Klopp’s reaction: Liverpool v Newcastle | Klopp on Reds’ resilience, Firmino & Origi

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Jürgen, your perfect start goes on,
15 points from five games, how much did you enjoy that today? I started enjoying it
around about 25 minutes in, when we finally arrived in the game. We needed that, we didn’t want to have that
but it’s not unlikely that it can happen. It was really difficult, Newcastle did
what they did, they do it really well, always a threat for counter-attacks,
it’s difficult to press them because they play the ball so early,
constantly a second-ball formation, but then they have the speed to go in behind,
plus Joelinton, really physically strong. So it was not easy, and that’s
how they scored the goal, we played them onside unfortunately, in all the other situations they were
clearly offside but that was the moment. And then we all know, that doesn’t
make the game easier, so we needed another 15, 16 minutes to… ..set the rhythm, because you have to play
much quicker than we did in the first part. And in the moment when we started
doing that, immediately we had chances, scored two wonderful goals,
and second half, after again learning from the game, and
showing the boys a couple of pictures, which always helps, because you can
justify the situations, “Where’s the space?”
and things like this. Second half, we scored only one goal
but we played really good football, I liked it a lot. There were a few moments
I enjoyed – not a lot, but a few, and enough to be
the deserved winner today. Salah and Mane will inevitably take the
headlines because they scored the goals, but Firmino just seemed to give you
that creative edge when he came on. Mm-hmm. Is that significant for you? Yes, it is. But we were already better, it was
my idea to start with Sadio in the centre and Div on the left wing,
that didn’t work out really well, it did already work for us but today,
against such a deep-defending side, it’s a bit different, that’s why
we already changed it in the game. Unfortunately Div twisted
his ankle early in the game, and he then had to come off, and we
all hope that it’s not too serious. That he could play on is hopefully
a sign that it’s not too serious, hopefully it’s like this. But of course,
Bobby came on in his natural position, Sadio really flexible in that phase,
Mo really strong today, in one-on-one situations
against physically strong players. In the moment when we were flexible
on Sadio and Bobby’s position and when we used Mo more often
with balls into his feet and one-twos in and around the box,
we were then really in charge of the game, and that’s obviously important.
We won a lot of second balls, they had not so many counter-attacks
anymore, so it was a really good game. And like I said, wonderful goals. The first goal, sensational, nice pass from
Robbo, sensational finish from Sadio. Second goal, winning the ball back,
Bobby together with Ox, passing immediately in behind, super run
by Sadio, and then really being there. And then the third goal, wonderful, but we had
even better moments which we didn’t finish. So, yeah, nice football moments today.

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