Interview with Head Football Coach Mike Cragg

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Alright. We’re here with Hobart head coach Mike craig and the Liberty league football poll came out today coach You’ve been picked to win the league this year you got five first-Place votes and 47 points total in the poll Just give us your thoughts on on having that target on your back. Well to start off I’m very pleased that the other head coaches in the conference selected us to be the top team in the liberty league and I’m happy about that, but at the same time the reality of it is we’re 0-0 everybody Else is 0-0 we’re all starting from the same place, so I’m not really worried at all about a preseason poll Right now. It’s just have our guys compete every single day to just get better and if we can get better and Get better the next practice then we’re going to end up being a good team I thought by the end of last year. We were a very good football team, but we started off out of the gate slow But we started getting better and when things came around for us So I’m happy and I’m pleased that we were selected there And I know that puts a target on our back and everyone’s gunning for us because we’re picked number one Will live with the target we just want to compete not worry about anybody else just worry [about] ourselves, and we’ll get there Alright, thanks Coach, and good luck this year. Appreciate it

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