yards so second an inch of situation and we’re going quick slant
on second and inches remember we really need to get a first down here and I
think I know what centralist thinking he’s gonna scramble this one and he gets
tripped mile old teammates but it isn’t enough to get the first of the six yard
gain he’s been the male the hour I can tell you that much first and ten with
the curls played in nineteen first downs for Newburgh two three four em VHS it’s
been out tonight and they have no solutions for the
options and he’s gonna scram on he’s gonna go for 21 yards and he he’s being
wanted to run was one and he’s been running in this game he gets a few more
yards on the ground and the offense just cannot solve them it’s either a howl or
a stranger or a million or Sanchez himself they just don’t have anybody to
stop the only play that hasn’t done much as I said it is wise Packer
he’s been a bigger factor in most games and I stink Sanchez has paid attention
as he passes from him parades yards I think that he I think I know where the
direction is going here and I think is think he’s trying to spread the ball a
little bit more and give it to the man who’s been a huge factor
Imperius games in the michael weiss package and here’s a second or two and he’s gonna pass it to the only no
he’s not go play action and here you go tower with the run and he’s gonna get
enough for the first three yards on the plane and that’s gonna be his first down
seven rushing attempts 36 yards for house and we moved to a first thing goal
here and then gonna run the ball but I ain’t just sensitive that did that the
defense is aware that this might be a 1 so he’s gotta go play action and yep
wide open and Union gets a touchdown himself 10-yard touchdown for Julian
Cienega the receiving touchdown and Newberg has gone ahead 41 nothing and
with the two going in an extra point I mean could it be 42 to nothing defense
has done a good job on Newberg’s Park so let’s see what they can do on the
offensive side of the ball first and ten we need to go everybody’s covering
anybody Sanchez gets the first worth 12 yards and he continued to spread them
all around with its efficiency Jerry Sanchez has really booked a ball
efficiently he’s barely done with any mistakes
other than the interception yeah at the in the first quarter he’s basically been
perfect almost perfect he’s even moved the ball on the run or
on the passing lanes he’s just moving the ball so much with such efficiency
the defense has just gone on and quit in another first down and out of town wall
has not only become a huge factor on the ground
he’s also been a huge benefit on the air and as Neal Burke will be out another
first and ten with 809 to go in the third
house and they’re gonna go here on first and ten they’re gonna cross that route
and then Julian he will stick with look he will stick with the ball with another
first down that was was a nice job by him as it was a really big honor
overwhelming for him but he keeps the ball in his hands he just keeps him and
Newberg is five or six in this game and they’re gonna go for another first down
and ten and apparently old Mario Mayan hick no
sanction he gets eight yards he might want to start thinking about sliding if
he doesn’t want to catch an injury but so far he’s been doing while I’ll stay
gonna go quits plants on second and two they might be looking for another
passing touchdowns maybe Sanchez will think about running
he’s gonna run and there’s an open lane and he’s gonna be short of the end zone
but he will get a first thing goal and I believe that he will want to get a
touchdown a rushing touchdown the other two have won all game I think he
definitely wants to get one and enough space
touchdown Newberg and now has been a similar night 48 nothing but a make em
DHS has done nothing so far they can’t defend they can stop the offense said
they can they can’t produce anything it’s been a nightmare and they cited in
the team decided to pull Sanchez for the rest of the second quarter to put him
with 822 governments third quarter and BHS got three points but otherwise it’s
been a stale game a one-sided affair for Sanchez and he will scramble this one
look at him and go with a couple of good blocks for a first now 19 yards and he
is planning on running a little bit more if you want to catch the attention
of the schools in the bigger in the bigger groups in the bigger stages the
bigger powerhouses in their 31st downs for Newberg he ain’t going another 1st
down and then angles the past and that one is intercepted by miles it was only
a matter of time the way that play was unfolding you can pretty much sense that
was gotta be the case and he paid the price nearly for it
wide receiver post on first and 10 and let’s see how things go from here
hey man might just be to do something about it
and I think they got a spy and then bombil go home
oh my he could’ve gotten it but was tackled before he had the ball secure
2nd intense and it seems that Sanchez has become a more a bigger risk taker
here in the second half maybe because he has time to kill and maybe yes such a
big lead maybe he just wants to experiment a little bit
it’s a deeper start on us and then you might as well just experiment as I was
Howard gets another good reception for first downs and Sanchez gets over 400
yards on the nose in the air not his best game so far
but Sanchez is aware that all that matters is to get that win and he has a
lot of time to keep it going and they’re gonna oh he gonna take path and he’s
gonna get a few extra yards for a first down a smart play to make a pass as the
team already knows about his acrobatic abilities but it takes advantage of
those acrobatic abilities for another first down the big offense just can’t do
anything about it they just keep eating whatever he does
he can pass he can run he’s acrobatic he’s just that great there’s no way kid
oh my I was talking he gets sad he barely gets sacked this was the first I
think it was the first stack of the night so don’t expect many more snacks
out of him Sanchez goes on a first and ten
anybody’s getting covered up he gets hit good saying get the first now free to
sing with 13-yard gain and they have a third and two there you can make the
call whether that was passing yeah that was roughing the passer or not and
they’re gonna go with a running play here certain to Howell will have to warm
his hands we’re trying to get something going on the ground and he’s been doing
this all night getting yards on the ground and another first down 42 yards
for him but he he started in eight attempts so if I were you if I was the
offensive coordinator I would plan to keep giving the ball to the halfback so
we can keep getting those yards and another running play here you play to
tackle for seven yards and the defense cannot stop anything you couldn’t even
stop a flu if they wanted to they can’t stop the pass they can stop the run they
can’t even stop themselves I mean I just don’t know what’s going on and it comes
out in the jaw and that will be a 14-yard gain more than enough to get the
first down and he said 53 yards on the ground
talk about being efficient and now they might go on the option play let’s see
how this go down and that’s a bad idea but he stays it he stays up and that’s
only gonna be a two yard game the smart play would have been to keep it but I
think that’s actually just wanted to create something or
whatever it’s gonna be second and goal here that they’re gonna pass the ball
they’re crowding the left side pass the wise factor and it’s only gonna be a two
yard perception-wise factor has been a non-factor so far not because he doesn’t
want to buddy because he hasn’t he hasn’t been given a lot of chances in
this game catches handed it off to Howell for
touchdown and that’s his third rushing rushing touchdown of the night and just
like that this team is just too much to bear for mhm so M BHS sometimes I just
cannot speak and apparently they’re pulling out the quarterback Gerry
Sanchez and apparently that’s gonna be it
after we fish things off and they just continue to keep to keep the sport on
with an NBA chest just couldn’t reduce anything mono scores 77 2 3 you burgundy
goes into NB HSS turf and dominating ways that you couldn’t even imagine
final score 70 73 you could when it comes to player of the game you could
make your judgment to go Jerry Sanchez right there we can you can also make a
judgement coming out of towel it could have been it could be Nasser in there
come in in Julian those were the guys has really stepped up tonight
that’s when white snacker he wasn’t really the best player out there but
then again he will sing given many opportunities as him yeah unlike in the
previous two games where he was more involved in the offense but Sanchez
Sanchez definitely doesn’t sing and on the road and he passed us the ball with
efficiency and he definitely gets Adobe he’s most likely gonna be called by
other powerhouse colleges to basically get there we will see which teams will
give him a scholarship offered at the end of this one looking at the
highlights here so Jerry sanctions once 3440 through for for 417 yards through
for passing touchdowns and ran 132 yards and have one rushing touchdowns
this man has certainly done his job and here are the team that covered and that
offered Gary Sanchez a scholarship Virginia Tech a four-star school and
also the Wisconsin Badgers another four-star school and the key for J
extension so singing he’s looking for is a team that has a great defense
Virginia Tech seems should be the team of the better defense and here are the
teams are interested in JD Sanchez’s services three teams that are four star
West Virginia Virginia and Vanderbilt he’s gonna choose West Virginia as it is
the team with the best defense out of all these teams he still considered a
three-star recruit as Scouts and experts have yet to gauge on his crew abilities
against two opponents so before the opponent on yes face has been diving
more pushovers social opponents and anything else that’s the reason why he’s
been turning it up up there alongside his teammates he certainly been a man of
the hour for sure but a kid how can he continue to pull up this map performance
against better opponents in the future it is the end of week three and now that
it is week four and we will end this video here thank you so much for
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