Jumanji Welcome to the Jungle Everything You Missed

Jumanji Welcome to the Jungle Everything You Missed

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(glitching)>>Crazy Nate: Good day fellow Gents and Gentlets. Are you ready to embark on another adventure? We already uncovered all the secrets from when Jumanji first arrived Now let’s begin our quest. This time with the journey into the other side of the game with everything you missed in Jumanji Welcome To The Jungle. Good luck adventurer. Jumanji needs you (glitching) Good day fellow gents & gentlets. Are you ready to embark on another adventure? (intro music plays) Spoiler ahead, dont complain or you’ll end up dead>>Ruby: Bethany!>>Mouse: OH MY>>Spencer: A game for those who seek to find a way to leave their world behind. (glitching)>>Crazy Nate: A Gift card so divine that only one can find locate these eggs inside, then comment where they abide. Only one lucky adventurer of the quest will take home all the loot inside this chest (glitching) Back in 1996 Jumanji left us alone on a beach and Jumanji Welcome To The Jungle picks up where it left off Well, at least it picks up on a beach from the fact that the two girls were speaking French, probably it’s not the same beach. The biggest character in the game and possibly the one with the most Easter eggs is Doctor Smolder Bravestone and not only is he known across seven continents for his courageous exploits He also is known in our world as well Dr. Smolder Bravestone was played by Dwayne Johnson or DJ or The Rock and DJ is a huge fan of Harrison Ford And for the roles that Harrison played and Indiana Jones and Star Wars thus adventurer, if you navigate your eyes to Dr Bravestones belt you will see it has a similar design In fact modeled after Han Solo’s gun belt Then if you travel to the right of the buckle you will see the belt is partially made up of none other than PlayStation controller buttons The grappling hook that Bravestone uses resembles a lot of the character Nathan Drake from Uncharted 4 uses just like Bravestone Nathan Drake likes to use the grappling hook to get around in case when you watch the movie if you were still getting popcorn and You missed the first five seconds of the movie. It says that Sony owns the movie. They are also the owners of PlayStation (glitching) when you are in Spencer’s bedroom, we see all sorts of Sony treasures like for example a $1,000 Sony phone Uncharted 4 a Sony video game a Sony Playstation Another Sony Playstation and a wall of PlayStation games with only a small handful of Xbox games. This is what’s called subliminal marketing at its finest convincing your subconscious mind to think that PlayStation has way more games that you want to play than Xbox. The Last Guardian poster also a Sony game. A poster with a PlayStation controller in case you haven’t played PlayStation yet And even though young Spencer is trying to type a report with both hands on the keyboard in the very next shot He’s waving a PlayStation controller in your face in case you’re missing the connections here, young adventurer Sony wants to play with you. who needs Beat headphones when you have Sony headphones. Can’t see the logo? Don’t worry. They’ll fix that. Of course my personal non sponsored opinion is that Bose makes the best headphones on the planet. Unlike all the other Sony advertisements Uncharted 4 Isn’t plastered in the movie just to promote Sony’s gaming empire. It’s also because Henry Jackman is the musical composer for the video game (glitching) This matters for the movie because if you browse the credits you will see the composer for Jumanji Welcome To The Jungle is none other than Henry Jackman Of course the boombox is also made by Sony. Not surprisingly we see one of the most aggressive advertising companies in sports managed to find its way in the movie. (glitching) Virtually everyone is sporting Nike. So next time you think you love Nike stop and ask yourself Do you love love Nike or did someone tell your subconscious mind that you love Nike?>>Bravestone: Is there a seatbelt?>>Crazy Nate: Speaking of belts. Yes, there’s a seat belt And in fact, it’s in the same exact spot of every other vehicle on the planet.>>Bravestone: Thanks>>Dummies: One, two, one, two>>Narrator: You could learn a lot from a dummy.>>Crazy Nate: I bet he’s the type of guy that needs to know how to buckle up on an airplane.>>Ruby: Who are you?>>Nigel: Nigel Billingsley at your service, Ruby Roundhouse.>>Ruby: Who are you? (audience gasps) (audience boos) *face punch*>>Bravestone: Smoldering intensity?>>Crazy Nate: don’t worry young explorer. There’s more to uncover with Dwayne Johnson. He plays as the video game version of Spencer and the character who drifted from his best friend Anthony or sir Fridge The great Fridge is also a football player and his jersey number is ninety four He even has a ninety four necklace. This brings us back to Dr. Bravestone Dwayne Johnson played football in his college years for the University of Miami as Number 94. When the rock speaks he does so in the third person>>Rock: For those of you who don’t know The Rock has many nicknames>>Crazy Nate: This is also a common thing that doctors Smoulder Bravestone chooses to do>>Bravestone: This is the final level of the game and I’m pretty sure this is a Bravestone thing>>Shelly Oberon: Did he just refer to himself in the third person?>>Ruby Roundhouse: Um.. Fourth person I think>>Mouse Finbar: Oh thats good then>>Crazy Nate: Most Easter eggs in our journey seem to point directly Into the path of Dwayne Johnson and if you look at the map you will see we’re not done>>Shelly Oberon: Uh wut? English please!>>Crazy Nate: We have a shiny green stone. That was taken from a fictional god who rules the world Van Pelt: I found it! I found it!>>Crazy Nate: Sounds just like what happened in Moana and not only did both movies share the actor Dwayne Johnson They also both share the same ending. Where the magic Rock has to be returned back to the lowercase god in order for nature to return to its harmonic balance.>>Maui: You’re welcome.>>Bravestone: Get on my back.>>Mouse Finbar: What?I would rather die.>>Bravestone: Jump on my back>>Mouse Finbar: No, I’m gonna die>>Crazy Nate: And as buff as the rock is it seems that Kevin Hart’s candy Cane can’t be carried across the jungle without assistance Since the treasure in this game is to find yourself and not a giant pile of gold Sony had to find its own treasure. Therefore we have an opportunity to show off Sony’s sponsors Apple, Dave & Buster’s and Purell In fact, Purell even found itself in a little travel-size on the back of a backpack when Alex gets sucked into the game He’s essentially starting the game for everyone and the year is 1996 Dwayne Johnson also became known as the wrestler The Rock for the first time in 1996 one of his famous moves was also rock bottom>>Caster: There it is! The rock bottom! The rock bottom>>Crazy Nate: Which you see him use on one of the villains>>Caster: The rock bottom!>>Crazy Nate: The rock also played in the movie Walking Tall where he had a baseball bat and made home runs out of human bodies But before he got the bat, he used a board just like a Jumanji, he found a board and made a home run>>Game: Home run!>>Crazy Nate: Jefferson Seaplane McDonough. What an honor it is to speak about him You may know that this man is played by the actor Nick Jonas from the Jonas Brothers But the character he plays holds secrets of his own When he grows up, he looks like this (glitching)>>Shelly Oberon: Whats with this guy?>>Crazy Nate: But this guy is actually Colin Hanks and Colin Hanks is the son of Tom Hanks. What does that have to do with Jumanji Welcome To The Jungle? We’ll follow the map.>>Shelly Oberon: Oh so you can’t see this but I can>>Crazy Nate: Colin Hanks is a dad in the movie his dad in real life is Tom Hanks Tom Hanks is the voice of Woody in Toy Story Woody is owned by none other than Andy and Andy is the name of Alex’s son>>Brittany: you have a family.>>Alex: I do yeah This is Andy>>Buzz: We’re a family we stay together.>>Crazy Nate: I have spoken Before Alex starts our adventure We find him in the bedroom playing a video game, that video game is Sony’s PlayStation a very old game called Twisted Metal He also happens to be playing as the biker, Mr. Grim in that game Alex can fire weapons from a motor cycle just like the villains did in Jumanji (survey time music) Survey time budumbum aaa Today dinomasterplayszzz ask you If you played Jumanji, who would you pick? Dr Bravestone? Mouse Finbar? Ruby Roundhouse? or Professor Shelley? (glitching) and we’ll put Seaplane in there too. (glitching) If you followed along on our journey with the first Jumanji You know that the game gets inspiration from the real life victims it chooses to play with. In Welcome To The Jungle they even take a moment to show us that the game is actually watching what he’s playing. Not just seeing the fact that he prefers a video game over a board game. That’s right Jumanji got inspiration from his real world a fun fact about the explosions from the motorcycle rockets is that they’re made up of animal manure>>Ian Malcom: That is one big pile of *quack*>>Crazy Nate: What he said. Another moment brought to you by real life is the final level The main danger is the Jaguars and if you look closely at the high school, you will see their mascot is indeed a Jaguar Since there’s no one else in the room, to be honest I was hesitant to watch the movie in fear that they would ruin the original like so many other franchises in the past But when I finally watched Jumanji Welcome To The Jungle. I was pleasantly surprised to find that they not only (glitch) Didn’t take away from the original movie, but they simply added to it There was also several moments where they pay tribute to the late Robin Williams for giving Jumanji the life that it has>>Mouse Finbar : Who’s this? Who’s Alan Parrish?>>Judy: Are you.. Alan Parrish?>>Alan: Yeah>>Crazy Nate: When they get to the tree house we see a board where Alan carved his name marking his territory.>>Seaplane McDonough: He’s the guy who built this place>>Bravestone: What you mean other people have been stuck here, too?>>Seaplane McDonough: Yeah, I mean, this is Alan Parish’s house I’m just living in it>>Crazy Nate: Later when McDonough says “This is Alan Parish’s house, I’m just living in it” That was not just a reference to the house but to the game as well again Taking a moment to thank Robin Williams for the legend that he made when they fight the Black Mamba they find a game piece hidden In the basket, this is the game piece that Alan or the great Robin Williams used in the original game That’s why we see so many elephant references throughout the entire movie. Of course, it takes four to play a game, not just one. Sarah played the white rhino and we see an entire herd of white Rhinos while Judy was a crocodile and we see crocodiles then lastly we have Peter he was a monkey and we see A monkey and the odd thing here is we only see one monkey in an entire jungle. Jungle’s should have a bunch of monkeys this of course would support my conspiracy theory that the monkeys are actually people from the past who played the game and were turned into monkeys, only inside the game They turned back into characters because they are slaves to the game in Jumanji We maxed out at only four players In Welcome To The Jungle We start off with four players but we eventually find out that there’s a fifth player in the same game But just like Alan he was missing since the very beginning That is why when all the players are waiting to serve their punishment in what we think is just detention. There’s an empty seat (glitching) Because for one of the players their punishment has already Begun at the end of the movie the camera zooms out and we get a chance to see the entire jungle and if you look closely at the trails, you will see they are very similar to the paths found on the original board game in the credits We have another Easter Egg referencing back to the first Jumanji if you remember the dino duck that stole the board game from Alan we see that same duck lurking around in the credits. In the first Jumanji, the game created the character Van Pelt to resemble A lans dad because Alan was afraid that he would grow up to be just like his father in Jumanji Welcome To The Jungle the main character, Dr. Bravestone is scared Of rodents Thus the game made Van Pelt entirely out of rodents and creepy crawlers.>>Mouse Finbar: That’s what you get You laugh at me you die>>Crazy Nate: Another great adventure of the past is the Jurassic Park franchise They too filmed in the exact same location where most of the filming for Jumanji Welcome To The Jungle took place>>Bravestone: This is gonna be levels in order to finish the game, you got a complete->>Alan Grant: Visitors center is just about a mile over that rise there Can you tell me what they are? *motorcycle sounds*>>Tim: They’re flocking this way. *motorcycle sounds*>>Bravestone: RUN *motorcycle sounds* *motorcycle & Gallimimus sounds*>>Crazy Nate: There’s also a lot of similarities here between the two movie franchises They both end up in the same location running from a villain and they both have to jump off a cliff To avoid being killed by that villian.>>Mouse Finbar: Jump>>Crazy Nate: Another moment borrowed from the Jurassic franchise was in Jurassic Park 3 (glitch sound) We find our hero trapped by fierce predators on all sides of them and no hope for escape Only then do we see our hero rescued by none other than the missing boy with a smoke bomb.>>mcdonough: Come on! Come with me Hurry>>CrazyNate: Who ends up taking them to their secret hideout>>mcdonough: Down here, cmon.>>Shelly Oberon: Which is weird cuz it’s like the most important thing in Jumanji and it’s huge>>Mouse Finbar: Thats what she said>>Michael: That’s my joke *quack* Dwight.>>Crazy Nate: The mouse is a strong powerful warrior not to be underestimated Unless of course theres cake then in that case the mouse is very scared If you look on fridges vests, you will find a no cake patch Anthony is also a valued football player for his school and given the nickname fridge. Or also known as a refrigerator.>>Spencer: See you later Refrigerator>>Crazy Nate: There’s a famous football player by the name of William Perry He too was known as the refrigerator>>Caster: William the refrigerator Perry carried the ball.>>Caster 2: uh I think that might be a message>>Crazy Nate: Professor Shelly Osbourne is played by the famous actor Jack Black You may known from the house with the clock in its walls Or traveling further into time, School of Rock or even further than that He was in a commercial back in 1982 for Atari with the game called Pitfall If you look closely the Safari hat that he wore in that commercial is the same style of the hat that he’s wearing in Jumanji Welcome To The Jungle Jack Black also starred in the video game Brutal Legend which is basically a weird game for die-hard Rock-and-rollers at one point in the game there was these monster things chasing him while he’s on a motorcycle and he uses a flamethrower to make a circle around the monsters entrapping them. Sound familiar? This is the same exact way that Dr Bravestone traps the Jaguars. The connection gets even deeper though Jack Black opens for the video game going into a record store talking about music stuff Sounds just like what happened in High Fidelity and Jack Black also plays in High Fidelity There’s also a scene in that movie where Jack Black is amazed by a woman who’s singing Baby I love your way. Don’t worry I won’t sing it here.>>Barry: I wanna date a musician>>Marie De Salle: Ohh baby I love your way This is like a level-3 easter egg because we see him in Jumanji watching a girl in amazement while the song is being played Baby, I love your way>>Shelly Oberon: That’s our girl Yass Queeen!!>>Rob: I Always hated that song>>Kevin & Barry: Yeah>>Crazy Nate: Martha ends up picking Ruby Roundhouse which is one of the toughest characters you can probably choose>>Bravestone: AHHH>>Crazy Nate: I said one of the toughest Ruby Roundhouse was also modeled after several female video game characters in the 90s more specifically Laura Croft from Tomb Raider>>Jim Sheppard: This is my wife Martha>>Crazy Nate: Martha also shares the same name as Peters mom in the original Jumanji>>Jan Brady: Marsha Marsha, Marsha>>Crazy Nate: I said Martha also being someone with glasses I realize how much of a problem glasses can be with reflections But when Bethany is teaching Martha how to be sexy if you look at her glasses You will see the camera and they were aware of this reflection problem too That’s why when they were all in the Jeep if you look closely she has no lenses inside her glasses Sorry, sometimes the nerd side of me leaks out. Also, I have to point this out. Look what we have here We have a creepy house, a yellow rain jacket.. The only thing we’re missing is a drain, a red balloon, and a clown>>Flint: Im okay!>>Crazy Nate: Now we can’t forget the coolest character of all Nigel Billingsley The NPC field guide Maybe one of the most important characters in the movie quite frankly if you ask me if not for him No one would know what they needed to do a lot of inspiration for the movie took place from events in the 90s back then There was a TV show called Relic Hunter where Cindy Fox would hunt for treasure like a female version of Indiana Jones She also had a sidekick named Nigel Bailey Not quite the same but possibly part of where they drew inspiration When Nigel exits the players from the game with a firm handshake He says to them I will miss you the most.>>Nigel: I’ll miss you the most->>Mouse Finbar: Get me the hell out of here>>Crazy Nate: This is a reference to Wizard of Oz when Dorothy told the Scarecrow she would miss him the most>>Dorothy: I think I’ll miss you most of all If you notice in the first Jumanji They had an easter egg to the Wizard of Oz and now we have another Easter Egg to The Wizard of Oz This is because of how similar the series of Jumanji is to Wizard of Oz where the main character goes on a journey of self-discovery Then of course there’s me Crazy Nate your Easter guide I too have strengths and weaknesses Select what movie you’d like to journey to next and discover all of its secrets if you wish to leave the game You must like the video and comment the words “I subscribe” and shake my hand. Remember you only have one life to live So share a smile they are contagious (glitching) G’day fellow gents & gentlets are you ready to embark on another adventure? ♪ Hey share a smile ♪ ♪ They’re contagious ♪ ♪ Can you imagine a day without smiling ♪ ♪ That would be outrageous ♪ ♪ Thanks for stopping by and hanging out with Crazy Nate ♪ ♪ Make sure to leave a thumbs up ♪ ♪ If he left you feeling great ♪ ♪ Have fun and we’ll see ya next time ♪ ♪ And don’t forget to subscribe ♪>>Nigel: So sadly This is where we part.


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