Indians React to “Lionel Messi – A God Amongst Men”

Indians React to “Lionel Messi – A God Amongst Men”

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Oh!..Beauty is.. he never stops man.. Yes yes yes.. Hii everyone.. how are u all
this is Venkat Blaze and this is Raphael Rahul & VR everything so today we r going to react for the video of Lionel Messi – A God Amongst Men actually this video was recommended by someone called City boss I don’t know ,which city’s he was the boss of.! so him, this video is for u huh..!.. Yes, we r going to react & this video is for CityBoss so, lets get Start it….! ya… so this is the video of Lionel Messi-A God Amongst Men.., Yes of course he is a GOD amongst men Some says its false.. that was ur request from our last person who commented in our box its..been a time to react…but we did it right..! yes..! yes..! that worths all.. matter thats the thing..My dear friend what to tell about messi you all known going to our last video of messi he is a god, a legend….legend of football plss..people Indians do watch football because of messi.. we want to play football bcoz of messi of course we don’t have any proper ground to play football Huh..also we play, we will see some place n play football and hhh..and we only take place to play CRICKET.. Cricket..!yes yes yes, but football is all about.. we play football bcoz of Maradona..Messi about these players..hmm in all though we r criticized that some..***** are talikng who is great amongst two people..Ronaldo or Messi i don’t wanna say MESSI.., of course for me.., Ronaldo & Messi are both the Legend players Ronaldo from portugal, but Messi is from Argentina But Messi is Some big more than Ronaldo…ahhh..yes yes..yes..! and do u know the coincidence..? the age gapbetween Messi and Ronaldo is same
as the age gap between Messi’s Son and Ronald’s Son wow…
its the great coincidence b/w Messi n Ronaldo but coming to me who is great, Are they firends..?
No no no..Never they….. Ronaldo plays for portugal Nooo…iam cmng outside….outside..outsi…. obviously off the screen, i think they r friends ofcourse..! they talk to each other..ahhhh..
but their fiance will be like fighting..?….NO.. they are not telugu people…. i heard it….No..No..No..the fact b/w Ronaldo…n Everyone loves Football,, they are football family.. ahh… there’s no.. that we r Ronaldo fan… we r Messi’s Fan.. its think about..there’s two fans like fighting No.. i heard it…but i dont know thats truth or not..! and.. so thats it my dear frnds ahh….Yes..! this is our reaction for.. Lionel Messi AHH..! City Boss so this is for you.. And..if you want any videos anymore videos for us to react so please.. Do mention in the comment box and
please Subscribe our channel for more reactions of Indians, Especially Indians right it like this ,Thank you guys.. thank you thank you very much untill next time bye…..Bye..!


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