Kyler, Bosa and D.K. Are Looking for Jobs on Career Day | Gridiron Heights Draft Special

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Listen kid, I’m a cool boss. We’re not a “traditional work place.” What skills do you have? Maybe we’ll be in touch. Maybe we won’t! It’s all a big secret! Baker. Sam. Josh Allen. The Cardinals. The Raiders are a great organization, and we’re going to burn it to the ground, man. So just by looking at you, I think you’re definitely Broncos QB material. Sir, that’s a mop. Still. I like that it’s tall. HELLO! IT’S TIME FOR THE CAREER DAY SELECTIONS. -BOOOO!
-YOU SUCK! Hahaha, every year this hurts my feelings. Hello, I am Mel Kiper, and I have ranked the children. HIRE THE EXCITING ONES! I WANT BIG NAMES AND KIDS FROM ALABAMA! Hey, this is pretty stressful. Psst, would you guys like to play for the GIANTS? WELL YOU CAN’T! GET THEM! AHHH!! NEVER MESS WITH THE MANNINGS ON CAREER DAY.

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