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Hello, it’s time for a new Laure Report. We’re in Champions League mode. We’re at the Ooredoo Training Centre, and Paris Saint-German-Real Madrid is tomorrow. I’m with Keylor Navas, tomorrow he’s reunited with Real Madrid, his former club. It’s a really great game, a Champions League match. Every Champions League game is special, very important, so we’re going to play with the desire to do well. We have to focus on our work. We have to put in an excellent performance, show real intensity. I think that we all know each other very well and there are no secrets for anyone. Can I ask the question in French? Tomorrow it’s Real Madrid, it’s difficult because you can’t play. We can imagine your frustration. How can you help the team in that situation? It’s always sad not to play these games. It’s the sort of games that every player wants to play. Unfortunately, I won’t be playing but the team is focused. Everyone looks forward to this game and wants to play. I think it will be a great match. Today, we learned that your suspension has been reduced to two matches, so Parabens. You will be able to play against Club Brugge. You must be happy you’ll get back into the competition earlier… I hope time will fly so I can come back and help my teammates on the pitch. I asked because 22 October, it’s my birthday, I said Neymar has to play. They said ‘Yes!’ Bye, thanks, have a good afternoon. I’m at the Parc des Princes, the press conference is about to start, and I’ve got Marco Verratti here and have a few questions for him. I’m with Marco Verratti who’s about to go into the press conference. It’s not your favourite thing, is it? I prefer being on the pitch, but I do this happily, but I’m much more at ease on the pitch. Tomorrow you have a big game. How is the team feeling? How are you feeling before it? We’re good. We’re happy to get back into this competition, it’s a different competition. We have a match against Real Madrid, you have to be happy with that. I hope we’re going to play well. We’ve been good in the league, we’ve played five or six matches now. We’re ready, and I hope we’ll be all at 110%, because you have to do that to beat a team like Real. Good luck for the press conference. Here it is, it’s matchday. Paris Saint-German-Real Madrid is in a few hours. I’ve arrived a bit early because we’re going to talk about the Paris Saint-Germain Experience. It’s on the first floor of the Megastore which is right next to the Parc des Princes. There are some virtual reality spaces, I want to test a few of them. Right, I have to stop having fun. The Paris Saint-German Experience also includes a guided tour of the Parc des Princes. Check out the website. I’m off to the Parc des Princes for the game. It’s 20 minutes to kick-off, it’s the warm-up, the final touches to the preparation for the big game. A little rondo, some speed work, it’s a classic warm-up, but these are incredibly important moments to get you into the match. I’m with Romain this evening. Is it a special tifo? Yes, it is. We’ve tried to bring in all of the stands of the Parc to reinforce the feeling that we’re all together. It’s that sort of game for Paris. We wanted to ‘heat up’ the Parc so that things move a bit more on the pitch. I’m with Claude Makelele, a former Paris Saint-Germain player. It’s great to see you here and I imagine it must be special for you. It’s like being at home for me. It’s great after what happened tonight. It was a good game, Paris won in the manner required. It’s a good thing. It’s always good to start with a win, and to do it in style, so it was great to see Paris Saint-Germain do that. So that’s it, the evening is drawing to a close. I was very happy to share this great win over Real Madrid with you. See you again soon for another Laure Report. Ciao!!

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