Inside Anfield: Liverpool 3-1 Newcastle Utd | Exclusive behind-the-scenes TUNNEL CAM from Reds win

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Morning. Hiya, Mo. Jürgen, it’s been a great start, is the
challenge today to maintain the intensity after an international break? Yeah, it was a break for me, not for the
players, but a rhythm break of course, it’s always like this,
but it’s the same for all of us, so we don’t have to think too much about it.
But it’s right, it’s always the job to prove that we area ready again, that’s how it is, and ‘intensity’ is a good word! Cheers, guys, thank you very much. You OK? Nice to see you. How are you? How are you, OK? I’m good. You doing a bit? Come on! FANS: Trent! Trent! Salah! Jürgen! KIDS: Yay! APPLAUSE VIRGIL: Come on, boys, let’s go. APPLAUSE FANS CHANT: Liiiiverpool, Liiiiverpool… FANS: ♫ Liverpool, Liverpool, Liverpool… ♫ AWAY FANS CHEER FANS: Yes! FANS: Wahey! CHEERING FANS: ♫ Salah-la-la, la-ahhh-ah ♫ The Egyptian King ♫ Mo Salah, Mo Salah… ♫ YES! ♫ Mo Salah! Mo Salah!
Running down the wing ♫ Salah-la-la, la-ahhh-ah
The Egyptian King. ♫ Chambo. Ah, for you, happy birthday, three points! Well done! Well, you warned us about
the dangers of Newcastle yesterday, and an early scare, but you must be delighted
with the way the boys responded. Yeah, of course. Everybody knew it,
about the difficulty of a game like this, but we needed 25 minutes
to finally arrive in the game, and after that it was good. The way that they scored
is exactly the way they play, and they did really well at that. They did it well against Tottenham,
they did it well against us today, so they don’t change it,
you cannot break them down, but after 25 minutes it was really good. We scored wonderful goals, and even better,
in the second half the football was really nice, and a few really beautiful moments. Yeah, well deserved.

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