Liverpool vs Manchester United RAP BATTLE! (2016 Preview Klopp vs Mourinho)

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Football Rap Battles In the red corners…Liverpool AND Man Utd! It’s the battle of the best. The battle of the greatest Brookie vs Corrie? No! Beatles v Oasis? No! The best football team…in your 80’s prime. Then we knocked you off your perch. 20 times. And what about Europe? 5 times! Fact! You should have won the league – but then you cracked. That trophy you won was a fluke, it made me sick This photo made us vom. You little ginger prick. We are the Redmen – ooooh We are United – 2 zerooo Attack! Attack! Attack! Tell us some more about your glory days ‘cause they’re never ever coming back. If you’re first you’re first..second you are nothing. Turns out I’m first… I’m first and and I’m blushing. Scoring in the sixties… …on and off the pitch 70s and 80s – winning without kids The Nineties, child’s play, Class of 92! Les Spice Boys, King Eric with a lesson for you. Rooney, Rio, Ron, et al – my champion millennials… Decades on the scrap-heap for you title-less, perennials. Fergie’s-time were your glory days and they’re never ever coming back! My Redmen are rising We want our perch back All that’s rising is a false dawn, two years you’ll be sacked! With this little magician, can you stop us? HELL NO! Well we’ve got godly Zlatan, Pogba … and, erm… Erm…let me think of a rhyming word…erm… Come on Wayne. You’re letting the side down. Erm…I’m thinking. Jesus Christ, this is slower than his approach play. Erm…nearly there…something that rhymes with no… Wayne – we’re selling you in January. That rhymes, well done! I’m gonna bring back the glory days and you are gonna get the sack! Subtitles by the community

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