Monkeys vs. the Gator Gauntlet: Ep. 1 | Untamed with Filipe DeAndrade

Monkeys vs. the Gator Gauntlet: Ep. 1 | Untamed with Filipe DeAndrade

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there is a clearly a territorial dispute happening right now and up and now there’s your course what is going on internet you just hop inside of Florence the ma’am balance and we are cruising through the center of Florida right now on our way to silver River looking for monkeys in Florida Florida is known for its biodiversity but this has to be one of the more interesting animals to live in this state so we’re going to go see if we can tell their story it’s going to be an interesting one [Music] big surprise for you guys first time we’re seeing are you ready Ryan show the people what they’ve been waiting for we’re not even an hour into this trip and it looks like a young female beautifully profile this is mind-blowing monkeys in Florida less this and more me filming because that’s I don’t know how long she’s in the post for us when you get an entire monkey truth together that’s when the intensity picks up there is in you’re clearly a territorial dispute happening right now or one of those younger males stole another chick and it’s saying everybody doing a frenzy everybody just lost their mind there’s a bunch of branches sticks leaves falling down and up and now there’s intercourse right so that’s settled all the fighting was about to some good old-fashioned fornication about a monkey was gonna die no monkey just wanted to you know do what monkeys do and go to pound town so I’m finding out that almost every fight is about mating rights rhesus macaque SAR naturally promiscuous but the alpha male he wants all the females to himself when he shows up he’s enraged he’s looking to take his aggression out on one of the other monkeys and that sends all of them their only escape route is across the river if they don’t stick the landing it’s a 60 football and this sends everyone into a leap of faith oh my gosh alright this is the spot is fire right now monkeys can make jumping from branch to branch look easy but not everyone sticks the landing [Music] all the commotion attracts the largest predator in the river [Applause] [Music] with an angry email behind her and Gators below her the stakes are raised for this mom she has to land this jump with her baby clinging to her side [Music] [Music] his mother’s only job is to protect her baby so with all dangers now averted they can get back to doing what they do best [Music] students that everything I like that little baby just went up to the water get this headed I don’t know that anything strikes the all court as much as a baby monkey these things are obviously the cutest things in the world if anybody disagrees with that what you’re just wrong it’s crazy to me that I like 45 minutes away from this ecosystem and i’m just now exploring it for the first time oh my gosh remember that scene a notebook the one where he tells her to get in the water I could really use ryan gosling right now oh baby get you some of that southard also good old down the Bayou back like natural fun you don’t even have to take your clothes off I’m tamed monkey


  1. Did you guys at least get the monkeys to sign the contract for that porno? Otherwise this was taken without consent.

  2. Filipe thank you for ALWAYS giving my friends and I a good laugh!! Can't wait for the next episode and what you guys do next! Beautiful!

  3. Pretty sure this guy is balding more than I am.  Love the moustache he's been growing for a few years though ashwell, and everyting, like dat.  Keep 'em comin Philly Phil.

  4. What a lovely place,so rich in biodiversity so lucky to have all that on your door step, and people go and fuck it up by letting foreign evasive species loose. fucking morons.

  5. I love this content and I love this guy, Filipe. I named my first kid after him! PS. he was wearing a CLE shirt! how cool!

  6. Aaaaamazing!!!! I really miss this crazy energy you use to deal with life and the things you love. Great job guys. I'll be waiting for next week epi. XOXO

  7. Great job mac, Brian, and fil! So proud of all the hard work you guys put in. Can't wait to see the rest of the episodes!

  8. Great episode!  Glad that no one was eaten by a gator (or if they were, I didn't have to watch it!) Great work, Fil, McKenzie, and Brian!

  9. Great job Filipe, Brian, and McKenzie!!! So proud of your hard work..this is seriously AMAZING! Looking forward to next week's episode. GO GATORS!

  10. So beyond excited for this and so proud of you Philly Fil. This is amazing and you are fabulous… If the Kalan family can't see you on a regular basis, at least we can see you on the big screen 🙂

  11. I like this guy's enthusiasm and would love to work with him!
    If natgeo is looking for identical twins…here WE 👭are!!🙏

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