MOST LIKELY TO | Griezmann, Dembélé, Umtiti, Lenglet & Todibo

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Who is the most likely to go skydiving? Todibo: What a question … Dembélé: Do we show our answers? Todibo: We have the same, bro. Are you crazy, do you think I’m going to play with my life? Umtiti: No one put my name … Not once! Dembélé: Clem would jump for sure. Lenglet: I don’t skydive. It scares me. Todibo: I think you would. Who is the most likely to forget their passport before flying? Umtiti: Oh well, no doubt. Lenglet: He already did that … Griezmann: He did it in Japan … Umtiti: Yes, and many other times … Dembélé: They did it on purpose! Well he (Griezmann) forgot his mate and you say Ousmane! Now I take a photocopy to the airport and so if I forget my passport I can show it. Who is the most likely to be a singer when they retire? Dembélé: Ah, we all know that. Griezmann: I usually sing in the locker room. Dembélé: What name did you put? I also wrote JC (Todibo). Dembélé: No, JC. It’s you. You’ll end up rapping. Umtiti: Hard-core rap. Todibo: Never. I don’t even know how to rap, bro. Who is the most likely to forget where they parked their car? Umtiti: We already know. Passport, car, keys, house … It’s all the same. Dembélé: I put Sam. I know he is forgetful. Umtiti: What are you talking about, crazy man? Dembélé: You know I’m right … If I park my car I know where I leave it. Are you guys crazy? Forgetting your car would be way too much! Who is the most likely to win at Pro Evolution Soccer? Dembélé: I don’t know if he has won many games but he is the only one who plays… Todibo: He’s my publicist too. Griezmann: Clément, you don’t play, do you? Lenglet: No. Dembélé: JC is talking nonsense. Todibo: I’m on a roll, man. Who is the most likely to invent something useful? Dembélé: I could invent something big. Umtiti: I put Sam. You put Ousmane?! No way! Dembélé: Of course. I could invent something epic! You put Clem? Well, I’d win for sure because he doesn’t have the time for this. Who is the most likely to be late for dinner? Dembélé: Well, I won’t get picked for this one! Todibo: An easy question. Although Ousmane also proved that he could do this. If we have something at two in the afternoon, he arrives at three! Griezmann: Well, with Sam we plan to meet at quarter of and he arrives a lot later! Umtiti: What!? Dembélé: Well yes! I arrive on time if it’s a dinner, man! Umtiti: On time to a dinner? You!? Dembélé: I’m always hungry. I have to eat. So that’s why I arrive on time! Who is the most likely to care for others? Todibo: This is all me. Umtiti: No way! That’s me! Dembélé: Everyone wrote their own name! Dembélé: It’s me. I’m telling you, it’s me! Umtiti: Stop with the nonsense. Griezmann: I take care of Clem, and Clem takes care of me. And then between us we all do the same. Dembélé: If JC is sick, I take care of him. Who is the most likely to laugh at an inopportune moment? Dembélé: This can only be one person. We all know who it is! Umtiti: For me there are two, so I don’t know. Dembélé: I can see the answers and it doesn’t seem fair. I disagree. When it’s time to be serious, I am. Of course it’s Antoine. You haven’t gotten to know him yet. Todibo: You put Antoine first. Umtiti: No, Ousmane, no. You’re crazy. Dembélé: And what did you put? Todibo: Ousmane! Dembélé: Stop! Todibo: You’re the only one who makes me laugh when I shouldn’t. Who is the most likely to organize a surprise party? Dembélé: This can only be one person. Surprise party… Griezmann: Your neighbor is always ready. Umtiti: They tell me to organize, so I organize. Griezmann: If you need someone to organize an event, Sam is your man. Umtiti: I won’t charge you much, either. Umtiti: If you liked this video, don’t forget to leave a like. Umtiti: If you liked this video, don’t forget to leave a like. Todibo: You can subscribe to our channel here. Griezmann: See you later All: See you later.

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